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New Wee Folk Art Buttons...

For all of you sweethearts out there that link to our site, first off, we say thanks! In Blogdom, word of mouth is the "bestest" way for us to share our FREE Patterns with so many. Next, Michelle has just created two new buttons if you would like to include our button link on your site. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They totally have the feel of our blog's new layout, and I'm excited that we can now share them with you. The "old" buttons are still available if you prefer them, but we now have two "official" Wee Folk Art buttons showcasing our gnome and the the mushroom. Hope you love the new buttons as much as I do. (Aren't they adorable?)


Our flickr link has been down for the past few weeks, but it's up again, and we are delighted to see someone posted a pic of an adorable flower fairy they made using one of our patterns. It is always so much much for us when our readers share Wee Folk Art Crafts. Hey, we get a chance to show off our stuff all the time. This is your chance to share crafts that you made using Wee Folk Art Patterns. So, please, share. We know you're out there crafting your little hearts out. Post your pics in our Wee Folk Art Crafting Club Group Pool. You know you want to... well, at least WE want you to! Thanks!

Happy Mother's Day from Our Family to Yours!

Fairy, Michelle, Pixie and Bug

Kimara, Michelle, Fairy and Pixie... the girls!

Changes in Crafting Club

When Michelle and I first started Wee Folk Art, we planned to offer a monthly pattern that would only be available for registered users. At he time the benefits of being a registered user were access to patterns that the casual reader did not get, the ability to post comments, and the ability to include a link to your blog in your signature. Over the last few months, our direction has changed. We are allowing everyone to comment, and we aren't featuring special monthly patterns!

So... there will no longer be separate Crafting Club Patterns. All patterns will be available to everyone, and you will not need to register. We will continue to allow registration. If you'd like to include your blog in your signature or just stay logged in making commenting easier, please do. We are also hoping you will continue to share our website with your readers through a text link or include our "oh so cute" buttons on your site.

If you discover a snafu while we are making this transition, please let us know. Otherwise, everything else is the same.

Making "Gum Wrapper Chains" with Recycled Gift Wrap

For a Christmas stocking stuffer I had bought Tim and the kids an old fashioned Wrigley's Gum tin stuffed with Juicy Fruit, Double Mint, and Spearmint gum. We finally opened a pack yesterday (okay, we don't chew a lot of gum around here!) and I was disappointed when I noticed there was no outer wrapper around the gum, just the foil inner wrapper. When I was a little girl I use to make gum wrapper chains all the time. Not only did I save wrappers, but had everyone else I knew save their wrappers for me. I can remember how excited I was when my chain was finally as tall as I was. Then, I can remember working on it and getting it so long it crossed a wall in my room. My plan was to circle my room. Never made it that far, but long before computers and dvds could distract us during inside play time, gum wrapper chains were a fun way to pass some time. We also fashioned necklaces, bracelets and rings out of the wrappers.

I have been told that you can still buy some gum that has wrappers, but most do not. I've also been told you can use Starburst wrappers to make the chains, but we never buy that either. All I know is that I want to make sure my grandchildren learn how to make gum wrapper chains! Well, as it so happens, today is my birthday, and yesterday at Sunday dinner, I was given a few wrapped gifts. Eureka! I'm always looking for ways to reuse things, and here I had this lovely pile of colorful paper that is destined for a landfill if I don't do something with it, so with a quick Google search, I discovered the size of the standard gum wrapper, cut in half lengthwise (which you needed to do to make a chain) was 1" x 2 3/4". Off I went to grab our paper cutter, and before you knew it, we had a pile of faux gum wrappers ready to be made into chains!

So, in honor of Earth Day this Wednesday, here is a chance to do a little nostalgic crafting along with some re-purposing and recycling! "How to" make a gum wrapper chain is included in our FREE Open Patterns, but be warned... it is addictive! Michelle and I have some ideas of some different kinds of things to do with the chain which we'll share when our chain gets some length! Enjoy!


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