The Joy of the Dance

Just wanted to share these pics of our own little Fairy enjoying the joy of the dance with her new Fairy Ribbon Ring. Need to make more... fast!



Thanks for sharing!

First, I love these photos!

Second, I discovered your tutorial for these rings yesterday afternoon and made one just a couple of hours later. It was exactly the project that my 4 year old and I needed!

We used a screw band from a jar lid, instead, which worked out perfectly since we were stuck at home with no wooden rings in sight.

Thanks Again,

Pretty girl!!

She is as glorious as that tree behind her!! It is beautiful, what kind is it?? I love yellow leaves on trees!!

Not up on my maple varieties!!!

It is a maple... but I'm not sure what kind. They were seedlings that Tim has transplanted from another maple in our yard. (We are heavily treed and have several different varieties of maple. Actually, I'll ask the kiddos. They have been studying trees and are surprisingly well versed in varieties :)

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Holy cow, how cute can you

Holy cow, how cute can you get? Loving the streamers. I want some!

so lovely

I love the pictures. They are lovely and so is she!
Have a happy day!


Love the Fairy Ribbon Rings

Love the Fairy Ribbon Rings and love the dance. My senior year we all made the ribbon rings for our dance recital. We were fairies. Imagine that! You look like you are a beautiful dancer, Fairy!