Puppy Dog Doorstop Directions

Materials: (yardages are approximate and based on optimal placement)
12" x 18" felt color A (Copper Kettle)
8" x 10" felt color B (Pumpkin Spice)
8" x 8" felt color C (Beige)
Scrap felt color D (Black)
Embroidery floss color A (Copper) (DMC 301)
Embroidery floss color D (Black) (DMC 310)
Embroidery floss color E (Gold) (DMC 783)
2 3/4" buttons with 4 holes for eyes

Meet Horace

Edit: Directions for our Doorstop Puppy can be found HERE.

Yesterday I turned my doggy doodle into our Puppy Dog Doorstop. Meet Horace. And despite common misconceptions, cats and dogs can exist harmoniously! Horace and Jasper have become fast friends and can be found skulking about, looking for mischief and mayhem. That's fine for now. Blanketed under mounds of snow, all doors and windows are sealed tight keeping the frigid, gusty winds at bay. But come spring, when the doors and windows are flung open, each will take a sentry's position at a door, thwarting the startling slamming of doors from westerly winds.

I have yet to write up the instructions...the least enjoyable process of designing...but I'll have him good to go by Monday. So, if you're interested in making this little cutey, come back then for the directions.Read more

Kitty Cat Doorstop Good to Go

The good news is I got the directions for the Kitty Cat Doorstop posted in the Crafting Club Patterns. If you are new to the site you'll see that many of our patterns are FREE for public viewing, whereas some can only be viewed by Crafting Club members. Membership and patterns are free and registration takes only a couple of minutes. Our hope is that you like the patterns and will become a contributing member of the site posting comments and pics of completed projects. The more the merrier, right?

The bad news...although this will probably bother me more than anyone else...I haven't finished all the glossary terms yet. Still working on it! Hopefully, I'll get to one a day.

Below I'm including a couple of pics of a Kitty Cat Doorstop made by one of our members. This is the good and bad thing about knowing the designers...you are the first to get patterns, but you're also first to unearth mistakes! Anyway, this Kitty was completed yesterday by Tim's daughter. As you can see she made several alterations to the design. I love to see that! Aren't the colors are wonderful?...Read more

Cat Doorstop


Felt color A
Felt color B
Embroidery floss color A
Embroidery floss color B
2 3/4” buttons with 2 holes for eyes
Contrasting embroidery floss for sewing on eyes
Stuffing (wool or polyfil)
Beans, fish gravel or large grained sand for weighting the bottom

Kitty Cat Doorstop


EDIT: Pattern for the Doorstop Cat can be found HERE.

Well...over break I was able to design the pattern for the cat doorstop, and finished him this morning. He's purrfect! He weighs in around a pound, which wouldn't be enough to hold open a door in a torrential wind, but he'll do just fine for your average, garden variety, wafting breeze! His base is filled with navy beans, but you could substitute sand or gravel if you need him to be heavier. Also, he is 4" x 9 1/2", but if you'd like him to be large enough to hold open the castle door, just enlarge the pattern.

I am now working on writing up the pattern to be added to our Crafting Club. I'll then turn my attention to the Puppy Dog Doorstop. I will be using these 2 pals to share several different embroidery stitches, which will be added to our glossary. When we post the pattern, we will also post a link for a discount coupon to Prairie Point Junction. As I mentioned before the holidays, they have graciously offered a one-time discount for Wee Folk...Read more

Finally Done with the Hobby Horses!

I finally finished the hobby horses. Boy, these sure have been a long undertaking. It's not that making the individual horses took that long, but when you design something instead of following a pattern, you wind up with a couple beta runs and there's usually at least some "tweakage"! The last piece was trying to decide how to best attach the heads to the dowel rods. Then, in the last moments, I decided I wanted tags, so I printed some paper and put together a label. BUT I LOVE THEM! I am very satisfied with how they turned out and I can't wait to give them to Bug (Lightning), Fairy (Daisy) and Pixie (Iris). I do plan to eventually write up instructions for the horses...obviously, at this point, it will be after Christmas. But now I can check one more project off the list. Here's some pics of the herd.

...Read more


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