Paperclay Gnomes, Of Course!

When I was working on the Paperclay Leaves last week, I was absent-mindedly rolling some of the cut-away clay in my hands. Before I knew it, the blob was shaped into a peg form. Well, it took me about 3 seconds to decide to make some gnomes. What a shocker, right?

Anyway... I ran a copy of Wee Folk Art's Waldorf Style Gnomes, both the adult and the child patterns, pulled a couple wooden pegs out for sizing, and before I knew it, I had me a gaggle of gnomes. Well, actually, I had 2 gnomes with plans to create a gaggle :)

So, here are the directions to make your own Paperclay Gnomes. Note: I would not consider these to be children's toys. Although all the materials are non-toxic and child safe, they will break if played with in an exuberant manner... and I ask you... what child DOES NOT play exuberantly? BTW: You can use other clays to make this project, too.

It took a couple ounces of paperclay for each gnome.


Paperclay Leaves - Part 2

Last week I shared Paperclay Leaves - Part 1. Today, we are going to finish the project by painting and sealing the leaves. After that, you'll just have to decide where they should fall! I made 12 leaves, and put them on my Harvest Cupboard. They look so beautiful I want to make more for here and there around the house. Also, I want to make some with the wee ones. I can only imagine how beautiful theirs will be!

To begin with, I collected all the supplies I would be needing. Although you can use any paint on these, I wanted a translucent quality to the colors, so I used my Stockmar Watercolor Paints.

To replicate the coloring of the autumn leaves, head outdoors and collect a handful. Unfortunately, a number of our trees haven't turned yet, so I collect some photos online and printed them for a reference.

I began by using a very thinned yellow "whitewash". I covered the front and back.

Then, I started adding other colors, mimicking the photos of...Read more

Finished Funky Chair

Just 2 short weeks ago I shared my plans to turn a give-away chair into a "funky" master piece. I had a vision, but knew I tend to procrastinate on these types of projects. I decided if I announced my intentions here, I'd feel compelled to complete the project in a timely fashion. And, tah dah, it worked! Tim and I got it done.

I suspect this is going to be a chair that you are either going to love or hate! Don't think you can go middle ground on this one! Yes, it is wild and crazy. Yes, it is funky. And, yes, it is different than anything else I have in the house, BUT I LOVE IT!

Last week I shared our Getting Started. We took off the seat, cleaned the chair, filled holes, and sanded. We then primed the wood, getting it ready for painting. Then, the HARD part... reupholstering the chair. Yikes! THAT was a project. You can read more about that HERE.

This week, I painted the chair. I began by...Read more


Since I haven't actually completed any project this week, thought I might share what I've been up to.

First, I've been busy with my funky chair. And when I say funky, I really mean FUNKY! Here is a sneak peek of just a corner. Trust me, the whole chair is busy, busy, busy, but I'm lovin' it!

Then, I started a drawing class at a shop in town. There are only 2 students in the class, and this guy came in with this awesome portrait... and I brought in some sketches of my gnomes and applique blocks. Yikes... we are worlds apart, but, I had a blast, played with a hunk of graphite, and am excited to go back next week.

Finally, got a package in the mail today from A Child's Dream! YAY! I've been wanting to play with the doll house people, and got 4 large and 4 small people. I also bought some roving for hair (Corriedale Earth Colors, set of 10 colors), and a bundle of the winter felt. I am going to put some patterns together for dressing...Read more

Peg Flowers and Fairies

A few days ago I shared a little Black Eyed Susan flower that I made with felt and a wooden peg. When you pushed the petals down, you discovered a little flower fairy. I began thinking about other flowers, focusing on the petal shapes. I came up with 4 different shapes, keeping the necks the same size on all of them. I'll share some of the flowers I made, but the sky is the limit! Look at your favorite flowers, pick the petal that comes the closest, and before you know it, you'll have a bed of your "bestest" favorites :) Or, throw caution to the wind, get wild and crazy, and mix and match petals and colors, to create unique fantasy flowers. The choice is yours. For now, let's get started and learn the basics.

wooden pegs - 7/8"x 2 3/8"

Make a copy of the pattern found HERE.

Begin by painting the body of the peg green. MAKE SURE TO USE CHILD SAFE PAINTS.

Paint the heads the color to match the flower you are making.
...Read more

Gnome Greeting Card

Wander back a few days and read the first couple of paragraphs of the post I had on reusing craft designs. Here, is yet another way to use our little gnome. Follow the basic directions there except use the pattern found HERE.

The biggest difference, is you will be placing the pattern on a fold. When you fold the watercolor paper, use a ruler to help make the crease sharp.

Place the pattern on the fold, trace the pattern and cut out, cutting through the front and back together.

Follow the directions for the bookmark to transfer markings, outlining and coloring with watercolor pencils. Then paint with water.

Come up with a cute little note on the inside, then, wah lah, a card any child... nah... any person, would love to get :)

Wouldn't these make lovely holiday cards? I can see it...Read more


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