Easy to make, a dream to use, and wonderly quick to give as gifts.

1 skein Lily “Sugar ‘n Cream" 100% cotton yarn (4 ply – 2 oz.)
Knitting needles US 7 (4.50 mm)
Yarn needle


Cast on 44 stitches.

Bottom border:
Rows 1 – 6: k row.

Row 1: k4, *k4, p4* repeat between* a total of 4 times (32 stitches), k 8.
Row 2: k4, *p4, k4* repeat between * a total of 4 times (32 stitches), p4, k4.
Row 3: repeat row 1.
Row 4: repeat row 2.
Row 5: k4, *p4, k4* repeat between * a total of 5 times (40 stitches).
Row 6: k8, *p4, k4* repeat between * a total of 4 times (32 stitches), k4.
Row 7: repeat row 5.
Row 8: repeat row 6.

These 8 rows make up the pattern. Repeat these 8 rows 7 times (56 rows).

Top border:
Rows 1 – 6: k row.

Cast off.

Using yarn needle, weave in loose ends.

Note about patterns: We are sharing patterns we have designed and made for our own children, families and friends. Every effort is made to share information in a clear and accurate manner. We offer preemptive apologies for any mistakes that may be made. Please let us know via comments or emails if you stumble upon a mistake or if you encounter directions that leave your scratching your head! We will rectify the situation as soon as humanly possible!
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Thank you for this pattern :) I started making these today. I am making household gift bags with these wash clothes, scrubies, and wool dryer balls

What lovely gifts! I love knitting dish/wash clothes. They knit up so fast. Very gratifying :)

Wee Folk Art Publisher