Under the Bed

All those left over topics that don't seem to match anywhere else... like that lost sock under the bed.

What is this?

Anyone want to guess what this is? Perhaps the inside of my wastebasket? Or the floor after I've finished a project? (Uh, no it isn't BUT this IS what my floor looks like after I've finished a project! Why aim for the wastebasket when the floor is so much more convenient?) Anyway, what you're looking at here is an honest to goodness compulsive behavior!

I'm constantly working with felt, and that means I create a ton of felt scraps. Sure, it would be easy to pitch a few little scraps here and there; some might even argue sane, but I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe it's the exschool teacher in me that learned most things have value to a creative mind, or my Polish ancestry that has a tendency to save everything "for a rainy day", but I see diamonds in this colorful heap. Somewhere, in the back of mind, behind this week's obligations, daily errands, and other interactions with humanity, I have an idea forming to turn these scraps into a work of art. The actual usage hasn't made itself known to me yet, but I'm sure one day while showering or waiting for a traffic light to change, or chatting with Tim, a scathingly brilliant idea will surface, I'll have an Eureka moment, and I'll know exactly what to do with them!

Right now I'm thinking a mosaic of sorts, made with pieces of fabric that others would deem worthless. When the final idea surfaces, I'll be ready to go with a virtual cornucopia of sizes, shapes and colors of felt at my disposal. So, for those of you that play with felt, if you're so inclined, tuck away your scraps. One day I'll have a pattern to share that is going to use that box of felt scraps I've been compulsively hording. And when I do, won't you be glad you started squirreling away your own stash?

BTW...I think I would be remiss not to tell you that my closet is also full of scraps of flannel and cotton, trims and buttons, tiny yarn balls and dissected silk flowers. A virtual trove of potential, each awaiting a moment of inspiration!      

Evolving Blog

Michelle and I have a tendency to view inadament objects, like our homes, as living, breathing, organic entities that must continuously evolve or face extinction. It's not surprising that we'd treat our blog in the same manner. And that should explain why the look of our blog is changing yet again!

Michelle is the graphic and computer guru. She does the work, and I sit on the other end of the phone listening to her say, "Okay, refresh again. Which do you like better?" And I dutifully refresh the page, and try to discern the minute nuances that are at times barely perceptible to me, but I know her eye for detail will eventually result in a lovely and comfortable blog that I happily call home!

So, please be patient with us again. There are still some issues with photo size and text wrapping. There also seems to be some discrepancy in text size. This is all an enigma to me, but to Michelle it is an enthralling puzzle that she enjoys solving! So, we'll let her have her fun, knowing full well that the end result will be delightful.

There is another good thing to come of all this. The signatures now work, so any registered member is welcomed, nay, encouraged, to include their website or blog in their signature. Then, every time you post a comment, your blog address will show up and other members will be able to drop by and say hi. So if you're a registered member and would like to share your web address or blog, and haven't done so already, just pop into your account and include your URL, and post comments.

So, forgive the mess and please leave a comment on this posting if you discover some funky behavior. Thanks! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle and I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Like many, we will be busy all weekend with friends and family. We hope everyone has a lovely and safe holiday and we'll see everyone back on Monday. In the meantime, feel free to look around, and don't forget to enter the Holiday Gnome Give Away Contest. The contest ends on Sunday, and we will annouce the winner on Monday. Good luck to all!

Personal Invite!

If you have never checked out our other blogs, please join us!

Michelle writes an incredible blog that documents her family's homeschooling experiences. Even if you aren't homeschooling, you'll find many ideas for crafts to do with your family, a wonderful, well researched book list, and lots and lots of pics of absolutely the most adorable children on the planet. (Hmmm, no, I'm not the least bit biased.) Natures Way Learning. 

My blog is about...well, anything I feel like writing about that week. I post a new blog each Tuesday morning and talk about parenting, grandparenting, cooking, decorating, and whatever else speaks to me that week! It is written in a light hearted fashion and encourages your comments! One Generation To Another.

If you haven't done so already, wander by, and say hi! 

Problem with Comments

Just a quick post here... we realized this morning that we were having some issues with comments not being saved. If you registered for our Holiday Gnome Contest, please double check and make sure your comment did in fact get posted. Sorry for the inconvenience... we are still working some of the bugs out of our site.

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