Woven Spider Wheel Stitch

The Woven Spider Wheel Stitch is a versatile stitch that I use often. It makes a circular, raised stitch appropriate for flowers, apples, polka dots, etc. It winds up being raised, giving it a wonderful 3-D effect. Obviously, I love this stitch, and although it might seem difficult, with a couple of tricks, you'll be creating perfect Woven Spider Wheel Stitches in no time... and having a blast doing it!

Mini Pumpkin Patch

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I'm not sure how ours could have been any better! But with the very last hurrah of summer over, we are ready to roll up our sleeves, and seriously ponder autumn! And what could be more autumn than pumpkins? I crafted these little guys to go in our gnomes' pumpkin patch, but they could just as easily go in a dollhouse, or be tucked here and there around your house.

These little cuties can be made out of calico or felt. I've shown the completed pumpkins in both materials. The wool felt pumpkins will be slightly larger since you do not need to turn under a seam, but for the most realistic pumpkin patch, you'll want a variety of colors and fabrics. These range in size from 1 1/2" - 2" but you can enlarge the pattern and put them together in the same way. The technique is easy and suitable for a beginner crafter. So, if you'd like your own Mini Pumpkin Patch you can find it HERE or in our FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy! 
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Mini Pumpkins

To create one teeny tiny pumpkin, or a whole patch, follow these simple instructions. The pumpkins can be made out of cotton calico or wool felt. The calico pumpkins will be slightly smaller. If making a whole patch, mix and match autumn colors to give a "natural" look.

Calico Flower


If you're not into flowers, I'm sure it seems like we've really been belaboring this whole "Rolled Flower" thing. We had our Rolled Calico Flower and our Rolled Felt Flower and now... our Calico Flower. We created this last tutorial because of a request made by Sally.

My daughter and her fiance are getting married this fall. This is the 2nd marriage for both of them although they are both in their 20s. She did not have a wedding her first go around, but he did. They've themed their wedding "Second time around". Everything has to be used. The bridesmaids are to have casual dresses and need to shop at 2nd hand shops. Even my daughter is insisting on a used dress and very casual. She doesn't want flowers but agreed to a, you guessed it, used bouquet. I've been looking around for a bouquet, but can't find anything that I can see my little girl carrying. Do you think if I could convince her to let me make some calico flowers, there would be a way to stick them on stems? Sorry this post...Read more

Calico Flower



4" x 28" piece of calico for the flower
3/4" x 40" piece of calico for stem, ripped
2 copies of pattern
bead with large hole
4 12" long pipe cleaners