As promised, I completed the pattern and directions for our Puppy Dog Doorstop, Horace. Although I love the Kitty Cat Doorstop, Jasper, I'm a dog person, and this little guy just tickles my fancy! In the directions I included the felt and embroidery floss colors I used, but go wild with your own interpretation!

Although Horace and Jasper were designed to be doorstops, they would make wonderful softies for the wee ones! When making them as toys, leave out the beans or sand and fill to the brim with fluff! Check out the directions in our
Crafting Club Patterns. If you happen to make one of these little guys, make sure to take a pic and include on our Wee Folk Art Crafting Flickr Pool. Enjoy!


Thankyou very much for the horace pattern and the cat. So far i have made two horaces and starting a cat. They make lovely christmas presents and i am enjoying making them.

Percy, Horace and Jasper have been our roommates for almost 3 years now, and I must say, they are a joy to live with! (Pippin just joined our family this year, but he's fast become a dear!) They will make beautiful Christmas gifts. Someone is going to be very luck :)

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