Doll Clothing for 12" knit doll

I was hoping to get a pattern up before the holidays for the sweet pea sleepers I made for the girl's dolls. Unfortunately, it seems that all 12" knit dolls are not the same. Every time I make a sleeper, I have to make them different because the sizes and shapes of the doll are greatly affected by how much they are stuffed! I simply don't have to time to write up a tutorial on crafting individual patterns to accommadate the difference in sizes right now. If you have made the 12" knit dolls and are looking for a pattern, try this one at  BellaOnline.

Perhaps after the holidays I'll visit this again. In the meantime, take a look at BellaOnline's pattern. If you have any other links online for FREE doll patterns, please share them here with our readers. Thanks.Read more

Thumbless Mittens - Twirl Style

So awhile ago I made a Twirl and Tie hat for my little niece... while we were eagerly awaiting her arrival. The hat seems to be getting a lot of use and I heard through the grape vine... oh it would be so nice to have a pair of thumb-less mitts that matched. Hint, hint... sure no problem. Well... maybe a problem. I no longer have a newborn in the house myself, so sizing on the fly can be a bit tricky. I made some guess-timations, used some left over yarn and came up with these thumb-less mitts to match the Twirl and Tie Hat. Apparently they fit perfectly. Yeah! So here is a super simple, one sitting project if you would like to make thumb-less mittens to match the hat. The combination would make a lovely newborn set. FYI - I do not currently have plans to make regular mittens with this pattern.



size 7 DPNs to be denser (the hat pattern calls for 8s)
small amount of Cotton Ease yarn

Cast on...Read more

{this moment :: belated knitting}


{this moment :: inspired by soule mama}


a single picture, requiring no words, yet telling a story worth remembering!

have a lovely weekend ~ Michelle and KimaraRead more

The Playful Stripes Cardigan


{Look at how those adorable cheeks are filling in! I'm going back for a visit next week... can barely wait!}

A couple of weeks ago I shared a pattern on Facebook that I fell in love with from Never Not Knitting. Then, I did something I very seldom do... I actually bought the pattern. There are so many lovely free patterns online BUT this sweater was too sweet, too adorable to pass up.

I made it in a size 3 months for Lady. I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in off white, spring green and pink. I then found the most adorable heart shaped buttons and started knitting. It was pure joy to work with the Cashmerino. So very, very soft. And, the pattern from Never Not Knitting was easy to follow. I will definitely make it again. And, let's face it, when you are knitting a size 3 months, it goes pretty fast, even if you are using size 3 needles!

I mailed the sweater to Lady on Friday, and she received it on Monday. I talked to her on the phone. Judging by all the cooing she did while in the sweater, I'm guessing she LOVED...Read more

Knitting the Cross Stitch (Tutorial and Skinny Scarf Pattern)

This is a stitch I have been wanting to try for awhile now. I've seen it called both a Cross Stitch or a Basket Weave. It has a fun woven look to it and makes for a dense knit. The first time I read a pattern with this stitch it kinda left me scratching my head. It is not that hard but it did take me a few minutes of playing with it to figure it out.

I won this very pretty Bamboo yarn from Kitty Grrlz on a blog giveaway. I only have one skein of this colorway and needed a small project to use with it. It is so shiny, silky and smooth. The stitch definition is great and it lended itself well to trying out this cross-stitch pattern.

So I made a skinny scarf with it. The pattern is easy to memorize but you do need to pay attention while knitting. I can't knit this one without looking at it.

Size 8 needles/ DK Weight Yarn

Cast on 19 sts. (If you increase... keep in mind you need an odd number of stitches...Read more

Pointed Pixie or Gnome Hat

Yes, as some of you have asked. I did get a spinning wheel for my birthday. An early gift from my hubby (my birthday is not until the end of the month). If you are curious about which wheel and why... I got a Majacraft Pioneer. I had a chance to try Maple's Majacraft Suzie Pro and it was just heavenly. So smooth, so sturdy, so natural feeling. The Pioneer is the entry level wheel for Majacraft but can use almost all of the accessories and should be able to do everything I want (it comes with a great range of ratios). I also love it's simple lines and light finish that just blends in with my bamboo floors. It looks perfectly at home in my family room (fyi... Pioneer has been recently updated with honey finish instead of the cream wash). It is not fussy and very easy to use. I'm very happy with my choice... although Fairy is still a bit bummed that I didn't get the Ladybug.



I have spun every bit of fiber I've been able to...Read more


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