A Splash of Color That Sets My Head Reeling!


I am a sucker for color. Although my favorite or "comfort color" changes like a kaleidoscope, I always surround myself with color... no beiges or whites for me! Since last winter, I've embraced a brighter colorway than usual. I have been accenting my spring green and golden walls with reds and oranges. It really has stirred up my creative juices. It's hard to be passive when your house is alert and energetic. So, it wasn't surprising to Michelle, when she came over the other day, and saw 1 new placemat and 2 new napkins, and ask, "What are you doing with those?" and I replied, "I have no clue, but aren't the colors spectacular?"

Of course, she agreed. And after just a few sips of coffee, and about 2 minutes of discussion, we had come up with a whole list of things I could do with the placemat and napkins. As a matter of fact, I went back to Pier One the next day, and bought several more of each. We are extremely busy right now, with the holidays coming up and working on our shop, so my one stipulation was that any...Read more

Pixie's Rainbow Coiled Rag Bowl

EDIT: Stop by HERE to see another Rag Bowl I was working on.

I've already mentioned that Pixie has a birthday coming up and all the gifts I'm making for her have a rainbow theme. When thinking about all the little things I'll be crafting, I thought (dangerous past time, I know :) that I needed something to put them in. Back in the 80s I was really into using the upholstery cording to make all sorts of things. I haven't used it in years, so I decided, what fun! So, here are the directions for Pixie's Rainbow Coiled Rag Bowl. I'll be sharing my "stuffings" as I get them done!

new or used light to medium weight cotton
(I bought 1 yard each of 6 rainbow colors and have tons left for other projects)
1/2" upholstery cording
(I bought 10 yards and used 9. Yardage depends on the size of the bowl you cover)
embroidery floss (2 strands) or quilting thread (needs to be heavy...Read more

Fabric Christmas Cards

I've been working on my Christmas cards this past week. I still have a handful to make but these are fun and easy and I'm hoping to be done this evening. These are the cards we will be giving to our friends and teachers. For this project I converted my mother's Christmas tree applique block into a fabric print that I ordered from Spoonflower. I plan to make some gift bags with the fabric as well. I sized the tree to fit perfectly on a quarter sheet of paper... but you can use any fun holiday fabric for this project. Check out the directions here or in our Free Patterns section.Read more

Gnome Fabric

This past spring my SIL sent me a suprise gift... a gift card at Spoonflower. So cool! If you are unfamiliar with Spoonflower it is a site where you can upload your own designs and have your very own... totally original... fabric printed. Ahhh... the possibilities here are endless. This just so happened to coincide with our website revamping that I was doing. The two designs of course ended up melding and I am now the proud owner of several yards of totally cool Wee Folk Art Gnomey styled fabric.

After seeing my new stash, I'm sure you're going to want some gnome fabric of your own ;) and guess what... Spoonflower now lets us offer our original designs to others. So you too can own some super sweet Wee Folk Art Gnomey Fabric. Just check out the Wee Folk Art profile at Spoonflower.

Large Tumbling Gnome Fabric (gnomes are about 5 inches tall on an off white background)






Gnome Stripe Fabric (gnomes are about 3 inches tall on...Read more

Straightening Fabric Grain

When doing any craft, there are some things we have to do that are more a groan than a pleasure. That's how I feel about straightening the grain of fabric. To be honest, I don't do it for most projects, but there are times when it is imperative that the fabric grain is true, and for those times, here are the steps to take to ensure your fabric is on grain.


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