Sew Simple Fleece Mittens

Here is a perfect project for a snow day. It is a simple sewing project that your kids can help make. In our Winter Wonderland unit we included basic directions for making super simple fleece mittens. It has always been my intent to do a more in depth tutorial. Today I finally (it's only been 8 years or so) have a chance to share this project.

My kids have grown quite a bit since we did the Winter Wonderland unit. My over flowing basket of mittens, sadly looks like doll clothes next to my kids these days. All those lovingly knit mittens just don't fit any more and at this time of year you can never have too many mittens. I needed to make a basket full of mittens fast. Sure I have some mittens on my knitting needles, but knitting takes more time than sewing. By making these super easy fleece mittens I was able to fill the basket up quickly. After the first pair, which I had to fiddle with a bit, I was able to turn out a pair of mittens in about 15-20. So in one afternoon...Read more

Post-Its :: January 30, 2015

Banner Images (left to right): FAIRY WINGS TUTORIAL :: Source: Antique LilacGARDEN PARTY QUILT :: Source Jane Brocket,, COAT PATTERN :: Source Cynthia Treen Studio


POST-ITS is a weekly feature on Wee Folk Art where we share some of our favorite posts from the week taken directly from our Wee Folk Art's Facebook page. We encourage you to share some of your favorite finds from the week. It might be something you've seen on the web or something you've blogged about or something you just added to your shop. Just tell us a little bit about your find and share a link in your comment.


FAIRY WINGS TUTORIAL :: Source: Antique Lilac 

...Read more

Winter Tree Coloring Page

Winter Trees by George Szirtes

Aren’t you cold and won’t you freeze,

With branches bare, you winter trees?

You’ve thrown away your summer shift,

Your autumn gold has come adrift.

Dearie me, you winter trees,

What strange behaviour, if you please!

In summer you could wear much less,

But come the winter – you undress!


Our Winter Tree Coloring Page is based on our Winter Tree Applique...Read more

Frozen Fruit Ring Feeders

This is an easy and fun project to do with the kids. In our Winter Wonderland unit we encourage feeding the birds and include several different bird feeder crafts in the activities. This Frozen Fruit Ring Feeder, can add a festive flair to your bird feeder area or just add some lovely color to your backyard in the middle of the winter.


  • Bundt pan, or jello ring mold
  • Colorful fruit
  • Bird Seed
  • Thick String or ribbon

For this project we used some strawberries and cherries that were starting to turn bad. This is normally fruit that we would add to our compost bin.

Partially fill the bottom of your pan with cold water. Add some fruit (you can leave the stems and leaves on for more color) and a handful or two of bird seed.

Place outside until it starts to freeze. Hint... although you can freeze the ring in your freezer, if it is not cold enough outside to freeze your ring then this project won't really work since you need it to stay frozen after you hang it up outside.

...Read more

Can't See the Trees For the Forest

We've all heard the expression "You can't see the forest for the trees" meaning someone gets so bogged down with the details that they fail to see the big picture. I'm just the opposite, I get so immersed in the big picture that I often lose sight of the detail. Because of that, I can often be non-observant... VERY non-observant.

Once Tim bought me a park bench for my birthday and as a surprise he set it up in the living room. I was getting ready for work, went through the room several times that morning and never saw the bench. To be fair, I was thinking about work and not about living room decor! Could happen to anyone, right? Anyway, worse still, when I got home from work, I actually sat in the room TWICE before I finally noticed the bench. We are talking about a WHOLE PARK BENCH! This was early in our relationship, and thank goodness Tim continued to love me in spite of this personality quirk! 

My family is use to this behavior and often uses it for their own amusement. There is a game they play called HOW...Read more

Warm Woolen Mittens Coloring Page

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,

Brown paper packages tied up with strings,

These are a few of my favorite things."

from Favorite Things by Rodgers and Hammerstein

Here is our Warm Woolen Mittens Coloring Page based on our Warm Woolen Mittens Applique Block.

The Warm Woolen Mittens Coloring Page can be found HERE.

The Warm Woolen Mittens Applique Block can be found HERE.

The January Applique Collection can be found HERE.

The Coloring Page Gallery can be found HERE



 ...Read more





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