BFF Wooden Medallion Pendants

Meghan was due yesterday. We will be going out there on Friday (unless she goes into labor before then ) and I will be staying until the Little Guy is born and then some :) Of course, the Little Guy will be receiving many gifts, and I wanted to make sure the Little Lady felt just as special and loved. So, of course Gammy has been busy making a few special things for her, too.

Little Lady has a very good friend, let's call her Sweet P(al). They've grown up together and love each other dearly. Here is Sweet P (left) and Little Lady (right). (Photo was taken by Andrea, Sweet P's mom. Thanks, Andrea!)


I'm hoping I get a chance to meet Sweet P on this trip, and decided that I wanted to make something for her, too. I decided on a B(est)F(riends)F(orever) gift that both girls could share. The other day I was reminded of a project I've wanted to do for some time now. I saw these lovely Painted Medallion Pendants on Prairie Mouse's Flickr Photo Stream. Every time Tim takes down a branch in the yard, I save many of the pieces, and...Read more

Winter Birch Trees

Have you ever been to Art Projects for Kids? If not, run there, right now, but be prepared to stay for a long, long time. Kathy Barbro is an experienced and gifted art teacher, and she shares over 600 projects on her blog. Whenever I need inspiration for kid crafts, she's one of the first places I turn.

She shared a wonderful watercolor project for Winter Birch Trees. I'm going to let Kathy give you the actual directions, but I'll share our enjoyable experience making our own trees. Michelle and I enjoyed the experience as much as the wee ones. The kids were able to do everything themselves except I cut numerous long strips of tape for Pixie, but she decided on the placement and did the rest herself. Oh, I also taped the paper to the table, both to hold it in place and to create the matted look border. I have plans for a number of other projects using this technique.

Taping to table, cutting strips, and making tape trees on watercolor paper.

Watercoloring the whole thing.

...Read more

Bug's Christmas Gifts

Back in early November, I had my idea for Bug's Christmas gift. He LOVES to draw, and I thought it was high time he had his own supplies. So, I got him a sketch book, a couple of "how to draw" books, and a nice set of pencils and erasers. 

I think he will really enjoy the drawing books. The first is The Boys' Guide to Drawing by Aaron Sautter. It has "aliens, warriors, robot and other cool stuff". The sketches get harder as you progress through the book. The other book is Drawing Dragons by Sandra Staple. It teaches you "how to create fantastic fire~breathing dragons" and such. This book is more complicated than the first, but the pictures are awe inspiring, and like the other book, the drawings become more complex as you make your way through the book. The Kohinoor Gioconda 24 Piewce Drawing Set includes pencils, erasers, chalk and charcoal. Lots to experiment with. And, of course, I included some Strathmore Drawing Paper.

Next, I needed something to put everything in. I thought of making him...Read more

Paperclay Gnomes, Of Course!

When I was working on the Paperclay Leaves last week, I was absent-mindedly rolling some of the cut-away clay in my hands. Before I knew it, the blob was shaped into a peg form. Well, it took me about 3 seconds to decide to make some gnomes. What a shocker, right?

Anyway... I ran a copy of Wee Folk Art's Waldorf Style Gnomes, both the adult and the child patterns, pulled a couple wooden pegs out for sizing, and before I knew it, I had me a gaggle of gnomes. Well, actually, I had 2 gnomes with plans to create a gaggle :)

So, here are the directions to make your own Paperclay Gnomes. Note: I would not consider these to be children's toys. Although all the materials are non-toxic and child safe, they will break if played with in an exuberant manner... and I ask you... what child DOES NOT play exuberantly? BTW: You can use other clays to make this project, too.

It took a couple ounces of paperclay for each gnome.


Paperclay Leaves - Part 2

Last week I shared Paperclay Leaves - Part 1. Today, we are going to finish the project by painting and sealing the leaves. After that, you'll just have to decide where they should fall! I made 12 leaves, and put them on my Harvest Cupboard. They look so beautiful I want to make more for here and there around the house. Also, I want to make some with the wee ones. I can only imagine how beautiful theirs will be!

To begin with, I collected all the supplies I would be needing. Although you can use any paint on these, I wanted a translucent quality to the colors, so I used my Stockmar Watercolor Paints.

To replicate the coloring of the autumn leaves, head outdoors and collect a handful. Unfortunately, a number of our trees haven't turned yet, so I collect some photos online and printed them for a reference.

I began by using a very thinned yellow "whitewash". I covered the front and back.

Then, I started adding other colors, mimicking the photos of...Read more