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I've learned 2 very important things in the past 24 hours. First, I'm as allergic to alpaca as I am to wool, and second, apparently my pictures turn out just as good when I'm blindly flailing the camera around as when I painstakingly try to control focus and lighting!

Yesterday, I decided to sneak in one more homemade gift. I hit my lovely local yarn store, Ewe-Nique Yarns, how cute is that, and they told me some people who are allergic to wool aren't allergic to alpaca. And this yarn felt oh so good! Debbie Bliss's Alpaca Silk. I thought, "Nothing that feels THAT good would ever hurt me!" Well, 24 hours later, I'm totally congested, my eyes itch, and any where on my body that made contact with the yarn, (and wasn't coated in Liquid Gloves), is red and itchy. Having said that, I will sing the praises of alpaca. It is such a lovely yarn to work with, and if you don't have my unreasonable constitution, lovely to wear.

And about my photography abilities...I bet you can't tell the difference between the pictures I tried to focus and...Read more

Mitered Bowl Directions

When Michelle posted her blog on the Mitered Bowls, she called me up and asked if I was up for getting the directions together. Okay, I put the afghan aside, and dug through my files to find the directions I'd written up this past summer. A quick read through convinced me that a diagram was in order, so I knitted the teeny tiniest little bowl so I could properly label the diagram. Next time I machine felt, the gnomes are going to get their own mitered bowl!

Anyway...the directions are good to go and are being offered as a Crafting Club Pattern. BUT, as Michelle said, this pattern is what we would consider a Beta pattern. It is complicated enough that we would like a couple more people to knit it before we would consider the pattern "public ready". We've both knitted bowls off this pattern, but just like it's never wise to edit your own isn't a good idea to knit your own patterns. We subconsciously make corrections!

So, if you do tackle this project, (and they are certainly worth it, because they are relatively quick to make, a couple of evenings for the seasoned knitter, a wee bit longer for the adventurous beginning...Read more

Wool Felted Mitered Bowls - Directions

The mitered bowl is knitted in a square shape, but after felting and blocking, it will be round. Each bowl will be unique since color changing is random. Embellish with recycled buttons to make a truly one-of-a-kind bowl!


Wool Felted Mitered Bowls

Here is a fun twist on a traditional gift basket... use a homemade felted wool bowl. My mom came up with this mitered square design bowl this past summer and we have since both made several. I love how the squares come together. It is also cool how this 'square' design ends up in a perfect bowl shape once stretched over a round tin or bowl. Gotta love felting!



We will have the knitting pattern and directions available shortly in our Crafting Club patterns. Although we have both made several of these bowls, we still consider this pattern to be in beta testing. We would love some of our registered users to give it a try and provide us with feedback and any questions before we finalize the pattern. It takes me about 2 dedicated evenings of knitting to whip one up. It uses a simple garter stitch but there are decreases and you have to pick up stitches so I would say that it is above a beginner level but really not hard at all once you get the hang...Read more

Dragon Scarves - CHECK!

Remember those Dragon Scarves I mentioned awhile ago as Christmas gifts for my nephews? Well, I finally finished them this evening... along with matching hats and mittens so I can check this project off my list! These make my first fully completed Christmas gifts. Now to wrap them and ship them off.

I hope everyone else is making lots of progress on those holiday lists. Anyone else in the middle of a big Christmas project? Next on my list is a felted wool bowl.
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Knitting More Than a Sweater!

Okay, NOT a typical WFA entry, BUT I saw this and was fascinated! And it's a Sunday, and we normally don't blog on the weekends, so this is just a extra!

I am not a machine knitter...I need needles in my hands. But today Tim shared this video with me and the creativity blew me away. Oh, the things people can do with a handful of talent and lots of time! Enjoy!

An animated music video composed entirely of machine-knitted frames. The music is by the Montreal band Tricot Machine (which translates to ‘knitting machine’).

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