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The Gangs All Here!

Just letting everyone know Michelle and I will be "off" this weekend. All 5 of our children will be home, and there will be much merriment ensuing! Adam, from South Carolina, flew in last night, Drew and his wife Meghan will be driving in today, and our youngest, Mike, and his new girlfriend, Katie, who we'll be meeting for the first time (and we can't wait... Fairy wanted to know what she likes to play and if she has pierced ears? What more do you need to know about someone, right?) will be in tomorrow. We'll be having a big picnic here on Sunday with other family members joining us. (I will point out... instead of cleaning this week like I should have, I was busy crafting... not a surprise to my children, that grew up with a mom easily distracted by creative pursuits!) Anyway... we are looking forward to frolicking fun, and hope your families have an equally enjoyable and safe holiday weekend, and we'll be back on Tuesday.Read more

Wee Folk Activities

Most of you know that Michelle home schools her three children. Bug is 6, Fairy is 4 and Pixie is 2. She's had a very lovely blog over at Natures Way Learning where she shared curriculum ideas, activities and other family happenings. We have decided to more closely link Wee Folk Art with her site, and because of that, she's done a complete revamp of her site, and has even changed its name to Wee Folk Activities. Although she will still discuss curriculum from time to time, the focus will be the activities the children are directly involved in. Whereas Wee Folk Art's crafts are mostly geared to parents, Wee Folk Activities will focus on child created crafts and experiences. A perfect example is The Harvest Quilt she blogged about yesterday. I won't take the time here to tell you about the quilt, but rather send you over to her site! You'll notice a similar feel between the sites, but it is still uniquely hers.

We will often go back and forth between the blogs, hoping to make Wee Folk a truly family experience. So, head on over to...Read more

New Wee Folk Art Buttons...

For all of you sweethearts out there that link to our site, first off, we say thanks! In Blogdom, word of mouth is the "bestest" way for us to share our FREE Patterns with so many. Next, Michelle has just created two new buttons if you would like to include our button link on your site. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They totally have the feel of our blog's new layout, and I'm excited that we can now share them with you. The "old" buttons are still available if you prefer them, but we now have two "official" Wee Folk Art buttons showcasing our gnome and the the mushroom. Hope you love the new buttons as much as I do. (Aren't they adorable?)
 Read more


Our flickr link has been down for the past few weeks, but it's up again, and we are delighted to see someone posted a pic of an adorable flower fairy they made using one of our patterns. It is always so much much for us when our readers share Wee Folk Art Crafts. Hey, we get a chance to show off our stuff all the time. This is your chance to share crafts that you made using Wee Folk Art Patterns. So, please, share. We know you're out there crafting your little hearts out. Post your pics in our Wee Folk Art Crafting Club Group Pool. You know you want to... well, at least WE want you to! Thanks!Read more

Happy Mother's Day from Our Family to Yours!

Fairy, Michelle, Pixie and Bug

Kimara, Michelle, Fairy and Pixie... the girls!Read more

Changes in Crafting Club

When Michelle and I first started Wee Folk Art, we planned to offer a monthly pattern that would only be available for registered users. At he time the benefits of being a registered user were access to patterns that the casual reader did not get, the ability to post comments, and the ability to include a link to your blog in your signature. Over the last few months, our direction has changed. We are allowing everyone to comment, and we aren't featuring special monthly patterns!

So... there will no longer be separate Crafting Club Patterns. All patterns will be available to everyone, and you will not need to register. We will continue to allow registration. If you'd like to include your blog in your signature or just stay logged in making commenting easier, please do. We are also hoping you will continue to share our website with your readers through a text link or include our "oh so cute" buttons on your site.

If you discover a snafu while we are making this transition, please let us know. Otherwise, everything else is the same.Read more


Welcome to Wee Folk Art

At Wee Folk Art we combine our love of Wee Folk with our love of Folk Art, creating designs that are uniquely Wee Folk Art! We are a mother/daughter team who share mutual love of crafting and the gentle art of homemaking. Craft along with us or join in our homeschooling adventures!

Thanks for stopping by! To learn more about us at Wee Folk Art, visit our FAQ page.

~ Kimara & Michelle

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