Spicer's Autumn Leaves Hat and Scarf Set - Part 1

This is a project I worked on last fall but it seemed too late to share it when it was complete. Now with some cooler temperatures on the horizon, I'm sure many of you are itching to start some fall knitting projects. This hat and scarf set, adorned with a falling leaves lace pattern,  is named for one of our favorite local cider mills. The cozy, pumpkin color wool yarn from Cascade pairs nicely with fresh glass of cider and some warm cinnamon doughnuts.

The Scarf Pattern can be found HERE.

Spicer's Hat Pattern

Size 8 double pointed needles or 24” circular.
Worsted weight yarn (shown in Cascade 220 Quatro - colorway 5011)
Gauge is 4.75sts per 1”

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Leaf Lace Pattern:
1st: *K1, YO, K5, SL1K, K2T, PSSO, K5, YO*  Repeat from * to *
2nd and all even rows, K
3rd * K2, YO, K4, SL1K, K2T, PSSO, K4, YO, K1* ...Read more

Out of the Block | Snowflake Stencil

On a cold winter afternoon, there is nothing like snuggling into your favorite reading corner with a cup of hot tea and a snowflake inspired lap quilt. Enjoy a good book or surfing your favorite blogs while staying toasty warm.

For a fun twist on a classic appliqued quilt we used Freezer Paper Stencils to create our snowflake designs instead of appliqued fabric. Once you learn this fun technique you will be using it to add your own personal touch to all kinds of fabric items... from t-shirts to tote bags. We will be using it to create the 12 snowflake squares needed for the Snowflake Lap Quilt.

Next week we will share the freezer paper stencil technique and directions for making your very own Snowflake Quilt. 

Click Here for the Snowflake Applique Block
Click Here for the Snowflake Stencil Directions
Click Here for the Snowflake Lap Quilt PatternRead more

Blue and Sparkly "Show and Tell"

Early in the Fall, I realized that Fairy had outgrown basically all of her sweaters. So of course I set off to rectify that situation. One of the main places she wears sweaters is in the dance studio. When I asked her what she wanted she just said "light blue and sparkly." Ok, I can do that, although I did take a moment to reconcile myself with the fact that she doesn't want pink anymore. Its not the color (you wouldn't have caught me dead in pink past the age of two) but the acknowledgment that she was moving beyond that "everything has to be pink" stage that she lived in for so long that made me pause for a moment.

Growing pains aside, onto my Show and Tell... I totally love this project. I started with this super fun Sequin Yarn from Bernat. Somehow during the spinning process, a single pink sequin ended up in one of the skeins of yarn. Fairy is delighted about that one pink sequin and shows it to everyone. I can't help but think that maybe is slightly symbolic... silly yarn... here...Read more

Newbie Knitting | Knit & Purl Wash Clothes

To practice knitting and purling I have included 2 wash cloth patterns. These make a great gift when paired with a special bar of soap. When working in stockinette stitch (when you knit one side and purl the other) it helps if you can visualize how the knit side and the purl side should look.

After a couple rows of a pattern it should become pretty obvious if you are on a knit side or a purl side. On the knit side (when you are looking at the stitches on your left needle that you are getting ready to knit) you should see rows of Vs.

When you are working on the purl side you should see offset horizontal lines.

Take a look at a couple sweaters in your closet. The outside (unless it has fancy stitches) will probably have the Vs and the inside will have the horizontal lines. If you are able to see the difference in your sweater being inside out... then you should be able to see what type of stitch you...Read more

Newbie Knitting : Block-Work Hat Project

Project Three : Block-work Hat

I designed this hat project to help us review everything we have learned so far. This hat requires you to complete casting on, knitting, binding off and seaming multiple times. For this project you will need to make 4 rectangular blocks. Two will be completed in a solid color yarn, two in a multi-colored yarn. The picture shows the hat before it has been finished... we will complete it in a couple weeks when everyone has finished their 4 blocks.

One skein Deborah Norville Collection Everyday Soft Worsted Prints Yarn and
one skein Deborah Norville Collection Everyday Soft Worsted Solid Yarn in a color to match
or 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn
size 8 needles
Yarn needle

Cast On 40 stitches.
Knit 4 and 1/2 inches.
Bind Off. Leave yourself a 18-24" tail for seaming later.
(make 4 total, 2 solid color, 2 multi-color)

When you have completed all 4 blocks, sew them long sides together in a solid, multi, solid, multi pattern. Then sew the outside two seams together to form a complete...Read more

Newbie Knitting | Finishing Your Little Birdie

To finish your Little Birdie that we started last week, you will need a yarn needle, scissors, and a softball size amount of batting.

Fold your birdie in half diagonally to make a triangle. Have your corner with the smaller tail (probably the cast on tail) meet at the right angle and the longer tail (left from binding off) be on one of the acute ends. You remember your geometry, right? ;) The acute ends will be along the fold.

Thread the yarn needle with the shorter tail. (The right angels on top.) Tip: It is easier to thread your needle if you fold the yarn first.

Use a slip stitch to catch the edge of a loop on either side to sew up the first seam. You will be working from the right angle to the acute angle that does not have the other yarn tail attached. Note: I'm using red yarn just so you can see what I'm doing. Your yarn tail will obviously be the same color as the rest of your bird and you will not be able to see it when you are done.

...Read more


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