Eucalyptus Wreath

Have you ever had a summer that you felt like you lost? Here we are, with Fall around the corner, and I realized that I did precious few of my summer activities. It was an extraordinary summer. Memorial Day weekend my mother decided it was time to move into a condo... something I've been suggesting for 5 years. Before she had a change of heart, I jumped right in. The summer was grueling with buying, selling and moving BUT last weekend we were all done. The last of the boxes unpacked and on Friday we closed on their old home. They are now just 4 miles from me... 2 from Michelle... so spending time with them will be so much easier... definitely making up for the lost summer.

You may be wondering where I'm going with this since this is a tutorial. Well... one of the last things we put on my parent's wall was a eucalyptus wreath I made for them over 20 years ago. It was the year I made everyone I knew a eucalyptus wreath for Christmas. I'm sure most...Read more

A Year of Rip and Tear Napkins!

I bought this cabinet over ten years ago to hold my ever expanding collection of music cds. Designed for that purpose, it served me well. Then, in the past few years, I started buying my music online and was going to the cabinet less and less. Finally, I moved the collection downstairs and began using the cabinet for napkins. It was in my dining room and the shelves were the perfect size for napkins. I had a few stacks of homespun napkins and stored votive candles in there as well.

Then, last summer, I decided I wanted napkins for each month of the year. I made my own using the easy Rip and Tear Napkins that I wrote about last August. So here I am, 1 year later, and I did it! I now have 24 napkins for each month of the year. (Actually, I have 48 for December since we have a large Christmas dinner.) Before you start taxing your brain, that is 312 napkins. Crazy, right? Given the fact that you can get 4 napkins from a yard of material (let's see... 312 divided by 4)  that's, gulp, 78 yards of fabric!

Me: Ah, Tim... we have 312 napkins.

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New Play Silks

Recently I started replacing my old, dearly loved, but showing their age play silks with new ones. (I'm mulling some ideas around on how to repurpose them!) I wanted a way of storing the silks that was accessible to the wee ones but added to my home's decor. (I am working on a blog "Hidden in Plain Site" for lots of suggestions on how to aesthetically incorporate your children's toys into your home.) 

Then, the perfect solution came to me... the banister on our staircase. After play they can be hung up and stay wrinkle free. When the children want to play with them (which is as soon as they walk in the house) they simply have to pull on an end, and down comes the silk. Easy Peasy!

Right now I have bright, rainbow colored silks displayed. Come fall, I'll switch them out for the deeper tones. The only problem is, when I hung them up, I didn't like the contrast with my Falling Leaves Wall Hanging, which definitely has a fall feel to it. So, down comes the Fall Leaves Wall Hanging, which I'll put away for a few months, and up goes... well, I don't have anything in...Read more

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Want to go a little crazy with your Easter eggs this year? Instead of the standard dyed eggs, try this easy technique. With a little tissue paper and Mod Podge, you can turn out these colorful and fanciful eggs in no time. This is definitely a craft you can do with children, and you really can't mess up since the whole thing is random. So, fore-go the Paaz tablets this year, and try something new.

eggs - can be blown or boiled
tissue paper cut into small, random pieces
Mod Podge
small bowl of water
soda bottle caps
paint brush 

1] Using your paint brush or finger, wet the egg. (It should be damp... not dripping.)

2] Place a piece of cut tissue paper on the egg. Use your paint brush or finger to moisten enough so the tissue lays against the egg. Use the smallest amount of water necessary to accomplish this. If you use too much water the tissue will bleed.

3] Continue adding tissue paper, overlapping edges, until the whole egg is covered. 
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Cat and Mouse Banner

We are always encouraging our readers to use our applique patterns to meet your own needs. I have a little wall with shaker pegs where I hang my Easy Cotton Shawls. I wanted a little something above the pegs... something that added a little color and a lot of fun. I crafted a banner using our Running Kitty and Running Mouse. I added a few funky flowers, and a fun, tie-dyed border, and came up with combination that I love. Bug noticed it as soon as he came in the room. All the grandbabies were "oohing" and "ahhing" over it, and immediately noticed that it was like the cat and mouse running up our stairs. Leave it to Bug to say, "Say, Gammy. You need to paint flowers on the stairs for them to be more beautiful like this." Hmmm... I think he is right!

The completed size of our Cat and Mouse Banner is 20" x 7", but can easily be adapted to fit a different space. Also, although I've included a pdf with a couple of cloud shapes and some flower patterns, let your imagination run wild and embellish your...Read more