Bean Bag and Coaster Directions

Bean bags or coasters, this is a fun, quick and lovely project for gift giving or family use. It uses crocheting and felting. Once you get the hang of it, you can turn out several in an evening. Have fun and remember to save all your yarn scraps to make Felt Wool Marbles!

Small amounts of 100% felting yarn
Crochet Hook Size I/9-5.50MM
Yarn Needle
1/4 cup dried beans

Bean Bags and Coasters

Making these beanbags is a snap! As a novice crocheter I can attest to their ease of construction. This is not a “how to” crochet site so if this is your first attempt at crocheting, check out any of the wonderful books and websites that can talk you through getting started. This would make a first great project. (We have several of our favorites listed in Our Book List.) If you make two circles, fill them with beans, and blanket stitch them together you have lovely, colorful beanbags that fly through the house with the greatest of ease! Just ask Bug! Or, leave single and they make WONDERFUL coasters. If interested check out the pattern in our FREE patterns section.
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Crocheted Bean Bags

I found a little time this weekend to finish up the bean bag project I've been working on. (Also got in some time to muck with the gnome house and came up with totally cute gnome trick or treaters but I'll get to them later in the week!) Anyway, as I mentioned before I am a beginning crocheter. I was messing around with making circles, and decided if I made a couple, then blanket stitched them together, they would make great, although rather flat, bean bags. They turned out cute and the kids love them. They've been flying around all weekend. Thinking about quilting a tic-tac board for them. Later I was thinking if you didn't sew them together they'd make great coasters. Hmmm, that has Christmas gift written all over them! I will spend some time this week writing down the instructions for all you crocheters. Remember, novice crocheter here! If I can make these, anyone can!Read more

Dragon Scarf

Look at what I'm working on for my nephews for Christmas. Aren't they cute? These are actually the ones my mom made last year for my kiddos. She got the original kit from Morehouse Farm and we have made several since. I don't have a photo of mine atm (it isn't far enough along to be recognizable) but I will soon.

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Humbling Experience!

I generally see myself as a rather accomplished crafter. I pick up things quickly, and before you know it, I'm dinking around with patterns and projects, making them my own. So you can imagine my surprise...nah, my disbelief, when I picked up a BEGINNER'S GUIDE to thread crocheting and found not only didn't I grasp the craft immediately, I literally have yet to produce anything that even closely resembles what I set out to make! I thought I'd make a bit of lace to adorn something. How cool would it be to say, Yes, I made it...even the lace!? But, alas, instead of producing a light and airy work of art, I keep turning out objects that look more like tangled kite string! Well, I am stubborn, and I'm not ready to cry uncle yet, but this experience has certainly been humbling! If I ever manage to turn out something that resembles lace, I'll let you know. In the mean time, if anyone knows of a great book or website that does a good job of talking you through the process, please share!...Read more

Elf Hat

Pixie, our playful imp, modeling her new Elf Hat knit with Felici Self Striping Sock Yarn from using the pattern from Not Just Socks for Kids.Read more


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