A, My Name is Alice

"When I was a kid"... boy, that sounds like something your dad would start out a conversation with when he was trying to make a point of "how easy you kids got it today", right?  Let's try this again... "back when I was a child" (sounds better, right?) all we needed was a piece of chalk, a ball, and a jump rope to keep us more or less entertained all day. Not that we wouldn't have been distracted by a Wii if Wiis were invented, but we didn't have them, and managed to while away the summer days in idyllic bliss!

Many of our summer games used a basic rubber ball with a good bounce. There were basically 2 different types of ball games we played. First, the type that involved some type of grid on the ground, like Four Square. This required more than one person. The other type of games were usually played by yourself, while waiting for a friend to finish lunch. These were bouncing games, either on the ground like "A, My Name is Alice", or off a wall, like "7-Up". 

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Felt Baby Ball

A mom in your daughter's dance class is pregnant. Although you really don't know her very well, you'd like to give her something small. THIS is the perfect gift. An evening's project can produce a token gift that could well become baby's favorite! And, think how cute this would be pinned to a ribbon, and placed on top of a gift, instead of a bow, at a baby shower. And while you're at it, make a basket of them for your own family! This is your basic 6 sided, 4" ball, with enough embellishments to make it lovely, without adding any doodads that could come off in a baby's mouth. If you would like to make them in an assortment of sizes, just enlarge or reduce the pattern. Easy as pie! The directions for the Felt Baby Ball can be found HERE or in our FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy! 

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Felt Baby Ball

To create this 4" felt baby ball you will need:


2 colors wool felt
Matching embroidery floss
Multicolored embroidery floss
Stuffing material
Optional – Jingle bells

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