Oil Pastel & Watercolor Bridge

For those of you who had been following along with our State Studies Unit 1, I wanted to let you know that our State Studies Unit 2 is almost complete. I have been adding everything you need to do the unit on the State Studies Unit 2 Overview page. I will not be sharing each and every week in a separate post for this unit but instead have added everything to the overview page. Be sure to stop by and check it out. I hope to have every resource completed by the end of next week.

Today I'm sharing the Oil Pastel & Watercolor Bridge paintings we did after reading Pop's Bridge.


  • Watercolor Paper
  • Oil Pastels (or crayons)
  • Watercolor paints and brush
  • Images of suspension bridges to work from


The lines of a suspension bridge make for an interesting art study. Start by looking at images of the Golden Gate Bridge on line or in your books.

Use oil pastels (or crayons will work) to draw the overall structure of the bridge, land edges, and small details...Read more

Girl Meets Sewing Machine

When I was in middle school, actually, at the time, we referred to it as "junior high", girls took home ec and boys took shop... end of story. Must admit, I was flippin' excited! I did a lot of hand sewing, but I had never used a sewing machine. My mom had one, but I guess she was waiting for an "expert" to show me the ropes... much the way that my dad felt about his car and driver's ed. The first time I ever got behind the wheel of a car was on my first day in class, but THAT, is another story entirely.

Okay, where was I? Oh, yes. I'm in my first day of home ec. I am so ready to start sewing... ANYTHING. Mrs. Milliche spent the first week... talking about safety in the home ec room. Seriously? I WANT TO SEW... let's get to it. Finally, the big day came. We sat down at the machine. Mrs. Milliche walked around and handed everyone a piece of loose leaf paper.

"When you can follow the lines on a piece of paper, you can start your first sewing project,"

...Read more

Fairy's Dollie Blankie

*UPDATE: Fairy got a huge grin when I read her all the lovely comments. It is very encouraging.*

Fairy wanted me to share some of her photos. She has recently finished her  first "bigger" knitting project... a blankie sized to fit one of her lovey dollies. She has been working diligently on this project for the last few months but has taken a real interest in knitting lately... her knitting basket goes with her everywhere these days. It is not uncommon to see her outside knitting or knitting in the back seat of the car. So her progress has moved rapidly lately.

She carefully and frequently checked the blankie's size by holding it up to her dolly, not cutting corners. When she had determined that it was done and I had helped her bind off, she immediately asked to borrow my camera (as hers is currently out of commission). If you ever doubt how children learn to "be" it is so by modeling our behavior as happily apparent in times like these... (there are other times that I would rather not take credit for). So the photos below were taken by Fairy to...Read more

~Signs of the Season~

Signs of the Season are all around us. Feel free to link to one of yours.Read more

A, My Name is Alice

"When I was a kid"... boy, that sounds like something your dad would start out a conversation with when he was trying to make a point of "how easy you kids got it today", right?  Let's try this again... "back when I was a child" (sounds better, right?) all we needed was a piece of chalk, a ball, and a jump rope to keep us more or less entertained all day. Not that we wouldn't have been distracted by a Wii if Wiis were invented, but we didn't have them, and managed to while away the summer days in idyllic bliss!

Many of our summer games used a basic rubber ball with a good bounce. There were basically 2 different types of ball games we played. First, the type that involved some type of grid on the ground, like Four Square. This required more than one person. The other type of games were usually played by yourself, while waiting for a friend to finish lunch. These were bouncing games, either on the ground like "A, My Name is Alice", or off a wall, like "7-Up". 

I am sharing just a few of the ball games I enjoyed the most. As with all these games, there may...Read more

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Roll and an Invitation to Share a Pumpkin Recipe

Make sure to read this all the way through. There is a special invitation after the recipe!

I often mention that the family has dinner at our house every Sunday. As a matter of fact, we start by having bagels at 12, then dinner at 4. There are usually 12 for dinner unless we have company. I love this time spent with the family and it is always fun trying out new recipes or dredging up almost forgot favorites. The other day I made a Cream Cheese Pumpkin Roll. I haven't made this in years. Four year old Pixie was fascinated by the swirl. "Gammy, how did you do that?" I briefly explained the process to her. She was a little confused and told me she wanted to come over and make one for our Pumpkin Carving Party. So last Friday, she came over, ready to bake. Although Fairy helped, and Bug was around to lick the bowls, this was Pixie's project. When we reached the part of rolling the cake in a tea towel she was so excited to learn how it was done. As an extra bonus, cream cheese is one of Pixie's favorite foods and she thought this was the yummiest dessert...Read more


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