Knitted in the Round 12" Baby Doll - Part 2 - Adding Hair and Face

Part 1 - Knitted in the Round Doll can be found HERE.

Hair, like the face itself, is how you personalize the doll. I chose to use a thick, natural organic yarn, but pick yarns and colors that suit your fancy. Also, I chose a very simple face, with little crescents suggesting eyes and mouth, but if you prefer a more detailed face, or chose to add no facial features at all, it as all a matter of choice. No matter how you decide to personalize your doll, here are the general instructions for adding the hair and facial features.

yarn - you can make it all one color or any combination. You can use a chunky yarn like I did (Lion's Organic Cotton) or use 2 strands of a thinner yarn.

embroidery floss or pearl cotton - in colors of choice

disappearing marker

crochet hook to match yarn

yarn needle

Begin by marking the airline of your doll with a disappearing marker.

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Gnome Campfire

The children in The Thicket always look forward to the approaching summer months. This means the days themselves grow like weeds, with more hours of daylight allowing for more hours of fun. But this also means, that at the close of the day, the wee ones are often allowed to sit around the campfire with their elders, and hear tales as old as The Thicket itself. There are tales of extreme heroics, tales of warning, tales of wild shenanigans, and their very favorite, tales of the unexplained, and often spooky, happenings in The Thicket. Often they fall asleep while listening and mysteriously find themselves safely tucked in their beds come the morning.

Making your own campfire is very easy and an important mainstay in the life of your gnome.

WARNING: There are small pieces in this project which can be a choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years of age or children that are likely to place small objects in their mouth.

1/8" Masonite or dense cardboard
small pebbles
little twigs
raffia, small wood shavings, or dried grass
red food coloring
crafting glue

1] Cut out a 4" circle from 1/8" Masonite...Read more

Spring and Summer Gnome Home Ideas

If you haven't done it already, it's time to get your gnome home ready for the warm days of spring and summer. Below are some of our past gnomey spring things. Just click on the picture to take you to the tutorials. I have a few other warm weather accents I'll be adding soon!

Felt Flower Garland

Flower Fairies

Flower Fairy Carpet

Spring Gnome Sleeping Bag

Spring Rag Rug

Waldorf Style Gnomes

Wooden Apple Orchard

Crocheted Rugs
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A Whimsy of Knit Gnomes

I have always been fascinated by unique collective nouns. For instance, did you know a group of mice is called a "mischief"? Sounds about right, doesn't it?  Or that dolphins travel in pods? Other names are band, horde, tribe, and coalition. (For a bunch of animal collective nouns, check out this list.) When I went to post this tutorial, I began to wonder what I should call a gathering of gnomes. Since nothing brilliant or witty came to me, I settled for a Cluster of Gnomes. Any ideas?

EDIT: One of our readers, Cami, suggested calling a group of gnomes a Whimsy of gnomes. I love the idea so much, from now on I will always referring to a group of gnomes as a "whimsy". Thanks Cami!!!

Here is the hat pattern that will allow you to turn our Basic Knit Dolls into Gnomes. The pattern for the Basic Knit Dolls can be found HERE. Decide which size doll you would like to make and follow the directions. 

3" dolly
4" baby
5" toddler
8" child
10" mother
12" father

Make sure...Read more

Lily Pads and Water Lilies

Three selfish frogs learn a valuable lesson about sharing from a toad and a very scary thunderstorm in Leo Lionni's It's Mine. I created the pattern for the Water Lily and the Lily Pads to extend the story but you can certainly use these for decorating or adding to a nature table. I made 3 lily pads and 1 water lily and laid them on a blue play silk, but you can make enough lily pads to cover an entire pond :) These have become a favorite with the grandbabies. Enjoy! 


green felt
embroidery floss
It's Mine Pattern (pattern includes lily pads for felt and  frog and toad for wood)

1] Print the It's Mine Pattern.

2] Cut out 2 pieces for each lily pad. I made 3 lily pads using 2 different greens. (How to Cut Out Felt)

3] Using a blanket stitch, sew the 2 pieces of lily pads together using a blanket stitch.


white/off white roving
embroidery...Read more

Basic Doll Applique Block

The other day we shared our pattern for the Basic Knit Doll Pattern. It has become an overnight success! I think the reason is twofold. First, it has the potential to be utilized in many ways, and second, it is lovable in its unadorned, simple state. I love gazing at the faceless, hairless doll and trust me, it even looks lovelier when cuddled by a cherub faced child! I then got to thinking (which usually winds up costing me time, if not money) how adorable this sweet little baby doll would look embroidered or appliqued on something, thus the birth of the Basic Doll Applique Block.

As with all of our blocks, it was designed to fit on a 6" x 6" block, but it can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs. Think bibs... onesies... t-shirts... or what I'm considering, the center block of a baby quilt. And like the Basic Knit Doll, this applique can be embellished with a face, hair or clothes. And, of course, you can make them in multiple sizes to create a whole family. The pattern for the ...Read more


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