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Just about everyone I know knits. If they didn't know how to before meeting me, chances are I'll be teaching them. Although I am a multi-crafter, knitting is often my "go to" craft I use for television watching, chatting with friends, or waiting in doctors' offices. It's neat, easy to pack up, and if you don't have a complex pattern, easy to do while you're doing something else. 

Over the holidays many evenings were spent around an open fire, where you could hear lively conversations and the clicking of knitting needles. On one such evening, Michelle found herself without a knitting project. She disappeared into my attic closet, and she returned with a basket full of yarn remnants and a pair of knitting needles. She informed me that this was now the Community Knitting Basket. She cast on 36 stitches, and started a scarf. She had gotten the idea from the book Weekend Knitting. Now, any guest in our house that finds herself without a knitting project, will be invited to pick up the scarf and continue knitting. It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced knitter, adding fancy stitches, or a beginner,...Read more

Yarn Dolls

Over the Holidays our house was a constant hub of activity. Beginning with that life affirming first cup of morning coffee shared with fellow pajama wearers, to the wee hours of the night, snuggled on the couch watching a barrage of Christmas movies, the house buzzed. Michelle and her family were around for most of it... departing for home only for a good night sleep. Although the children handled the long days and chaos quite well, every once in a while 3 year old Pixie needed to find the lap of a nurturing adult, where she chilled and regrouped before rejoining the other children.

A couple of nights after Christmas, Pixie climbed onto my lap. I was sitting in our family room, happily nestled between my computer desk and felt table, chatting away. As she sat, she was fingering one of the many ubiquitous skeins of yarn that can be found hither and yon in our house. Without giving it much thought, I asked her to show me her yarn. I picked up the lid of an embroidery floss container, and began wrapping the yarn around and around as I talked. She was fascinated. Then, over the next 10 minutes, I tied...Read more

Yarn Dolls

If you have a skein of yarn and 15 minutes, you can create a yarn doll! This is a great craft to share with young crafters, and soon, everyone will be busy creating a community of yarn dolls! Making the dolls is an "ish" thing. How tall you make your dolls will determine how many times you need to wrap the body. My dolls are 7 1/2" tall. If you want to make yours larger or smaller, just experiment until you find satisfying proportions.

Checkerboard Mittens and Scarf

When we made plans to take a trip to visit my son and his wife, I wanted a project that I could work on in the car, and one that wouldn't be too complicated. I designed this pattern to be attractive but also easy enough that I could knit in the car, while talking to others or watching movies. No complex cables, just a very easy to follow, very repeatable pattern. I think I accomplished both goals. I love the way they turned out... I've been wearing them about town already :) and these patterns are suitable for beginners/advanced beginners.

The directions for the scarf can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns.


The directions for the mitterns can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Enjoy!

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