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Making Gum Wrapper Chains with Used Gift Wrap

Making gum wrapper chains was and great way to spend a rainy or snowy afternoon. Although you might not have gum wrappers available, no problem! We used recycled gift wrap to make this chain. We have some ideas of what to do with this besides just making a long chain. (The longest one on record used 1,000,000 gum wrapper pieces. Yikes!)  Anyway, a very nostalgic craft that most children 6 and up can do. Once we get some length, we'll share some crafts to do with your chains. Happy chaining!

1] Cut used gift wrap into 1” x 2 3/4” pieces.

2] Fold piece in half lengthwise.

3] Open and fold either side into the center line you just created. The folded piece should measure approximately 1/4" x 2 3/4".

4] Fold in half along the length.

5] Open and fold either side into the center line you just created. You have just made 1 link.
Note: You have now created a “V”. 4 folds are visible on the front side of the “V” and 8 folds are visible on the wrong side of the “V”.

6] Make another link.

7] To join links slide your 2nd link through the 1st link through the 1st link’s front side, and with the wrong side of the 2nd link showing. Pull the 2nd link through the 1st link.

8] Make another link. Repeat the 7th step sliding your 3rd link through the 2nd link through the 2nd link’s front side, and with the wrong side of the 3rd link showing.

9] Continue in this manner making the zigzag chain as long as you like.

Note about patterns: We are sharing patterns we have designed and made for our own children, families and friends. Every effort is made to share information in a clear and accurate manner. We offer preemptive apologies for any mistakes that may be made. Please let us know via comments or emails if you stumble upon a mistake or if you encounter directions that leave your scratching your head! We will rectify the situation as soon as humanly possible!

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Happy Easter

Wishing you and your families a Blessed and Beautiful Easter!

Michelle and Kimara

One Generation to Another

For the past couple of months, I have been on a hiatus from my other blog, One Generation To Another. I know I have a lot of readers here at Wee Folk Art that often visited One Gen. I just wanted to let those readers know that One Gen is up and running again! So, if you were a reader, come on back. If you've never made your way over, I'd love to have you!                                    

Holiday Break


Like most of you, the next couple of weeks are going to be very busy! Starting, gulp, day after tomorrow, our home will be swarming with out-of-town guests, and the celebrating will begin. Although I couldn't be happier, I do feel like a deer in headlights. Rather stunned. Where did all the time go? I had months to finish every thing, now I'm down to days. Fortunately, I have all my projects done except the afghan for my son and daughter-in-law, but I'm not throwing in the towel yet!

In order to really enjoy the holidays, Michelle and I are taking the next 2 weeks off. We will check comments and emails so we can answer questions, but we will not have any new blog entries. While we are off, we hope you still make use of our site, if time permits! 

What do we have planned for the New Year? Plenty! To begin with, I've promised the pattern and directions for the Hobby Horses...that will be one of my first projects. I have been hankering to make some door stops. There are ideas for a few different kind playing gentle on my mind. You can expect to see them surfacing in January. Also, we have this lovely little button in the right column that says Crafting Glossary. Click on it and...NOTHING happens! High on my list of to-dos is to get a helpful glossary going. Because I want to work on the glossary, I decided to create some type of Glossary Project that will display all the stitches I wish to add. I haven't totally decided on the "how" or "what" yet, but it will be a great way to expand your embroidery skills.

Because many of our projects are done with felt, as will the Glossary Project, we've contacted the very sweet ladies at Prairie Point Junction. This is the shop Michelle and I use for all of our felt. They have generously agreed to offer a special discount for our Crafting Club Members. When we return in January, we will post their coupon, and give you a material list for several of our up and coming projects. This is not a money making event for Michelle and I, just an opportunity to get a discount on the materials we buy anyway! So, if you get a chance, go check out Prairie Point Junction. And, if you're like me, you'll put together a wish list!

Michelle and I want to wish everyone a happy, safe and blessed Holiday. As we are sitting around Michelle's roaring fire (pictured above) sipping our Holiday wassail, we will lift our glasses in a toast to you and offer up a prayer for you and yours!


Some serious issues...

Sigh... we have been trying to work with our new blog theme but are finding some inherent errors in the programing. So LOL - we will be changing things up yet again. Once we find the right fit I swear we will stop re-designing every other week (trust me - I'd rather be crafting than programming!!!). In the meantime, feel free to browse the site amongst a bit of chaos!

UPDATE - By George I think we got it! Tim spend a few minutes muddling with the coding for us and whala... he found the major glitch. We have since been busy trying to correct any formatting issues but please let us know if you find something really wonky. I know that some of the numbering is doubled in some of the directions... but as far as I can tell everything is usable and laid out so much more user friendly than a few days ago (all that crazy text wrapping).

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