Gnome Snowflake Garland

The gnomes enjoy decorating their houses seasonal just like the rest of us. Britta saw the Traditional Snowflakes we scattered throughout the house, and wanted some, too! So, I got right on it for her. She loves them! If you'd like to make some snowflakes for your gnome or doll house, you can make a garland of them in no time!

Britta's Bed

Every summer Britta and Axel, along with their children, leave the Thicket and head to the city to visit Britta's sister, Greta and her family. When they go, Britta makes sure to bring gifts from the Thicket including acorn jam, dried mushrooms and toys for the children whittled from wood. In turn, Greta and her family come to the Thicket to spend the Christmas holidays. They never come empty handed. There are many things Greta and her husband Eldar can find in the city that are not available to the Thicket gnomes. They bring buttons and small bolts of cloth. Cooking pots and books. But this year, they brough special gifts for Britta and the family. Something that she never even dreamed of owning... their very own city bed! No longer will they need to use their sleeping bags. Beds! Britta is so excited the first night in her new bed she can barely sleep! Britta decides here and now to make something extra special for her sister's family.

If you would like to craft your own Gnome City Bed like the one Eldar made or a mattress and pillow like Greta made, click HERE or the directions can be found with the FREE patterns....Read more

Gnome City Bed

Help your little gnome friends get a good night's sleep with these Gnome City Beds. Very easy to make, and your gnomes will truly be appreciative!

Materials for bed:
wooden container
decorative wooden knobs
crafting glue
wood paint
Mod Podge or sealer

Materials for mattress and pillow:
felt pieces
stuffing (Polyfill, cotton, wool or felt scraps)
embroidery floss

Santa Peg Gnome

Bug was so right when he said our gnome house needed a Santa! Here is our version of Santa Gnome, along with his sack of goodies for all wee gnome children! Following our basic Waldorf Style Gnome directions, I created Santa, with a few variations. Since these are super fast to make, you can still find time to throw one together for Christmas morning! The pattern for the Santa Peg Gnome can be found HERE or with our FREE patterns. Enjoy!