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There are those that fear the spider,
Filling them with dread,
But I must sing their praises,
For their skills at spinning thread.

I could sit for hours
With my wheel in front of me,
And never spin a silken strand,
As fine as theirs will be.

Their threads are thin as downy hairs,
And glisten in the sun,
How quick they spin their gossamers,
Once they have begun.

So here’s my ode to spiders,
Craftsmen through and through,
For how they spin their magic,
I haven’t got a clue.

What can I say? I'm a fan of spiders. Besides being totally impressed my their webs I appreciate their ability to control the population of other bugs both in my garden and in my house. I don't kill spiders. In the summer I might carefully remove them with a tissue and deposit them outside, and in the winter, I try to pretend I don't see them because tossing them outdoors would be certain death. Of course, living in a northern...Read more

20 DIY Hair Bling

Sources for all the photos shared can be found HERE.

Putting together these composites has become a new passion of mine. Why share just 1 thing when I can share several... or in this case 20! I didn't plan on sharing 20 hair accessories. For some reason I usually like to share 11. What can I say, 11 is a prime number. I'm a fan of prime numbers, but I digress. Anyway... I started collecting a few barrettes and headbands and the next thing I knew, I was up to 20. Actually, I didn't want to stop but I showed at least a modicum of self-restraint and walked away from the computer.

Buying hair bling is quite expensive so why spend the money when you can make them for a fraction of the cost and have all the fun of crafting your little heart out? Even if you don't wear doodads in your hair, bet you know someone that does. All of these hair accessories have tutorials and most of them are insanely easy to make. So easy that you might want to invite a few friends, even quite young friends,...Read more

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone for your kind words, warm thoughts and prayers. They truly touched us and helped sustain us during a difficult time. As expected, my father died June 14. Thanks to the wonderful facility he was in and the merciful help from Hospice, he was able to pass peacefully, pain-free and surrounded by loved ones.


Another huge change is my mother went to live with my brother and sister-in-law in Pennsylvania. This is going to be quite an adjustment, but I am hopeful that the decision was a good one.


It has been a chaotic couple of months filled with so many bittersweet moments. I am looking forward to

...Read more

Time Out for Family

As many of you know my father has been battling Alzheimer's disease for many years. After a stay in the hospital last week, he has returned to his care facility and is now under the care of Hospice. We have been told we will only have him with us for a few more days to a couple weeks.

Michelle and I need this time to be with family. We know all of you will understand our absence.

We welcome all of your prayers and warm thoughts for making Dad's last days as peaceful as possible. 

We will return when the time is right.


~Kimara~Read more

Snail Coloring Page

THE SNAIL by Kimara Wise

You creep throughout my garden,
Nibbling as you roam.
Your house is on your back,
You’re never far from home.

I wouldn’t mind you eating,
A leaf or two or three.
But must you take a bite
Out of every one you see?


Our Snail Coloring Page is based on our Snail Applique



The Snail Coloring Page can be found HERE.

The Snail Applique Block can be found HERE.

The June Applique Collection can be found HERE.

The Coloring Page Gallery can be found HERE

 ...Read more

Foxes on Etsy

foxes on Etsty

Links for all images can be found HERE.

Let's face it... foxes are cute. If they are raiding your chicken coop for a nightly nosh on your poultry you might not be a fan, but you still have to admire their good looks and cunning ways. If I were a wild animal, I would want to be a fox if for no other reason their tails have got to be the envy of the animal kingdom. It is a remarkably noteworthy tail.

So, turns out Little Man is a total fan of the fox. Because of that, I keep my eyes peeled for foxy sorts of things. I'm assuming you saw the YouTube video, "What Does the Fox Say?" It is one of those videos that went viral and everyone was asking "What Does the Fox Say?" If you haven't seen it and I've piqued your curiosity, you can watch it HERE. At 18 months old Little Man would climb into Othy's lap and ask for "fox". Before our last visit to Wisconsin, I happened upon the book What...Read more


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At Wee Folk Art we combine our love of Wee Folk with our love of Folk Art, creating designs that are uniquely Wee Folk Art! We are a mother/daughter team who share mutual love of crafting and the gentle art of homemaking. Craft along with us or join in our homeschooling adventures!

Thanks for stopping by! To learn more about us at Wee Folk Art, visit our FAQ page.

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