Knitting a Little Sunshine

Dreary, gray days. Michigan has many, many of them, especially in the winter. The haziness can start to get you down. I find that this time of year I am drawn to bright, warm colors. This amazing, squishy, melon colored yarn (Swish Tonal Yarn from Knit Picks in Queen Anne colorway) that I'm currently working with helps bring some sunshine into the house.

I am working on the Pine Forest Baby Blanket available as a free download on Ravelry. My only mod is making it bigger to be a lap blanket. I CO 151 sts and am hoping my 5 skeins will give me enough length.

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Knitting Stars

I know I should be packing up all the Christmas stuff and knitting more practical things right now (the kids could all use more mittens) but I wanted to make something new for my sweet, little yarn tree this year and didn’t get a chance to during the holiday season. Actually, I didn't MAKE anything this holiday season. No gifts, no ornaments, no winter woolies. I think I was a little overwhelmed with the shortened season (there weren't enough weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year) and we had family staying with us for an extended vacation at Thanksgiving. That combined with all the kids activities and I found that I just wasn't in a crafty mood. So many evenings I would hit the sofa and couldn't even be tempted by my knitting, let alone anything messier. But now, as some of the dust has settled, and the snow has bound us in the house, I've managed to finish off one of those big knitting projects that had been mocking me for weeks and found myself wanting something much, much smaller on my needles. I'm adoring this...Read more

Waldorf Meets the Muppets :: Knit Doll Sweater & Pants Pattern

Last week Meghan and I were talking about Christmas gifts for the wee ones. She said the Little Guy was always running off with the Little Lady's doll that I made, and she wasn't were happy about sharing her dolly. Meghan suggested I make a doll for LG. I was all over that. I had already created a pattern for a knit-in-the-round doll, which can be found HERE, so all I had to do was create a pattern for pants and a sweater. In 2 days time I had made the doll, including the clothes. Yippie! Love when everything comes together quickly.

Just a comment about his hair... I used some fun yarns for his hair (more about that later.) My intention was to give him a haircut when I was done. When I saw his floppy mop, I said... Hey, he looks like Jon Bon Jovi! A young Bon Jovi! Before I had a chance to cut his locks, my family convinced me to leave Bonjovi's hair long and perky! It is awesome hair! It is so super soft and floppy. It is also very light weight so it doesn't weigh down his neck. I can always trim...Read more

Three Cheers for Soft-Boiled Eggs

Last fall Tim and I were sitting side-by-side at our computers just surfin'. It was a leisurely Saturday evening, we were staying in, and we were playing a little game we often do where we take turns sharing songs, usually songs that have meaning to us, or songs that we grew up listening to. One of the marvelous things about marrying a man your own age... we both graduated from high school in 1972... you sang the same songs, watched the same movies, and experienced the same social and cultural phenomena. All-and-all, it makes for many delightful conversations... but I digress! Shocker, right?

Anyway... songs like You're So Vain, Super Freak, Knights in White Satin and Dreams by the Cranberries were filling the air (btw... totally extraneous info for the true story, but I'm setting the mood ;) So, in my surfin' the net, I stumble upon these egg cozies. I have never owned an egg cozy, as a matter of fact, I've never owned an egg cup BUT I now NEED to, if only to own these cute cozies. While reading about the cozies, the writer spoke of "soldiers". Now, I know she's not talking about people in uniforms, it...Read more

Ball of Yarn Applique Block

Here is our latest applique block. I love doing hand sewing, so all these lines were right up my alley! As always, they were designed to fit a 6" x 6" block, but you can enlarge or reduce the pattern to meet your needs.

I'm often asked what to do with the completed blocks. First off... I only sew them to blocks because it makes them all uniform. I haven't used the blocks for anything other than display purposes. But, you can use our appliques in any way you'd use any appliques. I designed this block to use in a panel of a quilted knitting project bag I was making for a friend. I forgot to take a photo, but this is basically what it looked like:

It turned out lovely! How will you use this applique?

The pattern for the Yarn Ball Applique Block can be found HERE.

The tutorial on How to Enlarge and Reduce can be found HERE.

The tutorial on How to Cut Out Felt can be found HERE.

The Stitching Glossary can be found HERE.

DIRECTIONS - Refer to pattern...Read more

Out With the Old, In With the New?

January 2. The house is unbelievably quite. The children are all gone, the hubby is back to work, and after a VERY quick glimpse at CNN, I find myself back at the computer, after a 2 week hiatus. I scan Pinterest, looking for my daily dose of inspiration, and find myself strangely apathetic. Of course, as always, there is talent galore out there, but I guess I'm simply not in the mood for anything "New". How strange is that? It's the New Year. Aren't we suppose to embrace transformations and resolve to change? Yet, this year, I find I don't want to change or to forge ahead. Rather, I feel the strange pull to backtrack a bit. I want to hit my shelves that are ladened with unfinished projects, and, well, finish a few. I don't want to consider our next business adventure, but rather reassess the validity of those with which we are currently involved. Frankly, I simply want to wallow in the here and now, content, satisfied and, yes, even gratified. Life is good. I don't feel the need to change.

Of course, later in the day, or the week, my soul will begin to crave the...Read more


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