Advent Week 2 - The Legend of the Poinsettia

The complete list of our Advent Celebration activities can be found HERE.

Poinsettias and candy canes, mangers and evergreen trees are all symbols that have come to be associated with Christmas. Some symbols are pulled from history, others from fantasy, and some have been borrowed from other celebrations. Just like learning about how Christmas is celebrated around the world, learning about the significance and origins of the symbols associated with Christmas is fascinating and meaningful. This second week of Advent we are using The Legend of the Poinsettia to begin our discussion on Christmas symbols.

WEEK 2 - Symbols of Christmas
The book: The Legend of the Poinsettia
The craft: Weaving a small blanket (scrap yarns for a 3" x 5" blanket)
The applique: A poinsettia
The recipe: Sopapillas

I can remember as a child wondering if Jesus had a Christmas tree and what kind of gifts he wanted Santa to bring. There are so many traditions and customs associated with Christmas that it is almost impossible for a child to separate secular from religious. Let's face it, it is hard to...Read more

Advent Week 1 - The Littlest Angel

WEEK 1 - Gift Giving From the Heart

The book: The Littlest Angel
The craft: Wool roving angels
The recipe: Angel wings
The applique: An angel

Children are constantly learning whether we are aware of it or not. Think about this. How many times between now and December 25 do you think someone will ask your child, "And what do YOU want for Christmas?" A very innocent question, and one that is sure to get a response from even the shyest child. But if the conversation stops there, we are teaching our children that Christmas is all about receiving.

Many years ago, I was in a Community Bible Study, and one day the speaker made this statement... "Children are born selfish, we have to teach them to be giving." My first reaction was, "NO! Children are innocent. They learn selfishness." But the more I thought about it, the more I began to agree with her. Of course, babies are innocent, but they are also self serving... they have to be to survive. As parents we teach our children...Read more

Join Our Advent Celebration!

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. This is a very special time for our family as we prepare for Christmas. I have put together Advent Activities to do with the wee ones and happily will be sharing our activities with you. In case you would like to join us with all or part of our activities, I'm giving a quick overview here, so you can collect books and materials in advance. I don't have all the details hammered out, but in general, there will be a book each week, an applique block, a kid craft, a recipe and possibly an extended craft. I've also included a rudimentary supply list to get you started. Whether you join us for all the activities or just some, we hope your family has a joyous and meaningful Advent!

WEEK 1 - Gift Giving From the Heart
The book: The Littlest Angel
The craft: Wool Roving Angels
The recipe: Angel wings
The applique: An angel

WEEK 2 - Symbols of Christmas  
The book: The Legend of the Poinsettia
The craft: Weaving a small blanket...Read more

Book Nook:The Never Ending Story - AURYN Medallion

Because it is often hard to find things to make for older boys, and I know many of you are still looking for ideas for small gifts, I wanted to repost this. Bug loved the movie The Never Ending Story. (Joy of joys, he's now ready to read the book.  The Never Ending Story. I will need to remember to give it to him later :) Anyway... just thought some of you might have a budding Atreyu in your house that would love this as much as Bug did... actually, still does.

Excerpt from The Never Ending Story by Michael Ende:

Everyone in Fantastica knew what the medallion meant. It was the badge of one acting on orders from the Childlike Empress, acting in her name as though she herself were present. It was said to give the bearer mysterious powers, though no one knew exactly what these powers were. Everyone knew its name: AURYN

When Atreyu, the little boy hero, accepts the Great Quest bestowed upon him by the Childlike Empresses, a quest to save Fantastica from the Nothing, the medallion is placed around his neck.

"AURYN!" Atreyu repeated with awe. "I will be...Read more

Noisy Nora

I have some bad news to share... Last evening I was working on Part Two of Noisy Nora. I was sitting at the computer, banging away at the keyboard, my two Yorkies were curled up on my crafting table, and the two pups... soon to be 5 months old, were running in and out of the house to our enclosed deck and dog run. Pretty standard fair. Tim turned around and started chuckling.

"Oh, look. Now their playing keep-away with a dried leaf."

"Sweet", I said, absorbed in my writing.

I didn't process Tim's, "Oh no" until it was followed by, "I'm so sorry, Kim."

I stopped what I was doing, and reluctantly looked.

There, in his hand, was the leaf they were playing keep-away with. Only it wasn't a leaf... it was Noisy Nora. As a matter of fact, Father, Mum, Kate and Jack were also missing in action. We found pieces; some in the dog run, some on the deck, a random tail or ear on the family room floor, and we have to assume, the rest of the body parts were ingested!

I remained relatively calm considering I'm a woman...Read more

Naked Nora

You know how it is when you get your child's portrait taken and you must go through the agonizing decision of picking 2 or 3 cute poses out of 50?

So you ask a friend... "Which one of these 2 do you like better?"

She responds, "Oh, I thought they were the same."

"Oh, no", you protest, "See, in this one he's just breaking a smile and in this one he's just finishing a smile"!

Well, I wanted to give you a Noisy Nora progress report. I've got all 5 bodies done, with ears and noses, I just need to add arms, tails and face detail. I did finish Nora. Since I couldn't decide which picture I liked best, I included a few. They are different... really :) I've also been working on the clothing patterns for them. Hopefully, I will have Step 2 up in the next couple of days. In the meantime, let me introduce you to Naked Nora!


...Read more


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