Is there anything more precious than a new born baby? I think not! And, have you ever wondered where baby gnomes come from? Well, here's your chance to find out.

When Pixie and Fairy saw the new Forest Gnome Family, the first thing they both said was, "Where's the baby?"

Of course we needed a baby! Originally, I planned to make it exactly like the other Forest Gnomes, only smaller, but, as I started to put one together, I thought it would look ever so much cuter if it was wearing a tiny sleeper, all snug and cozy. Actually, I made a "whimsy" of Forest Gnome Babies.

Trust me when I tell you this are the sweetest and tiniest baby gnomes around! Much like the family of Forest Gnomes, they go together quickly, and are so very cute. So, are you ready to make a gnome baby? Then, you you need to do is give the baby a name :)

WARNING: They are tiny and definitely a choke hazard. Please do not make for children under 3 or for older children that put toys in their mouths!

The tutorial for the Forest Gnome family can be found HERE.

Materials for Forest Gnome Baby:

  • wool felt
  • wool roving
  • cotton or silk embroidery floss (I used 6 strands of DMC cotton floss)
  • copy of pattern


Make a copy of the pattern.

Using the pattern, cut out your gnome baby.

Using 3 strands of floss, sew the straight edges together using an overcast stitch. Tie off bottom but do not cut the thread.

Stuff the baby with wool roving. Use a pencil or chop stick to get roving into tip of hat.

Tuck stuffing into body. Trim off extra roving.

Using the attached thread, sew a running stitch all around the bottom of the baby gnome.

Pull the thread gathering the bottom until the hole is closed. Tie off the thread and hide the end inside the gnome.

Beginning about an 1/8" under the face opening, sew around the gnome neck using a running stitch and 3 strands of floss. Leave long ends for tying.

Pull on the treads to gather the neckline.

Once gathered, tie in a knot. Then, tie a bow. I like to double knot the bow. Cut off the extra thread. 

And, THAT'S how baby gnomes are made!





That is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen!  Well done!

Thanks. I shared them with my grandbabies this week and they loved them. Highest praise imagineable ;)

Thanks for all the pictures and detailed instructions! I feel brave enough to try these for my little ones.

They will love them. Let us know how they turned out... although I know they will be awesome :)


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