Flower Fairies

Britta awoke to the smell of hyacinths and daffodils. That could only mean one thing. Spring had finally come to The Thicket and the Flower Fairies had returned!

Whether you have a gnome house or just a little nook and cranny that Flower Fairies would like to inhabit, these little sweeties are a welcome addition to any home. The mother flower fairy, along with her little bud, will bring a smile to the faces of the wee ones in your life. 

The directions and patterns are available in our FREE Open Patterns. Start by making the flower fairies with the patterns provide, then get crazy and with little tweeking and alterations, the flower fairies can become as unique as the flowers in your own garden. Because this is such a quick, easy project, it won't be long til you have a bouquet of Flower Fairy Friends. Enjoy!  

Spring Gnome House

I've finished decorating the gnome house for spring. Below you can see the projects that we will be sharing. We will take you through the whole process including treating the wood and putting up decorations. There will be patterns for the felt flower garland on the bridge, spring sleeping bags, crocheted braided rugs, striped quilt, Britta's fabric stash, needle felted gnome babies, the flower petal rug, the flower banner, and of course, the Flower Fairies. Tomorrow, I will put up the pattern for the Flower Fairies. What, you don't have a gnome home? No problem. Most of these projects can be used with any dollhouse or simply made for your child's favorite nook and cranny. So, plan to join us in making one project or all of them!

Where are the fairies?

There are 6 flower fairies frolicking among the flowers. Can you find them? Spring has hit the Thicket and the flower fairies have returned! Britta has been busy getting the house ready for the warmer months ahead.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing various projects for the Gnome House. Although we are making them for our Gnome Home, many of them can be made for any doll house or simply free play. There will be directions for the flower carpet, flower fairies, a spring quilt, a flower banner, a felt flower garland, braided rugs, and much more. Check back often and watch as the Gnome House comes alive with the best of Spring!

Doll Purse A.K.A. Cell Phone Holder

Please note: This cell phone holder was made for the LG Lotus. IT WILL NOT FIT MOST PHONES! I've included the directions because my grandbabies turned it into a doll's purse, which will fit any doll :)

CAUTION: It you are making this as a doll's purse for children under three years of age do not use a button since it can be a choke hazard. Instead, use snaps or velcro to close the purse and make a felt flower to blanket stitch on.


Color A: felt for lining
Color B: felt for outside
Color C: felt for leaves and strap
1” button
5/8” button
Embroidery thread

1] Copy pattern and cut out felt pieces as follows:
Color A: 1 front, 1 back
Color B: 1 front, 1 back
Color C: 2 leaves, 1 strap

2] Place lining back on outside back. Transfer running stitch line to outside. Pin along line. Using a running stitch and 3 strands of floss sew outside to lining.


3] Place outside front on lining front. Pin in place and blanket stitch across upper straight edge using 3 strands of floss.

4] Place the front on top of the back with linings together lining up bottom and sides. Pin in place. Blanket stitch front to back using 3 strands of floss. Go all the way around the whole outside edge. This will attach the front to the back and sew the remaining back outside to the back lining. (At the bottom you will be going through 4 layers of felt. Make sure your needle goes straight down through the material to keep your stitches even on the back. Make sure your stitches are firm but not tight enough to start puckering the material. Also, it’s a good idea to reinforce the last blanket stitch on either side where the front edges attach to the back. (See pattern.) This is a stress point when placing things in the pouch and the reinforced stitch will help keep it together.

5] Using the pattern for placement and sharp scissors, cut a 1” slit (or the size of your largest button) for the button hole. You will be cutting through the outside and the lining together.

6] Using small and close blanket stitches, stitch around the entire button hole, including 1 stitch at the ends of the hole. Make sure your needle goes straight down through both layers of material so the button hole looks the same on the lining and outside sides.

7] Using the pattern as a guide, pin leaves around the button hole. Use 3 strands of floss to blanket stitch the leaves in place. (Note: Be careful not to sew the pouch together on the inside while adding the leaves.)

8] Mark button placement. Sew buttons on together with the smaller button on top of the larger button. It is a good idea to sew the button on using a shank. Check out the directions for making a shank here.

9] To make the handle overlap the 2 ends of the handle into a ring, being careful not to twist the fabric, and using 3 strands of floss blanket stitch the ends together.

10] Fold the handle in thirds with the outer edge running down the center of the handle. Pin. Whip stitch the edge closed.

11] Using 3 strands of floss, sew a running stitch around the entire loop.

12] Using the pattern as a guide, position the handle on the purse. The handle’s seam should be centered inside the purse. Make sure the whipped stitched side of the handle is against the purse.

13] Using 3 strands of floss, whip stitch or blind stitch the handle to the purse on either side of the handle.

Now you can decide if this is meant for a cell phone or as a doll's purse!


 Note about patterns: We are sharing patterns we have designed and made for our own children, families and friends. Every effort is made to share information in a clear and accurate manner. We offer preemptive apologies for any mistakes that may be made. Please let us know via comments or emails if you stumble upon a mistake or if you encounter directions that leave your scratching your head! We will rectify the situation as soon as humanly possible!

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Doll Purse A.K.A Cell Phone Holder


Okay... The other day I got this incredibly beautiful cell phone. It's so pretty. It's purple and has these cute little flowers on it! (I swear that's not the only reason I bought it!) But I am so excited. Finally, a keyboard for texting (God help my children) and GPS. And, the mother of all delights... internet! Yeah, yeah, yeah, it also plays music, BUT, to have unlimited internet access... no matter where I am... euphoric!

The only draw back with the LG Lotus, and I really don't consider it a draw back because it's as cute as a bug's ear, is its odd shape. It looks more like a square compact than a phone. Because of that, none of the standard holders... hold it. Hey, not a problem, right? I have a cupboard full of felt. I'll throw something together, and it did. And I must say, it's every bit as cut as my phone. Attach a carabiner and whalah... off ya go. Dangle it from a belt loop, hang it off your back pack, or attach it to just about anything.

One small problem... Pixie came in the house, saw it, said, "Oh, pretty", and promptly gave it to her dolly as a purse. Guess what guys? I lost my cute cell phone holder and it became a doll purse! I can live with that. Hey, I'm all about multifunctional items! But since I won't be getting this one back, I'll be making a new one for myself this week.


I didn't plan on sharing this pattern since it is so tailored to the LG Lotus, BUT as it turns out... I guess I made a doll purse which just so happens can be used as a Lotus holder!  I hope you find a use for it. I do know the little "dolls" in your life, will thank you!  You can find the pattern here in the FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!

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