Nooks and Crannies ~ The Murphy Bed



"Nooks and Crannies" are special places in our homes and gardens that deserve mention. It is not a whole room, but rather a single element that adds to the overall charm or functionality of the space. Words may accompany photos or photos can speak for themselves.If you would like to share one of your "Nooks and Crannies", just link to it in the comments and others will be able to stop by and take a peek!

Although we are empty nesters, we still need to share our space with visiting children and grandchildren. My craft room needs to double as a guest room when the need arises. My totally brilliant and accommodating Timothy introduced me to the wonders of a Murphy Bed, then built one in my craft room. When guests are visiting, we pull the bed down. When they leave, we fold up the bed, return my table, and wah-lah, I have my craft room back. BTW... I am aware that I have not finished painting the door panels of the Murphy Bed... I've been aware of that for 6 years :) AND, before anyone asks... No, we did not trap little George in the bed! ...Read more

Mushroom Business Card Holder

Well, I got my pattern fixed for the Mushroom Business Card Holder. So, if you'd like to make your very own, TOTALLY cool, business card holder, the directions are good to go. Unfortunately, I spent the afternoon fixing the pattern and didn't get a chance to remake mine. But as soon as I finish this blog, I'm off to work on mine. Actually, Michelle put in a request for a red and white mushroom one, so I'll probably do that one first! The pattern for the Mushroom Business Card Holder can be found HERE or with the FREE Patterns. Enjoy! 
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Mushroom Business Card Holder

For a totally unique and fun business card holder, make our Mushroom! The mushroom cap is on the top flap and the stem remains on the lower portion. The finished size is approximately 2 3/4" x 3 3/4" and will hold standard sized business cards. Make one for yourself and several for gift giving.

Three Birdies Glass Case

When you're creative, nothing in your life needs to be boring. Here is a totally fun glass case that would be equally comfortable hanging out with an adult or child. Crafted from soft felt and flannel, adorable through and through, if you don't wear glasses, you're going to wish you did!

Twine Pencil Holders


Toilet paper rolls
Crafting glue
Yarn needle