Britta's Make-Over

Britta and I were chatting the other day, and she said she was ready for a make-over. We had tons of fun deciding on a new style, and then we both got busy stitching away. I think she looks lovely! Next week she'll model for many more photos and I'll include a tutorial. Just thought you might enjoy a little sneak peek! 


Flower Fairies in the Garden

It's spring... that means it's time to revisit our Flower Fairies. Welcome back Flower Fairies!

If Fairy Dust is sprinkled on a flower as the last dew of morning evaporates, something magical happens... a Flower Fairy is born! If you are lucky enough to have Flower Fairies in your garden, then you already know that all of your plants seem to grow a little lovelier and their blooms seem to last a little longer… as if by magic!
Now, you can bring that magic indoors by crafting your own Flower Fairies. Long known to be great friends with the gnomes and woodland creatures, your Flower Fairies will easily join in the merry making with the rest of your wee folk.

Additional photos, free pattern and the TUTORIAL can be found HERE.

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Wooden Flowers Made From Drawer Pulls

Has Spring sprung in your wee world? It has in The Thicket, and there are now all sorts of flowers and plants hither and yon. An easy way to add some flora to your wee world is to simply paint some wooden drawer pulls.

Begin with any flat based drawer pulls. Mine are 1 1/2" wide.

Paint the "stem" and the top green.

Paint simple flower shapes on the top. You can make them look realistic or whimsical. There is no "right" way. Children's paintings will look just as lovely as yours!

When they are dry, they are ready to be planted in your gnome/fairy forest!


Pattern for the Flower Fairies can be found HERE.

Pattern for the Gnome Bunk Beds can be found HERE.

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Photos: 3-20-14, 3-20-14



Gnome Bunk Beds

Here is the tutorial, as promised, for our Gnome Bunk Beds. To read the story "Britta's Dilemma :: A Gnome Thicket Adventure", just click HERE!

1" x 6" x 12" wood - I used pine
two branches - 1" x 8"
2 pieces 3/8" x 1" dowel rod
wood or crafting glue
fabric scraps
beeswax wood polish
pattern found HERE

scroll saw (preferable) or hand saw
sander or sand paper
sewing needle
blunt yarn needle


Begin by "ripping" 3 pieces of fabric for the hammocks. For directions on how to rip fabric, check out our blog on Rip and Tear Napkins found HERE. Rip 3 pieces that are 5" x 7". Note, you can cut fabric, but if you do, make sure you follow the grain line so you can "fray" the fabric. You will want to create a fringe. If you need help straightening the grain of your fabric, check out our post on Straighten the Grain of your Fabric found HERE.

Remove enough threads on the 7" sides of the fabric pieces to create a 1/2" fringe. DO NOT fringe the two short sides.

Turn under to the wrong side of the fabric the 2 short edges 1/2". Finger press. (Simply means to run your finger over the fold several times to set a crease.) Using a running stitch, sew the raw edge to the fabric, creating a casing along the fold.

Optional: I hand washed the fabric and dried them in the dryer. I wanted to remove the sizing and soften the fabric.

Make a copy of the pattern. Trace the pattern on the wood. Lightly mark to the two circles for branch placement. Note: I like to cover my patterns with clear contact paper or wide packing tape before I cut them out to make the pattern sturdy. This makes it easier to trace on the wood and it can be reused.

Cut out the base and sand the edges. (Note: If you do not have a scroll saw, you can simply use a rectangle for the base. It will still be lovely!)

Cut your two branches. Make sure you make nice smooth cuts and that the cuts are perpendicular to the height of the branch. This will ensure that it sits firmly and even on the base.

Using a drill and a 3/8" drill bit, drill holes in the center of the bottom of the 2 branches and in the center of the 2 branch placement circles. Make each hole slightly more than 1/2" deep.

Glue the dowel rods into the hole of the branches.

Drill holes in the branches to thread the twine through. Select a drill bit that will make the holes slightly bigger than the eye of your blunt yarn needle. From the bottom of the branch, drill holes at 2", 4 1/2" and 7". Make sure your holes are in a straight line and go all the way through. 

Glue the branches to the base. IMPORTANT: Make sure you position the holes so the holes face the center of the base.

When the glue has dried, use a beeswax wood polish on the wood. Note: To keep all wood toys "healthy", periodically, apply another coat of the wood polish.

Cut 6 pieces of twine 18" long. Thread with a blunt yarn needle.

Thread one piece of twine through each of the casings you sewed.

Center the 2 ends of the twine and pull, gathering the casings.

Using a square knot (right over left, left over right) tie off the 2 ends of the hammocks. Arrange the hammock so the right side of the fabric is showing. The fringed edges should hang over the sides.

NOTE: You will notice that the glue on my base is not dry yet. That is me being impatient and trying to get the tutorial done. DO NOT do this part until the glue is thoroughly dried or you risk pulling the branches out of the base!)

Thread one strand of the twine through the yarn needle.

Going from the center of the branch to the outside of the branch, bring the needle and the twine through the branch.

Do the same with the second piece of twine. One side of the hammock is now attached to the branch. Do the same with the other side, making sure the hammock remains top side up and that you thread the twine through the same positioned hole on the other branch.

Do the same with all 3 hammocks.

To tie the hammocks to the branches, make sure each hammock is centered between the branches. Then, separating the 2 pieces of twine in a hole, bring the twine to the center of the base, cross the twine, then bring them back around to the outside of the branch.

Tie off the twine. Note: you have 2 choices. First, you can knot the twine if you want the hammocks to be permanent. Britta and I like to have the options to seasonally change things in our house, so I tied mine in bows, so I can untie them and put up different hammocks in the future.

So, there you have it... a set of bunk beds ready for visiting gnomes and fairies!


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Photos: 3-10,11,12-14

Britta's Dilemma :: A Gnome Thicket Adventure


When Axel entered the house and said, "Now, don't go getting yourself all worked up, but we have a wee bit of a problem." Britta's heart skipped a beat. Nothing ever bothered easy going Axel, so if HE thought there was a problem, no doubt it was serious.

Britta just turned and looked at Axel as he continued. "Of course you know we are having our Spring Equinox Celebration in a week, and there will be family and friends coming from all over the county."

Britta could only nod slightly as Axel continued. "Well, the spring thaw was wicked heavy this year, and the rushing waters took out the footbridge over Burble Creek."

Hearing those words, Britta's heart sank. Without the footbridge, most of the guests would be unable to attend the celebration. Everyone had been working so hard getting The Thicket ready for the big day. They were all going to be so disappointed!

"Oh, Dear', were the only words Britta could mutter.

"Well, I told you not to get yourself all worked up, Lass. As it happens, I already rounded up several of the boys in the area, and they will be here in two days, and we will be able to get the footbridge done in plenty of time."

As soon as Britta heard that, she immediately said, "But, Axel, where will they all sleep?"

"Not to worry, love, the boys won't mind sleeping on the ground around the campfire."

"Oh, but I mind!" Britta cried. "The ground is so wet from the thaw, they will be soaked and surely catch cold. I have to come up with a plan."

Axel just chuckled. "I'm not sure what you would do, Britta, if you weren't fretting about something. I'm sure, if you put your mind to it, you'll come up with something brilliant!"

And Britta DID come up with something brilliant. In two days several men joined Axel in The Thicket, and together they made short work of rebuilding the footbridge. Britta kept their tummy's well filled, and provided for them very comfy and dry sleeping arrangements.


Visit us here next week on Wee Folk Art for the patterns and tutorial so your gnomes can make their own triple-decker bunkbeds!


Copyright © Wee Folk Art, LLC 2008-2014. All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce our text, images or patterns without prior written consent. Please contact us with any questions.

Photos: 3-10,11,12-14


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