Castle of Costa Mesa Give-Away :: May 2015

Comment are now closed. The winners are First Place Rachel Soumokil and Second Place Julie. Please email me within 3 days to claim your prize.

15% off sale from Saturday May 23 - May 27, 2015 with coupon code WEE15FOLK


​FIRST PLACE WINNER :: $50 Gift Card :: Rachel Soumokil

If I were to win the giveaway, I would get Mrs. Thaw for my daughter's 2nd grade teacher.  She looks JUST like her teacher and the school she attends is a Waldorf-inspired charter school.  I'm so glad that I found

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Gnome Cradle and Carving Tools

For the past week, we've been sharing tutorials for making our Forest Gnome family. You can find the tutorials for them HERE and HERE.

To finish off this project, today I am sharing a tutorial on how the make the rustic Gnome Cradle. First, let me start by saying, I AM NO MASTER CARVER!  This is about the simplest wood carving around, but, it lends itself well to the forest gnomes!

Before we get started, let's talk a little about equipment. I am not to trusted with sharp pointy things. One birthday Michelle bought me needle felting supplies and Tim bought me carving tools. For the next few weeks I was covered in band-aids. The next year, Tim bought me marvelous Kevlar Gloves that are cut resistant, and I get far fewer ouchies when I'm carving. So highly recommend these!

When I started this project, I couldn't find my favorite carving knife. I use an Old Timer 4 blade Knife all the time. Growing up, my dad used an Old Timer...Read more

Festival Gnome :: Part 2

This is the second and final part of our Festival Gnome.

Part 1 of our Festival Gnome can be found HERE.


IMPORTANT: Do not cut out the hat until you have added the hair. Then, cut the hat out of paper first and "try it on" for size. You may have to make the hat slightly larger if you have lots of hair :)

The tutorial on How to Cut Out Felt can be found HERE.

The Stitching Glossary can be found HERE.


Do all the steps in Part 1.

Check the pattern piece for the area of the shawl that will be gathered. Begin just to the side of the gathering line. Using one strand of floss and a running stitch, sew around the shawl and continue sewing over the gathered section. DO NOT tie off the end.

Gently pull on the thread to gather the center back. Make sure the rest of the shawl remains flat. You just want to create a gentle curve that will lie flat on the...Read more

Rainbow Gnomes Desktop Wallpapers

To get your Wee Folk Art Wallpaper: First pick out your favorite image. Then choose your screen size. Click on the link. When the whole images loads, right click on the image and set as desktop background. Enjoy!

Rainbow Gnomes Front




Rainbow Gnomes Back

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Britta's Make-Over

Britta and I were chatting the other day, and she said she was ready for a make-over. We had tons of fun deciding on a new style, and then we both got busy stitching away. I think she looks lovely! Next week she'll model for many more photos and I'll include a tutorial. Just thought you might enjoy a little sneak peek! 

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Flower Fairies in the Garden

<img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/spring2014/flowerfairies-frontwm.jpg" style="height:363px; width:545px" /><br />
<br />
<em>It&#39;s spring... that means it&#39;s time to revisit our Flower Fairies. Welcome back Flower Fairies!</em><br />
<br />
If Fairy Dust is sprinkled on a flower as the last dew of morning evaporates, something magical happens... a Flower Fairy is born! If you are lucky enough to have Flower Fairies in your garden, then you already know that all of your plants seem to grow a little lovelier and their blooms seem to last a little longer&hellip; as if by magic!<br />
&nbsp;<br />
Now, you can bring that magic indoors by crafting your own Flower Fairies. Long known to be great friends with the gnomes and woodland creatures, your Flower Fairies will easily join in the merry making with the rest of your wee folk.<br />
<br />
Additional photos, free pattern and the TUTORIAL can be found <a href="">HERE</a>.<br />
<br />
<img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/spring2014/shopflowerfairy1wm.jpg" style="height:363px; width:545px" />
<div class="rtecenter">
<br />
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Welcome to Wee Folk Art

At Wee Folk Art we combine our love of Wee Folk with our love of Folk Art, creating designs that are uniquely Wee Folk Art! We are a mother/daughter team who share mutual love of crafting and the gentle art of homemaking. Craft along with us or join in our homeschooling adventures!

Thanks for stopping by! To learn more about us at Wee Folk Art, visit our FAQ page.

~ Kimara & Michelle

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