Fairy is taking my beginning knitting class and she has been diligently working on her projects. She wanted to share photos of her Baby Chick with strict instructions on the copyrights. "You can put it on Wee Folk Art on it but it needs to say Fairy next to the Wee Folk Art, because it's my project. And I want it in a blue color." So this is Fairy's project, the photos were taken by her and shared with her consent. LOL - the kid understand copyrights better than most adults on the web I believe.

Her comments on the project are, "It was a little tough to sew it up, but it was fun. If you can knit I think you should make one. It is a very cute birdie. Babies would like it."

Directions for the Little Birdie can be found HERE.



You did a beautiful job on your little birdie and your photos. I do believe you are a better knitter and photographer than I am. I am just learning to knit, too. Keep up the good work!


I love your little chick! You are a very good knitter, and you did a great job sewing up your chick. Finishing projects is my least favorite part, too, but what would they be if we didn't finish them? (I have a poncho waiting to be sewed together right now, but I can't wear it until I finish it!)
I enjoy seeing your projects...keep them coming!

Fabulous job! You should be very proud. :)

Such a nice job on the chick! I can't wait to show my daughter, she just loves making knitted chicks!

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