Doll Purse A.K.A Cell Phone Holder






Okay... The other day I got this incredibly beautiful cell phone. It's so pretty. It's purple and has these cute little flowers on it! (I swear that's not the only reason I bought it!) But I am so excited. Finally, a keyboard for texting (God help my children) and GPS. And, the mother of all delights... internet! Yeah, yeah, yeah, it also plays music, BUT, to have unlimited internet access... no matter where I am... euphoric!

The only draw back with the LG Lotus, and I really don't consider it a draw back because it's as cute as a bug's ear, is its odd shape. It looks more like a square compact than a phone. Because of that, none of the standard holders... hold it. Hey, not a problem, right? I have a cupboard full of felt. I'll throw something together, and it did. And I must say, it's every bit as cut as my phone. Attach a carabiner and whalah... off ya go. Dangle it from a belt loop, hang it off your back pack, or attach it to just about...Read more

Felt Fried Eggs and Bacon Directions

          white felt
          yellow felt
          embroidery floss
          brown felt
          beige felt
          6 1/2" pipe cleaner
          embroidery floss


Felt Fried Eggs and Bacon

It's egg week. Next up... Fried Eggs and Bacon. What could be more fun than some yummy eggs and bacon in your child's play kitchen? (Well, maybe toast and jam, but that will be featured in another blog.) These are easy to make and fast. I'm talking nap time fast! To make play more fun, make a Felted Egg in white or brown, and "stuff" the fried egg inside. Then, children can "crack" the egg open, and fry it up in a pan! This pattern is available in the FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!  
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Felted Eggs


This week I have a few "eggstravagant" crafts to share that can be tucked in an Easter basket or added to the play kitchen. We'll begin with a felted egg. Basically, wrap roving around a form, add warm water, soap and agitation and tah dah, you've got yourself a felted egg. More detailed directions can be found in our FREE Open Patterns. I used a plastic egg to make one egg, but since I wanted to make a few, and I only had one plastic egg, I used real eggs. Fortunately, I buy organic eggs that are tough shelled, and they worked great. After I finished felting the egg and rinsing it, I was concerned about leaving them unrefrigerated to dry. So... I popped them in cold water, and boiled them for twenty minutes, and I had hard boiled eggs. Later in the day, when the eggs were dried, I had my felted eggs and a delicious egg salad sandwich!

The directions for The Felted Eggs has suggestions for other uses for the eggs including stuffing them with various prizes, or stuffing them with additional roving, and sewing...Read more

Felted Eggs Directions

Wool roving - I used Alpaca wool roving
Form – real, plastic, styroform, or wooden eggs
Dish soap
Agitator – wash board, sushi mat, or griddle (optional)