Lord of the Rings Lego Champ

Just had to share a truly exciting moment for Bug. We came home from a fantastic Nature Center field trip yesterday afternoon to a giant box on the front porch. As we pulled into the garage I was racking my brain trying to remember what on earth I had ordered. Had something been back ordered that I had forgotten about? I have been know to order and forget before... but I was clueless. When we saw the boy's name on the shipping label I then thought... ahh an early birthday gift (but really too early). So I banned the boy from the room to open the box and inspect. There was no packaging slip, but what I found was Legos. Not surprising... but more than one box, no, more than two... at this point the light bulb clicked on.

Way back in August Bug had entered an online Lord of the Rings Lego building contest. In September we had received a letter stating that he was a finalist and we had to sign some papers allowing them to publish his photos if he won. And then we never heard anything again. Until...Read more

Felt Ningago Keychain

I woke up at 6:00 Monday morning with an idea. I must dream in crafts, because I often wake up with some scathingly brilliant or totally lame idea... my dreams don't always transfer well to wakefulness! Anyway, I knew I wanted to add something to Bug's Art Supply Messenger Bag, and somewhere in the night I decided to make a key chain of sorts instead of appliqueing a design on the bag. It didn't take me long to decide what I wanted to make. Bug Loves Legos, and is currently into the Ninjagos.

So, I drew out a pattern based on his favorite character, Kai. I am so pleased with the way it turned out and I think Bug is going to love it! Do you have someone in your life that is into Legos? If you do, this might be the perfect gift to whip up... just in time for the holidays :)

The original post, Bug's Christmas Gift, can be found HERE.

Embroidery floss
2...Read more

Bug's Christmas Gifts

Back in early November, I had my idea for Bug's Christmas gift. He LOVES to draw, and I thought it was high time he had his own supplies. So, I got him a sketch book, a couple of "how to draw" books, and a nice set of pencils and erasers. 

I think he will really enjoy the drawing books. The first is The Boys' Guide to Drawing by Aaron Sautter. It has "aliens, warriors, robot and other cool stuff". The sketches get harder as you progress through the book. The other book is Drawing Dragons by Sandra Staple. It teaches you "how to create fantastic fire~breathing dragons" and such. This book is more complicated than the first, but the pictures are awe inspiring, and like the other book, the drawings become more complex as you make your way through the book. The Kohinoor Gioconda 24 Piewce Drawing Set includes pencils, erasers, chalk and charcoal. Lots to experiment with. And, of course, I included some Strathmore Drawing Paper.

Next, I needed something to put everything in. I thought of making him...Read more

In the Land of the Pharaohs

Bug, Fairy and Pixie are learning about Ancient Egypt. When they needed a pyramid, and needed one fast, we got out the Big Bucket-O-Legos and started building. After about an hour, the five of us... Bug, Fairy, Pixie, Mommy and Gammy, constructed a pyramid we were all pretty darn proud of. When we were done, the children began playing. Before you knew it there was vegetation, the Nile, and some local animals. They were using pirates and spacemen to set to work on building a palace, but it wasn't long before Bug wandered over and said, "Gammy, we need a mummy and a pharaoh." He had already built a sarcophagus but was hoping for an authentic looking pharaoh and mummy.

Well... how hard can that be, right? We grabbed a couple of our 1 1/2" wooden people pegs, the crafting glue and a few strips of white fabric. Before you could say Tutankhamen, we fashioned a mummy and pharaoh. To make the mummy, simple cover a wooden peg with glue. Rip fabric into 1/2" strips and begin wrapping the mummy. If the glue dries as you are wrapping it, simply add more glue. Make...Read more

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