Dragon Scarves - CHECK!

Remember those Dragon Scarves I mentioned awhile ago as Christmas gifts for my nephews? Well, I finally finished them this evening... along with matching hats and mittens so I can check this project off my list! These make my first fully completed Christmas gifts. Now to wrap them and ship them off.

I hope everyone else is making lots of progress on those holiday lists. Anyone else in the middle of a big Christmas project? Next on my list is a felted wool bowl.



Those are so stinkin' cute. One day...I'll get there. :)


Mismatched, the way to go!

Turned out so cute! Dragons, of course, are totally cool, but I love the mismatched mittens. Why have ordinary when you can have fun? I'm sure the guys are going to love them! And I refuse to discuss ALL the projects I've yet to do for Christmas. I get this funny feeling inside...I think it's panic! Just have to plod along!

Wee Folk Art Publisher


Oh my goodness. Those are so perfect and awesome! I am currently wrapping some Christmas presents with fabric, Japanese-style (furoshiki), and I just bought a huge bunch of wool felt to make an advent calendar like the Christmas tree one in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. That's going to be my big holiday project outside of the Christmas present crafting.