Napkin Lined Autumn Potpourri Bowl

Sometimes, the most striking piece in a room is also the most simple to create. Think of a bowl of ripe strawberries, a mason jar full of sea glass, or a few branches of pussy willows set on a mantle. Simple, yet it fills us with awe.

Here, is one of those ultra simple, fast to do projects that can easily become the focal point on a shelf or table.

I wanted to use this to hold potpourri, but this technique is great for lining bowls and baskets to serve biscuits and rolls.

Start by grabbing a seasonally colored napkin. (It would help to iron it first, but if you tinker on laziness and develop a rash when you see an iron like I do, just tell yourself that the wrinkles will add to the whole earthiness of the look :)

Then, simply tie the four corners. Use a simple single knot. You want to tie near the end but leave a little tail. Confession time... to get my knots nice and tight, I hang on to the tail with my teeth and pull to tighten the knot. (Don't tell me dentist. I'm sure he'd frown on that practice!)...Read more

Starting Our Harvest Time Curriculum

This week we are beginning our Harvest Time Curriculum with Pixie. Of course, Fairy and Bug will participate in many of the hands-on activities. Pixie has gone through the unit two years ago, but we are looking forward to doing it again with her. She will have a totally different experience this time around. We are changing up a few things, plus, she will now have a greater understanding of many of the ideas she will be learning.

If you've never seen our Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum, make sure to take a peek at our FREE Homeschool Companion Guides.  They are seasonally based, and we will obviously be starting with our Harvest Time Unit. We will be sharing many of our activities, and welcome you to share your experiences, too. We've rearranged the placement of a couple of weeks to fit our schedule and holidays but it doesn't matter. Each week can stand alone, so bend it... shape it... anyway you want to... to meet your family's needs :)

This week we are doing Week One - Tops and Bottoms. You can look over activities we've done in the past HERE or print the complete Harvest Time Unit HERE.


...Read more

Paper Bag Gnarly Trees




The other night at the Pumpkin Carving Party, my SIL Jennifer, was telling me about these paper bag trees she made with her Brownies. I must have looked like I was lost in the muck and mire because she finally said, "Geeze... just get me a paper bag and I can show you in 5 minutes." Well, she was true to her word. In a matter of minutes not only did she make a gnarly looking paper bag tree, but I felt confident that I could make one, too.


I sat down tonight to try to make one. Sure enough, in a matter of minutes, I made a tree. Out popped the camera, and easy peasy... a tutorial. I love it when things are this easy, although it would be a lot easier if all of you were sitting around my dining room table. We'd have a forest in a matter of...Read more

Paperclay Leaves - Part 2

Last week I shared Paperclay Leaves - Part 1. Today, we are going to finish the project by painting and sealing the leaves. After that, you'll just have to decide where they should fall! I made 12 leaves, and put them on my Harvest Cupboard. They look so beautiful I want to make more for here and there around the house. Also, I want to make some with the wee ones. I can only imagine how beautiful theirs will be!

To begin with, I collected all the supplies I would be needing. Although you can use any paint on these, I wanted a translucent quality to the colors, so I used my Stockmar Watercolor Paints.

To replicate the coloring of the autumn leaves, head outdoors and collect a handful. Unfortunately, a number of our trees haven't turned yet, so I collect some photos online and printed them for a reference.

I began by using a very thinned yellow "whitewash". I covered the front and back.

Then, I started adding other colors, mimicking the photos of...Read more

Paperclay Leaves - Part 1


Using just PaperClay and paint, you can create an autumn scene that will last for years!

The clay has a natural white color, air dries, can be painted, and is non-toxic and acid free. Something that the wee ones can use with supervision.

Before beginning, collect some leaves. You need to pick leaves that have well defined veins, so it will be visible on the clay. Also, you need leaves that are supple. Dried leaves, even along the edge, will crumble when you need to push them into the clay. I chose green leaves for impressions, and will collect colored leaves to study before painting.

Before using, I scored the paperclay into 16 pieces, since each leaf is suppose to use about 1 oz. of clay, depending on the size of the leaf. I then cut 1 piece all the way through and immediately placed the rest in a Ziplock.

I flatted the clay in my hands, then placed between 2 pieces of waxed paper and rolled like you would a pie crust.

...Read more

Reposting of our Handprint Sand Candles

We are on our way to our favorite apple orchard for a wagon ride, apple picking, and, of course, delicious cider and hot donuts. YUM! There is also a wonderful petting zoo and barnyard play area. Bug, Fairy and Pixie are looking forward to sharing the experience with Little Lady.

While we are off doing that, we wanted to repost a favorite activity to do with the wee ones. Although it is not specifically an autumn craft, we find the finished product makes a lovely addition to our fall/Halloween decorations. Check out our Handprint Sand Candles HERE. Enjoy!Read more


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