I've Got the Mushroom Business Card Case Blues!

We just received the new business cards that Michelle designed for us. I love them... they are so Wee Folk Artish... which, of course, they should be. So, naturally, I wanted to design a business card holder that also felt like Wee Folk Art.

For anyone not familiar with designing crafts... the projects are evolutionary. You start with an idea, you design it on paper, start making the project, tweaking the pattern as you go. Hopefully, the end results correspond with your intent. Having said that... I designed the business card holder, meticulously recording my steps, taking careful measurements, and painstakingly crafting. When I finished, I was in love! THIS is exactly how I wanted my business card holder to look. I took pictures of the front, I took pictures of the back, and I took pictures of our new cards tucked inside.

Then... the snafu! When I went to close the case... despite all my careful planning and measuring... the case was too short! It isn't the end of the world, but it is beyond frustrating. I have to redesign the pattern, and I'll have to make another for myself. Of course, the process is always faster the second time, but I feel like I wasted so much time. I am going to need to re-purpose this case for something else!

So... this blog is me venting... and a bit of a tease for what will come tomorrow. Michelle made me promise to walk away from the table... actually I'm driving 2 miles to her house for a cup of coffee! The correct directions will be up later today or tomorrow!  ARGH!!!!!


This is a great business for

This is a great business for teens to start of. They can make these stuffs and sell it to their friends, right?

Ruzzel Walsh
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I'm making it!

Adorable!¨I am soooo making it - tonight - I just know someone who needs it!

I would get some blank cards,

I would get some blank cards, cut them a bit shorter, print your grandchildren's names on them and let one of the girls use this as their business card holder when they are playing 'town' or what ever they might play. My girls would be in HEAVEN with something like that. Of course that would mean, you' have to make another 'mess up' for the other granddaughter and then create a 'new' mess up for the grandson... :)


BTW. I love your business

BTW. I love your business cards. If I ever need them I'll know who to ask for help, hehe!

No Argh!

Sorry you have to redo it. It is so cute. I wouldn't even know where to begin to design something. I am so uncreative at those kinds of things. That's why I love Wee Folk Art! I agree with Michelle. Sometimes you just need to walk away from things for a while. Hope you had a nice coffee with Michelle and forgot all about this "snafu"!