A New Hat for the Little Lady

You should NEVER let me set foot in a yarn shop when I have other things to do. A few days before Drew, Meghan and the Little Lady came for a visit, I stopped at the shop to pick up some yarn I needed for another project. I had actually paid my bill, was getting ready to head out the door, when, out of the corner of my eye, I spied the directions for this hat. The free directions can be found HERE.

The shop owner had set it aside, along with some yarn, to take it home to knit for the shop. I had never seen Crystal Palace Tu Tu yarn. It was so darn cute, I bought the shop owners pile! The next day, I knitted it up. So, I had to burn the midnight oil but, it was a really fast knit. The TuTu yarn was fun to work with. When I was done, I decided it needed a little pom pom on the top. It turned out looking like a cupcake with a cherry on top :)

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Awesome Knit Hat!

Drew, Meghan and the Little Lady are still visiting and our days have been busy, busy, busy. We've had lots of at home snuggle time, but we've also had many day trips. All of this has given me time to do some "just for fun" knitting. Luckily, Meghan is a knitter, too, so after Little Lady has been tucked in, we've gotten some serious knitting done. Also, those hour drives gave me time to knit away. This past week I knit 3 adult hats, and 1 for Little Lady. Not bad!

I first saw the Capucine hat that I knitted for Meghan on Bending Birches a couple of weeks ago. (A sweet little blog if you've never been there, go for a warm smile :) It was so adorable I had to give it a go. I knitted one in a wool/silk blend, and I knitted the one pictured here with Noro's Furisode, a silk/cotton/wool blend. It knits up fast, used only 1 hank, and is fun, fun, fun. The directions can be found HERE. This was a fast and easy hat to knit, and the results are...Read more

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