Gourd Ghost Sculpture

EDIT: Since this is one of my all time favorite Halloween crafts, I just wanted to re-feature it. Also, did you know we have a handful of wallpapers for your computer, and our spooky little ghosts here, is one of them? Go check it out and make it your wallpaper for the next couple of weeks!


Funky Falling Leaves Wall Hanging

I’m totally in love with my latest endeavor. All the projects I post please me (alas, those that don't will never receive their 5 minutes of fame on our blog!), but every now and then I make something that I could never part with. My new Falling Leaves Wall Hanging has just bumped out an older piece of artwork for a prime location on my wall!

I think I may have mentioned in passing that we are partnering with Prairie Point Junction on a totally awesome Holiday Giveaway. (BTW... PPJ's Julie is so totally patient and delightful to work with!) I can't wait to share... but that will have to wait a couple more weeks. ANYWAY... that project is going to have mitered corners. In preparation for that project I knew I needed to do a tutorial on the “mitered corner” and this Wall Hanging was born out of that simple idea. My first thought was to make a placemat but that would have required a full set to be useful. I've been asked several times now “What do you do with all those Applique blocks?”...Read more

Mushroom Business Card Holder

Well, I got my pattern fixed for the Mushroom Business Card Holder. So, if you'd like to make your very own, TOTALLY cool, business card holder, the directions are good to go. Unfortunately, I spent the afternoon fixing the pattern and didn't get a chance to remake mine. But as soon as I finish this blog, I'm off to work on mine. Actually, Michelle put in a request for a red and white mushroom one, so I'll probably do that one first! The pattern for the Mushroom Business Card Holder can be found HERE or with the FREE Patterns. Enjoy! 
Read more

Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lanterns

Turn a new paint can (available at hardware stores) or a used paint can that has been thoroughly cleaned, into a festive Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lantern. Click here to see our wee folks making their own for trick-or-treating!

Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lanterns

Do you ever feel like you're a character in Rocky Horror Picture Show? I feel like I'm doing the Time Warp. I've been making fall crafts... but I have to start on Christmas... and there is a special project I'm working on for Spring! Uh, what day is it?

Okay, focus, Kimara... fall... Halloween... Christmas stockings... no, no, no. HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN. Okay, I'm back. Halloween. So... here is my completed Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lantern. If you were over at Wee Folk Activities last week, hmmm... was it just last week? Anyway... if you were over there, you would have seen the Jack-O-Lanterns Bug, Fairy and Pixie made for Trick-or-Treating. I started mine last week... at least I got it primed and painted, but I finished it up today. I got the idea for these last spring when I turned some paint buckets into planters for my front steps.

Although the Jack-O-Lanterns themselves do not take a lot of time... the leaves aren't even embroidered, can you believe I ACTUALLY let felt go unembroidered?... but you do need to allow for plenty of drying time. So, if you would like to make your own Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lanterns for...Read more


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