Gnome Bunk Beds


Here is the tutorial, as promised, for our Gnome Bunk Beds. To read the story "Britta's Dilemma :: A Gnome Thicket Adventure", just click HERE!

1" x 6" x 12" wood - I used pine
two branches - 1" x 8"
2 pieces 3/8" x 1" dowel rod
wood or crafting glue
fabric scraps
beeswax wood polish
pattern found HERE

scroll saw (preferable) or hand saw
sander or sand paper
sewing needle
blunt yarn needle



Begin by "ripping" 3 pieces of fabric for the hammocks. For directions on how to rip fabric, check out our blog on Rip and Tear Napkins found HERE. Rip 3 pieces that are 5" x 7". Note, you can cut fabric, but if you do, make sure you follow the grain line so you can "fray" the fabric. You will want to create a fringe. If you need help straightening the grain of your fabric, check out our post on Straighten the Grain of your Fabric found HERE.

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Britta's Dilemma :: A Gnome Thicket Adventure


When Axel entered the house and said, "Now, don't go getting yourself all worked up, but we have a wee bit of a problem." Britta's heart skipped a beat. Nothing ever bothered easy going Axel, so if HE thought there was a problem, no doubt it was serious.

Britta just turned and looked at Axel as he continued. "Of course you know we are having our Spring Equinox Celebration in a week, and there will be family and friends coming from all over the county."

Britta could only nod slightly as Axel continued. "Well, the spring thaw was wicked heavy this year, and the rushing waters took out the footbridge over Burble Creek."

Hearing those words, Britta's heart sank. Without the footbridge, most of the guests would be unable to attend the celebration. Everyone had been working so hard getting The Thicket ready for the big day. They were all going to be so disappointed!

"Oh, Dear', were the only words Britta could mutter.

"Well, I told you not to get yourself all...Read more

New Gnomes in the Thicket

Although your average woodland gnome has a life expectancy of hundreds of years, that's not always the case for friends that dwell in our gnome house. Although many of them live to a ripe old age, sadly, some have been carried off by beasties, sometimes known as puppies, others have mysteriously disappeared, only to be found later by mommies when going through the pockets of wee ones that have come to visit, and, occasionally, they go off on their own journeys, perhaps to other rooms in the house, and sometimes they are even discovered in the mailbox in our fairy forest! When these wandering gnomes do return, they are always ready to share tales of their adventures! But the sad truth is... occasionally we do lose a gnome of two or three. ((heavy sign))

From time to time we invite more gnomes to join us in The Thicket. Here are a couple of new gnome friends that now reside with us. It looks like they are dressed in their finest... perhaps for a spring wedding!

To make your own Wedding Guest Gnomes, follow the general directions for making gnomes which can be found HERE.

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Wee Placemats, Napkins and Dishes

The Little Lady has a kitchen set, but didn't have "company" dishes and placemats, so that's what I made her for Christmas! I bought her 2 sets of the beautiful wooden dishes, which includes a plate, bowl, fork, knife and spoon, and made her 4 napkins and placemats. They were quick to make and will make any meal in her kitchen special!

PLACEMATS - 14" x 10"

Cutting directions for each placemat:
1 center - 12" x 8"
1 back - 15" x 11"
2 side borders* - 2 1/2" x 8"
2 top/bottom borders* - 2 1/2" x 15"

*When cutting borders, I general just cut long strips, then cut each slightly wider than what I'm sewing it to, and trim the borders after they are sewn on. It makes cutting and sewing faster.

Use 1/2" seam allowances and iron seams open

Sew the two side borders to the center.

Trim borders if necessary.

Iron seams open.

Sew on top and bottom borders, iron...Read more

The King and Queen of the Gnomedom

Like much of the world, I anxiously awaited the arrival of Britain's newest member to the royal family. The news of the birth of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge was a delightful change from the often heart-breaking news that usually fills our screens. What joy to celebrate the birth of a healthy wee one. My heartfelt congratulations goes out to the proud parents and nation!

What many people don't know, however, is that the gnome world is also governed by a monarchy. Amongst the wee folk of forest and city across the lands, kings and queens look after their realms with concern and compassion. They often go out amongst the people, taking a great deal of pleasure in knowing their subjects. They are not above sharing simple meals or sitting around an open campfire at night, sharing tales of days gone by.

Our gnomes that live in The Thicket are often visited by their king and queen. It is always cause for celebration with much eating, game playing and merriment, and it is with a tearful eye that the gnomes bid them farewell at the end of each visit.

Soon, we will be sharing the pattern so you can...Read more

Knight and Squire Tutorial - Part 3 - Squire

Whether there is a dragon that needs taming or a kingdom that needs protecting, you’ll surely want a knight, or better yet, several, to keep the lands safe. And, it’s very important to have a supply of squires, willing and eager to learn the skills necessary to become a knight.

This tutorial has 3 parts:
Part 1 - Getting Started
Part 2 - Crafting the Knight
Part 3 - Crafting the Squire (below)
A NOTE ABOUT MATERIALS: Since we closed our shop, I have many people ask for my current suppliers. I usually send people to A Child's Dream. Debbie has a wonderful online shop (and an actual brick and mortar, too) that has most of the crafting supplies I need for children's toys. For this project you can find wonderful 100% Wool Felt and the Rope Dolls to make your Knight and Squire. AND, if you buy materials from there (any items and any amount) through April 21, 2013, A Child's Dream will take 10% off your entire order. Simply use the coupon code WEEFOLK at check out! Awesome, right? For more info, check out my previous blog about supplies ...Read more


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