Rip and Tear Napkins

I love cloth napkins. I could never bring myself to use paper. First, they don't work very well, and second, waste paper? I think not! Over the years I've bought and made many different kinds of napkins. Recently, however, I've started making what I refer to as "rip and tear" napkins. Simply find a high quality 100% woven cotton fabric you love, measure, and tear!

Yesterday I was at our local craft store. I had a list and I wasn't going to deviate from it. (You can imagine how well THAT worked!) Anyway, I stumbled upon this absolutely adorable piece of fabric, aptly named "trick or treat" by Alexander Henry. (One of my "favoritest" of favorite fabric designers!)

Well, let it be known, I am not a pillar! I immediately snatched up the bolt and got a 3 1/8 yard piece lopped off. I knew that this piece of fabric was going to be our new Halloween napkins! The embarrassingly easy Rip and Tear Napkin directions can be found HERE or in the FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!  ...Read more

Koala Bookmark

A sweet little koala from Down Under is busy reading A Year Down Yonder! Make your own koala bookmark as a reading pal!

wool felt
embroidery floss

1] Make copy of pattern.

Three Birdies Glass Case

When you're creative, nothing in your life needs to be boring. Here is a totally fun glass case that would be equally comfortable hanging out with an adult or child. Crafted from soft felt and flannel, adorable through and through, if you don't wear glasses, you're going to wish you did!

Three Birdies Glass Case

Reading is fun! Should we settle for ho-hum glasses or glass cases? BAH! Our glasses and their accessories should be every bit as enjoyable as our books and bookmarks. So... here's my latest additional to our reading corner... a glass case that's sure to please young and old alike! The outer case is made of felt, while the lining is a super soft flannel. After one evening of crafting, you can get rid of your boring glass case and proudly whip out your Three Birdies and revel in the oohs and awes it produces! The directions and pattern for the Three Birdies Glass Case can be found HERE or in our FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!Read more