Bear in the Water Coloring Page

Yesterday I shared our Bear in the Water Applique Block. I designed it for one of our readers whose boys are studying bears right now. Actually, they wanted a coloring page, but since I was designing that, it was easy peasy to make the applique, too. So here is our little bear getting a drink of water at the stream. NOTE: I inadvertently left off the two rings where he is lapping water. (Take a look at the applique block.) You can easily add the rings using a water proof marker or pen. As always, I ran an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of water color paper through my printer. I then used water color pencils and bad lighting to paint this pic :) Markers, colored pencils and crayons would work well, too.

The Bear in the Water Coloring Page can be found HERE. Enjoy!

[Hope the boys enjoy it, Maura!]

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Swimming Turtle Coloring Page

A couple of days ago, when the crew was over for Sunday dinner, Pixie asked for a copy of our Primitive Angel Coloring Page to paint. I ran off a copy on water color paper, and she used the water color pencils to color it in.

When she was done, she asked me to draw a picture of a turtle so she could paint it. "What should the turtle be doing?" I wanted to know. She thought about it a minute, bobbed her head, and said, "Swimming".

3 minutes with a piece of paper and her swimming turtle was born. 

"Wait', Michelle said, "Don't let her paint that yet. Scan it first and put it on Wee Folk Art."

So there you have it... NOTHING is done around here without assessing its blog worthiness :)

The Swimming Turtle Coloring Page can be found HERE. Enjoy! 

The Coloring Page Gallery can be found HERE

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Writing on the Wall How-To

There have been times in my life when I had so much "stuff" on my walls that it was hard to notice anything in particular. It was my "clutter stage". Now, I'm just the opposite. Maybe it is because our lives are so "cluttered" right now, being in the "sandwich" generation, that I yearn for simplicity in my decorating. It has been fun experimenting with new colors and new soulful expressions. "Writing" on walls is a way to express individuality in a simple, not cluttered manner. So, find a wall (think of all the possibilities in children's rooms, too) and let's get started.

#10 round paint brush
computer print out banner
wax free tracing paper

Of course, the first step is to decide on what you want to write on a wall. It might be a full phrase or just a word. I picked the phrase "There are lines upon my face from a lifetime of smiles" from the song "Beautiful in My Eyes" by Joshua Kadison...
Next... to the computer. If you have a computer that lets you make banners, perfect! If not you...Read more

Poinsettia Coloring Page

Print out our Poinsettia Coloring Page on regular or water color paper. Instructions for water coloring can be find HERE. The Poinsettia Coloring Page can be found HERE. Enjoy!


Check out our complete collection of FREE Coloring pages HERE
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Primitive Angel Coloring Page

For a long time now I've been meaning to turn some of our applique blocks into coloring pages. Well, today when Michelle and the wee ones were over, Pixie was looking for something "crafty" to do, as Pixie often does, and I thought this week's Primitive Angel Block would be a great place to start.

So I took the pattern, enlarged it, took off the stitching lines and wreath, and added some fun new lines. Pixie and I grabbed our water color pencils and got started. I think the results are beautiful! Of course you don't need to water color the pictures; markers or crayons would work just fine. Here are our directions. Enjoy!

Copy of Primitive Angel Coloring Page
Permanent Water Proof Marker to extend lines (I love Micron's Archival Ink)
Water Color Pencils
Water Color Paper cut to 8 1/2" x 11"
Paint brushes and Water

Download the pattern HERE. I suggest you print it first on a piece of regular paper before you print on water color paper to make sure it is printing...Read more

A Carton of Soy Egg Crayons

Imagine the delight on your children's faces when they open this carton of eggs...

and find these lovely gems inside!

No, it is not a dozen hard boiled eggs, but rather a dozen Soy Crayons! It is easy to sing the praises of soy crayons; brilliant colors, smooth drawing without flaking, biodegradable, renewable resource and non toxic. You can buy ready made soy crayons (Bella Luna carries Soy Rocks) or you can make them yourself. Understand, soy crayons aren't for every project. The wax is soft and begins melting at a low temp. As a matter of fact, even holding a soy crayon for too long will start the surface to become "slimy" (but in a good way :) You can't use them for detailed work BUT for projects begging for large sweeps of a crayon, this is the perfect choice. They are always a wonderful choice for your youngest budding artists; easy to hold and you don't need to press down hard to get results. 

To make soy crayons simply melt soy wax flakes,

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