Felt Baby Ball

To create this 4" felt baby ball you will need:


2 colors wool felt
Matching embroidery floss
Multicolored embroidery floss
Stuffing material
Optional – Jingle bells

Bullion Stitch

Handkerchief Bandanna

What could be more summery than lounging on your favorite deck chair with your hair pulled back in a bandanna? Bandannas are a mainstay around here. Whether it is an old fashioned bandanna quickly tied around your head, a reversible bandanna meant to match multiple outfits, or the delicate bandanna featured above, bandannas are both functional and fun!

We like to add covered elastic to the back of our bandannas. This makes it easier for little kids to put on, and stops that pesky hair pulling at the base of your nape! In our FREE Open Patterns we are sharing the directions for making your own bandanna in a child and adult size. Directions are given for the handkerchief bandanna because it is the most difficult, but after you master the basics... which are easy peasy... you'll have a bandanna to match all your outfits! This pattern also includes the instructions for the lavender bunch embroidery, but any embroidery pattern would work just fine. Whether you embellish your bandannas or leave them plain, you'll be singing their praises before long. Check out our pattern for the Kerchief Bandanna. Enjoy! ...Read more

Handkerchief Bandanna

The directions below are for a plain bandanna, but options are given for making the handkerchief bandanna featured above.

Babushka Doll Applique

I decided I needed a lot more "bling" to give my babuskha doll that traditional matryoshka "feel". I sorta just started embroidering and kept going! Anyway, here she is... waiting her final destination... which I haven't decided on, so she isn't sewn onto anything yet! But I am done with the directions, so if you're interested in making your own babushka doll, she's good to go!

Just a couple of FYIs. First, this doll measures 9" but you can enlarge or reduce her to meet your needs. If you'd like to make multiple dolls in decreasing size, place the original patterns in your printer and reduce at 90%, 80%, 70% etc. until you get the set you like. Also, if you look at any traditional babushka dolls, you'll notice that the paint jobs are not perfect. If your eyes are crooked, if your smile is askew... well, that's more or less traditional, so don't panic! Also, the faces on traditional matryoshka dolls become more and more simplistic as they get smaller, so follow suit when embroidering faces.

Finally, I did not include my embellishments on the pattern... since Michelle had already finished the...Read more

Babushka Doll Directions

6 pieces of different colored felt or other fabric
Embroidery floss
Pattern (3 pages)

1] Make copy of patterns.




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