Pumpkin Cake

Do you have a favorite recipe using pumpkin? Tis the season to spread pumpkin cheer far and near! If you would like to share a recipe, just follow these guidelines:

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Here is a recipe from Chelsie at Simply Seeking Life for Pumpkin Cake. Not only does the cake sound wonderful, but you might be surprised by how it was used. Make sure you pay Chelsie a visit. It's always so much fun discovering new blogs. Thanks, Chelsie!

Hi, my name is...Read more

Ghostly Bean Bag Toss Game

Are you having a gathering at your house for Halloween? Why not take one of our Ghostie Applique Blocks and practice enlarging a pattern? We took one of our 6 inch ghost applique blocks and turned it into a 4 foot tall ghost, with cut out eyes and mouth to toss bean bags through. Using the Graphing/Gridding technique explained in our post on Enlarging and Reducing Patterns, we easily transformed the small pattern into a large facsimile. Next week we will share a pattern for yet another set of bean bags especially for Halloween! Most importantly, using this technique, you can take any small image you have and turn it into any size you want. Instead of a ghost, perhaps you would like to turn our Pumpkin Applique Block into a bean bag toss game. Anything is possible! 

ghost pattern
ruler and metal tape measure
1 - 4' x 4' (1/2") mdf or plywood for ghost
1 - 14" x 32" scrap of mdf or playwood for leg
2 - 2" strap hinges with screws
2 - 1/2" eye hooks
20" of 1/2" rope
Zinser 123...Read more

Ghosties Applique Blocks

It's Halloween time, and what's more fun than some friendly Ghosties? But don't be fooled by these seemingly simple patterns. Through these 2 applique blocks, we are going to be sharing some techniques this week to help you think "outside the box" or as Michelle likes to say "outside the blocks".

First off, today we are sharing 2 different techniques that can be used to make these ghosties. The first smiling ghost, uses the traditional technique of sewing layers of felt together. The eyes and mouth detail are sewn on top of the solid white ghost body. In the "O" mouthed ghost, I "cut away" the mouth and eyes, allowing the black background to show through. Either method can be used on either ghost.

As always, the appliques were designed to fit on a 6" block. The patterns can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. We always say that, don't we? Well, this week we are actually going to show you how to do just that. So, you can expect to see our little ghosties throughout...Read more

Ghosties in the Thicket

The gnome's lives are rich with stories and folklore, and there has never been a story teller in The Thicket that could weave a tale as well as Axel. As a master storyteller, over the years the job has fallen on him to share the history of The Thicket, but it is sometimes hard to tell fact from tall tales, especially at Halloween! Axel loves to tell stories about ghosties seen in the Enchanted Woodland. The adults smile at the stories as they drink mug after mug of spiced cider, and although the wee ones huddle together, they delight in the stories of the friendly ghosties that romp in the very woods that they love to explore.


Small wooden people pegs - We buy our wood turnings from Casey' Wood
white felt
white calico fabric
white craft glue or Mod Podge
permanent black marker

Make a copy of the pattern and cut 1 felt collar and 1 calico sheet.

Place the collar around the peg, overlapping the edges. Glue the edges together. (The collar is used to help the sheet flow away from the body.)   

...Read more

Kleenex Carnations

I don't know exactly what made me think about this the other day, but when Tim and I were talking and it occurred to me that I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen a "Just Married" sign on the back of a car or the ubiquitous Kleenex Carnations from our youth plastered all over it. Oh, I'm sure there are still people that do this, I just haven't seen it. When two of our children got married, no one got together to decorate their car. Sure, today many people rent Limos or Hummers, but it was our "Get Away" car that was decorated and otherwise goodnaturedly vandalized by your attendants. I remember having flower making parties and filling garbage bags full of Kleenex Carnations. Assuming making a Kleenex Carnation was like riding a bike, even though I hadn't made one in a long time, I was relatively certain I'd be able to. And, of course, it came right back to me. They're so easy to make, what's their to forget? But then I had these Kleenex Carnations, with no big plans for them, and thought, "I need to wrap a Mother's Day gift", so there...Read more


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