It's A Girl!

We just found out last week that my son Drew, and his wife Meghan, are having a baby girl! We are all very excited... well ALMOST everyone is excited. Poor Bug is surrounded by girls and was hoping that his new cousin would be a boy. Pixie and Fairy couldn't be more excited and are already making plans.

So, now that we know that the baby is a girl... (no names decided on yet, so Drew started referring to her as the Little Lady) I am now ready to start crafting for her.

The other day Michelle and I were at the bookstore. We had a mound of books stacked on a table, and armed only with a cup of coffee, set out to be inspired. Michelle discovered this book... Fairy Tale Knits. It is gorgeous!

Often, when I look at crafting books, I see 1 or 2 projects I'd like to make. This book was jam packed with adorable knit projects that I know the grandbabies would love. I especially loved that fact that there were awesome projects for boys. There is a Robin Hood sweater that I plan to make for Bug.

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A Whimsy of Knit Gnomes

I have always been fascinated by unique collective nouns. For instance, did you know a group of mice is called a "mischief"? Sounds about right, doesn't it?  Or that dolphins travel in pods? Other names are band, horde, tribe, and coalition. (For a bunch of animal collective nouns, check out this list.) When I went to post this tutorial, I began to wonder what I should call a gathering of gnomes. Since nothing brilliant or witty came to me, I settled for a Cluster of Gnomes. Any ideas?

EDIT: One of our readers, Cami, suggested calling a group of gnomes a Whimsy of gnomes. I love the idea so much, from now on I will always referring to a group of gnomes as a "whimsy". Thanks Cami!!!

Here is the hat pattern that will allow you to turn our Basic Knit Dolls into Gnomes. The pattern for the Basic Knit Dolls can be found HERE. Decide which size doll you would like to make and follow the directions. 

3" dolly
4" baby
5" toddler
8" child
10" mother
12" father

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Basic Knit Doll Family

Few things bring more joy to a child than snuggling with their special doll. We have created a basic doll pattern in 6 sizes: 12", 10", 8", 5", 4", and 3", enough to create a whole family or village. THIS IS OUR BASIC KNIT DOLL PATTERN. Over time we will be using this basic pattern to make many different dolls. When we do, we will refer you back to this pattern, and share alterations, embellishments, and perhaps a story or two :) 

Instructions for the Basic Knit Doll Pattern can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Enjoy!

Special Note: As I posted yesterday, we just lost our dog, Scully. I've been working on these patterns with a heavy heart and often a clouded brain. PLEASE let me know if you find ANYTHING that is wrong or doesn't make sense. Thanks. Read more

Essay: What I Did on Spring Break by Kimara

As a child, it never failed, when you returned to school after any break or vacation, your teacher was sure to say, "I would like you to write an essay titled, "What I did on my vacation". This was usually followed by a collective groan, except for Margo. Margo was the class know-it-all who actually enjoyed homework. As a matter of fact, when you asked Margo what she did do on her vacation, her list usually included writing an essay on what she did on her vacation. She liked to get a jump on things. For the rest of us, this task was tedious enough to ALMOST make us wish we hadn't gone on vacation in the first place!

So, here I am, back from vacation, feeling like I should be writing on essay on What I Did on Spring Break. Well, lucky for me, no one is grading this, and although it will take me a few days to get back into my normal routine, I'm actually excited to share my adventures... at least my crafting adventures. So, here goes...

For some time now, Michelle and I have been talking about creating an all purpose doll pattern. Just a basic pattern in multiple sizes, that...Read more