How to Cut Out Wood

Below are the general directions on how to cut out wood and prepare it for finishing. You will need to use a scroll saw, a dremel, and sandpaper. I consider myself to be a novice woodworker, and do not offer advice on how to actually use the equipment necessary to complete these projects. I highly recommend you read the machines' owner manuals to familiarize yourself with the equipment and safety. I'm learning as I go, trying to be as careful as possible, but would not even begin to try to teach someone how to do this stuff. I'm having this total tension issue with the saw blades on my jigsaw and keep breaking them. But I will get the hang of it, and I will get better :) 

So, here's the deal on the instructions. (Hmmm... think I'm giving a disclaimer!!!) Basically, I'm giving you the patterns that I have designed. I'll tell you what I did, even share some lovely photos, BUT, this is not instructions on how to use the tools. I'm thoroughly enjoying woodworking, and finding it much easier than I thought it would be, and have been quite delightful results. But I am NOT an expert. You are working with power tools...Read more

Ghostly Bean Bag Toss Game

Are you having a gathering at your house for Halloween? Why not take one of our Ghostie Applique Blocks and practice enlarging a pattern? We took one of our 6 inch ghost applique blocks and turned it into a 4 foot tall ghost, with cut out eyes and mouth to toss bean bags through. Using the Graphing/Gridding technique explained in our post on Enlarging and Reducing Patterns, we easily transformed the small pattern into a large facsimile. Next week we will share a pattern for yet another set of bean bags especially for Halloween! Most importantly, using this technique, you can take any small image you have and turn it into any size you want. Instead of a ghost, perhaps you would like to turn our Pumpkin Applique Block into a bean bag toss game. Anything is possible! 

ghost pattern
ruler and metal tape measure
1 - 4' x 4' (1/2") mdf or plywood for ghost
1 - 14" x 32" scrap of mdf or playwood for leg
2 - 2" strap hinges with screws
2 - 1/2" eye hooks
20" of 1/2" rope
Zinser 123...Read more

Wooden Frogs

Now that spring has sprung, our pond has come alive! Reeds and lily pads, ducks and water lilies... not to mention our newest addition... frogs!

In my humble opinion, every household needs its fair share of frogs. Literature would back me up on this. Think of how many fairy tales, poems and songs have frogs as their main character. Heck, seems half the princes were a frog at one time or another! So, it only stands to reason, children need frogs amongst their playthings.

Our little frogs were cut out of ash. The pattern for The Wooden Frog can be found HERE or with our free patterns. Use the pattern and the photos for painting ideas.

For information on cutting out wood, painting and finishing, follow the general directions for our Wooden Apple Orchard.

Just a note: I couldn't decide whether I simply wanted to cut out my frogs and sand the edges or give them a more sculpted look. In the picture below, the frog on the left was...Read more

Felt and Wood Reeds

Here are the Felt and Wood Reeds that I used with the Wooden Ducklings to go along with the Book Nook - Have You Seen My Duckling? but they would be just as at home used with our Gnomes.  

I made 2 different sizes; one with 7 reeds and one with 8 reeds. The bases are an easy shape to cut out with a scroll saw, and I cut the dowels to different sizes to give a natural look. The directions are quite simple.

For Bases:
1" wood (popular, pine, maple, ash, etc.)
1/4" dowel rods
stains, paints, and finish (see note in text)

For Felt Reeds:
assorted green felt
embroidery floss

Wood Base and Rods:
Trace the patterns on to 1" thick lumber. I used popular for mine but pine, maple, and ash would also be good choices. Cut out the bases, sand, paint or stain, and finish. For general directions for cutting out and finishing wood, refer to the tutorial of our Wooden Apple Orchard.

Using...Read more

Wooden Ducklings

Here is our sweet little set of Wooden Ducklings to go along with our Book Nook - Have You Seen My Duckling? Just like the book, I made 1 Mama and 8 little ducklings. (Notice one curious duckling has gone off on his own!) I then made 2 clumps of reeds for a lovely backdrop or for mischievous ducklings to hide in. They are swimming through a wonderful sky blue silk that makes a lovely lake.

The ducks have very simple shapes and are cut from 1" ash. The reeds have ash bases, with 1/4" dowel rods cut to size, covered with felt blades. Today we are sharing the Patterns for Mama and Ducklings. Like all of my wood projects, after the shapes have been cut out and sanded, I paint them with natural milk paint, then finish them with a olive oil/bees wax finish. For information on cutting out wood, painting and finishing, follow the general directions of our Wooden Apple Orchard.

Here are a couple of notes that pertain specifically to the Wooden Ducklings. The necks have a rather small area that you need to cut and sand....Read more


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