Black Cat Coloring Page

Here is our Black Cat Coloring Page, of course, your cat can be any color you would like it to be! It is based on our Black Cat Applique Block

Whether your wee ones (or you... I love our coloring pages) use watercolors, crayons, pencils or markers, it is sure to be a work of art. The Black Cat Coloring Page can be found HERE

To see our growing collection of Coloring Pages, visit our Coloring Pages Gallery which can be found HERE. Have a weekend!...Read more

October Applique Blocks

Here's a collection of October Appliques... more cheery than scary... but just right for Halloween! In previous years we have shared the Black Bird and the Black Cat Applique Blocks. Over the next two weeks we will share the directions and patterns for the Stacked Pumpkins and the Cheery Sunflower Applique Blocks. And, for those of you that are enjoying our coloring pages, we will be sharing all of these as coloring pages, too.

The Black Bird Applique can be found HERE.

The Black Cat Applique can be found HERE.

The Stacked Pumpkins Applique can be found HERE.

The Cheerful Sunflower Applique can be found HERE.

Black Bird Coloring Page - Coming Soon.

Black Cat Coloring Page can be found HERE

Stacked Pumpkins Coloring Page can be found HERE.

Cheery Sunflower Coloring Page can be found HERE. ...Read more

Renaissance Festival 2014

One of our family's autumn traditions is enjoying a day at the Renaissance Festival. The last weekend of the season always includes a "school day" when the tickets are much more affordable and the crowds are much sparser. Although Daddy had to work this year, we convinced Gammy and Othy to join us in the fun. It was a beautiful 75 degree, partially sunny day, perfect for walking around and taking in the sites. There is so much eye candy and food for the imagination at the Renaissance Festival... not to mention some very entertaining people watching. We wanted to share a bit of the magic with everyone.


Shopping at the Renaissance Festival

We met some lovely venders... some who even knew us. We can't help but feel a little giddy when we run into a fan in real life. We came home with a few new treasures including a staff, a wand, a crossbow, and unicorn horns.


Playing at the Renaissance Festival

Non motorized rides, jousting, sword fighting, axe throwing, archery... there is...Read more

Sarah's Silks Halloween Give-Away :: Gift Cards

Comments are now closed. Congradulations Sarah Mahan and Heather! Please email me your contact information within three days to claim your prize.

Use the code GREENHALLOWEEN and save 10% off your next order until October 15.

Thanks for the chance to win. My son wants to be a lion for Halloween. We've just discovered silks since started a waldorf preschool


My oldest will be a dementor from Harry Potter, my middle daughter will be a monkey and my youngest will be a duck. My middle child was wearing her custom for most of the day after church today.

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Wrapped Rope Jewelry

I had some yarn left over from making this Tooterphant. It is NOT my pattern. HERE is the link to the Etsy shop where you can purchase the crochet pattern. HERE is the link to my blog post where you can find more photos of the Tooterphant plus directions for adding felt eyes. 

Like I said, I had some of the yarn left over. Too little to make any project but too pretty to throw away! The yarn is King Cole Splash Double Knitting Yarn from Silsden, U.K. I bought mine a few years ago from an online shop in England. You may now be able to find some in the states, but not sure. It feels like a sock weight, but you can use any yarn scraps.

I also received this beautiful leather sculpted leaf ornament as a gift from the Etsy shop Mythical Designs. I didn't want to just hang it up somewhere... so I decided to incorporate it into a necklace....Read more

Birthday Girl in a Magical Birthday Dress

Last week my baby turned 8! This weekend, a wee bit late, we gathered to celebrate with her. We first ate at her favorite restaurant... a Mediterranean place where she loves the hummus, garlic dip, and lamb shawarma. She is an amazing free spirit and was showered with gifts that speak to her. Art supplies, fairy toys, and twirly dresses were all joyful unwrapped. Happy Birthday Pixie Girl!

One thing to note though is the dress. The dress! This amazingly super twirly dress was made by Gammy for Pixie's third birthday and has been worn by her for almost every birthday celebration since, along with numerous weddings. Gammy combined two different patterns, one for the bodice and one for the twirly skirt in making this dress. But I'm not quite sure how Pixie has pulled off 6 birthday celebrations in the same dress, considering how much she has grown. As you can see below it was a wee bit big the first year but there is something magical about this dress and it just continues to fit. Eventually we will need to re-purpose the dress to keep the tradition alive. I think...Read more