Checkerboard Mittens and Scarf

When we made plans to take a trip to visit my son and his wife, I wanted a project that I could work on in the car, and one that wouldn't be too complicated. I designed this pattern to be attractive but also easy enough that I could knit in the car, while talking to others or watching movies. No complex cables, just a very easy to follow, very repeatable pattern. I think I accomplished both goals. I love the way they turned out... I've been wearing them about town already :) and these patterns are suitable for beginners/advanced beginners.

The directions for the scarf can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns.

The directions for the mitterns can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Enjoy!
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It's 90 Degrees in the Shade

I found myself humming Christmas songs yesterday while it was literally 90 degrees in the shade. I was camped out on the picnic table, watching the kids playing on the swings, until a sudden downpour sent up scrambling into the house. While I am not really ready for the fall and the onset of the holidays, frankly it has just recently started to feel like summer in these parts, my holiday crafting has begun.

Project number one is this beautiful Fishtail Scarf (pattern available free from Knitpicks) made from hand spun alpaca wool I received as a Christmas gift last year and since I have animal fiber allergies (so sad) I knew it had to be gifted. I think it turned out lovely and plan to make a few more scarves from this pattern.




One gift down.... oh... about twenty more to go.

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Rugs A Plenty!

Britta is a fan of rugs. She loves how rugs make her little house feel warmer and homey. So throughout the year Britta is busy crafting rugs. She likes to change them seasonally. Her house is now filled with yellows and greens, pinks and purples... the color of a summer meadow. Now you can make rugs just like hers. These "braided" rugs aren't braided at all, but rather crocheted with felting yarn. Make one, or be like Britta, and make many. The directions are included in our FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!

Please Note: I am not a seasoned crocheter. Although I love how the rugs turned out, I'm not sure my directions are written in "crocheter's lingo"! I do apologize in advance, and hope my feeble attempt at sharing this pattern makes sense. If anyone IS a true crocheter, and would be willing to look over my directions, I would gladly change terminology or directions to make them more clear. You can email me at or just post a comment in the directions. Otherwise, I'll keep my figures crossed and hope it all makes sense!
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