Blanket Stitching - Part 3 - Corners and Sewing 2 Pieces Together

When I first started blanket stitching, my corners were... how shall I put this... unique, interesting, inconsistent... in other words, a mess! Messy is okay for some projects, but I did want my corners to look better and to stay looking good after a project was finished. Time and trial brought me to the point where I was finally satisfied with my corners. Today I will be sharing how to blanket stitch corners and how to sew 2 pieces of felt together. I have a few tips that I hope will help you to improve your stitching :) Before you begin, make sure you have read Part 1 and Part 2, because I will not be re-teaching the techniques from the first two lessons:

Part 1 - Before You Stitch - can be found HERE
Part 2 - Blanket Stitching a Straight Line - can be found HERE

Introduction: Because blanket stitching is so important to appliqueing and work with felt, it warrants close examination. Here's what we will be learning:


  • Stitching on the edge
  • Sewing 2 pieces of fabric together
  • Appliqueing one piece of fabric to another
  • Blanket
  • ...Read more

Blanket Stitching - Part 2 - Blanket Stitching a Straight Line

Part 1 - Think Before You Stitch - can be found HERE
Part 3 - Corners and Sewing 2 Pieces Together - can be found HERE

I more or less taught myself to blanket stitch by looking and doing. It was after I had been using the blanket stitch for a while, that I went in search of “how to”. Yes, I know, a bit backward! Although my stitches looked the same, I did start and stop differently than the other methods I found, and along the way I had come up with a few tricks that worked for me. I am going to teach you my way of blanket stitching. If it doesn’t work for you, there are other tutorials out there, even quite a few on that might feel more “right”. Crafting is all about experimentation and finding techniques that work for you. So, if you find something you are more comfortable with, feelings won’t be hurt ;)

Because blanket stitching is so important to appliqueing and work with felt, I felt it warrants close examination. Here's what we will be learning:

Blanket Stitching - Part 1 - Think Before You Stitch!

Before we even pull out our needles and thread, let's talk a little bit about the purpose and structure of a blanket stitch.

Blanket stitches are often used to finish an edge. The stitch creates an interlocked thread that runs on the edge of the fabric.

Think of a serger sewing machine. Sergers overcast a seam's edge, preventing the seam from fraying, and giving the finished product a neater look. 

When using a blanket stitch on the edge of fabric, you help prevent the fabric from fraying and stretching.

 The sibling of the blanket stitch is the button hole stitch. They are both made in the same manner, but button hole stitches are placed very close together to stop a button hole from fraying and to give additional strength to the hole.

As an added bonus, blanket stitches are also beautiful, and besides protecting the edge of the fabric, the stitch can also be used to embellish a project, to applique one piece of fabric to another, or to actually sew two pieces together creating a seam.

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Blanket Stitch Whiz

How would YOU like to become a Blanket Stitch Whiz? One of the most common questions I receive is, "How do you get your stitches so even?" Well, my normal reply is practice, practice, practice, and although that is true, over the years, I have developed some habits that have helped me improve my blanket stitching. And, let's face it, the blanket stitch IS the most important stitch when working with felt. It can be used as decoration, as an edging to prevent the edge from stretching, or as a means of sewing 2 pieces of felt together as a seam. Truly, a worthy stitch to practice :)

In this series, I will be sharing tips on how to make the most of your blanket stitch. Although blanket stitching can be done with yarn, pearl cotton, embroidery floss, or any type of sewing and embroidery thread, for our tutorial, we will be using 6 strand embroidery floss.

So, if you'd like to learn how to make a blanket stitch, or if you are just looking for...Read more

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