Funky Falling Leaves Wall Hanging

I’m totally in love with my latest endeavor. All the projects I post please me (alas, those that don't will never receive their 5 minutes of fame on our blog!), but every now and then I make something that I could never part with. My new Falling Leaves Wall Hanging has just bumped out an older piece of artwork for a prime location on my wall!

I think I may have mentioned in passing that we are partnering with Prairie Point Junction on a totally awesome Holiday Giveaway. (BTW... PPJ's Julie is so totally patient and delightful to work with!) I can't wait to share... but that will have to wait a couple more weeks. ANYWAY... that project is going to have mitered corners. In preparation for that project I knew I needed to do a tutorial on the “mitered corner” and this Wall Hanging was born out of that simple idea. My first thought was to make a placemat but that would have required a full set to be useful. I've been asked several times now “What do you do with all those Applique blocks?”...Read more

Gnome Fabric

This past spring my SIL sent me a suprise gift... a gift card at Spoonflower. So cool! If you are unfamiliar with Spoonflower it is a site where you can upload your own designs and have your very own... totally original... fabric printed. Ahhh... the possibilities here are endless. This just so happened to coincide with our website revamping that I was doing. The two designs of course ended up melding and I am now the proud owner of several yards of totally cool Wee Folk Art Gnomey styled fabric.

After seeing my new stash, I'm sure you're going to want some gnome fabric of your own ;) and guess what... Spoonflower now lets us offer our original designs to others. So you too can own some super sweet Wee Folk Art Gnomey Fabric. Just check out the Wee Folk Art profile at Spoonflower.

Large Tumbling Gnome Fabric (gnomes are about 5 inches tall on an off white background)






Gnome Stripe Fabric (gnomes are about 3 inches tall on...Read more

A Word About Copyrights...

A couple of our most frequently asked questions are... "Can we sell items we make with your patterns?" and "What does copyright mean?" We are in the process of finishing up Wee Folk Art's official "Q & A" link, which will answer those questions and a bunch more. In the meantime, we've been having a discussion with one of readers who asked if we could send her some business cards so she could hand them out at a bazaar where she will be selling some items she made with our patterns. It got us to thinking two things: First, we really need to finish our Q & As. It will save us tons of time :) And, we should share a PDF of our business cards for anyone that needs them or just wants to carry some Wee Folk Art in her pocket :) 

Here is an excerpt from our Q & As that address these two questions:

All of your patterns say Copyright. What does that mean? All of our patterns and directions are original. Although the “concepts” cannot be copyrighted… hey, who would own the copyright on a doll or a coaster? BUT, the patterns, directions,...Read more

Project Flashback - Stiff, Fabric Ghosts

Here is another Autumn Project Flashback from Wee Folk Activities. The kids and I made these Stiff, Fabric Ghosts last Halloween. Although pictured outside, we ended up taken them indoors where they spent the season haunting our dining room. Enjoy this fun, spooky craft.

Pumpkin Thumbprint Cookies

(This post is a look into the inner workings of Kimara. Avert your eyes if you are squemish.) So, we all know about my hour long phone call yesterday, and how it turned in a bit of a paint debacle, which proceed into some colorful doodling, which, given the fact that it could, resulted in a blog. With me so far? Okay, so Hootie comments saying the 5 pumpkins on the wall reminded her of her MIL because she was a preschool teacher and use to do this poem all the time. Which, because I lead a very small life, tickles me senseless, because being an ex-preschool teacher, that's exactly what I was thinking about when I lined up those 5 pumpkins. Which, naturally made me want to share the poem, so I popped on FaceBook and posted the poem... which was received quite well I may add. Okay, so a paint spill now becomes two different postings. So... there's always a so, isn't there... sooooo.... I'm sitting there this afternoon thinking about the pumpkin thumbprints, which gets me to thinking about our Christmas Thumbprint cookies, which makes me think that there is no reason in this entire world why I shouldn't make...Read more

Thumbprint Pumpkins

What happens when you combine a compulsive doodler, orange paint and an hour long phone conversation? A gaggle of pumpkins, of course! Seriously, I'm on the phone and there was my cheese box of paints sitting next to me. I was playing with the paint bottles... because compulsive doodlers are also world class "fidgeters". So, I'm popping the top of the orange paint and some squirted out. While cleaning it up with some scraps from the wastebasket, I noticed I got some on my thumb. Naturally, I needed to clean my thumb (BTW... all the while talking on the phone) so I went to rub it off on scrap paper, and although smeared, left behind a thumbprint... true story. Well, you can imagine where it goes from there!

While on the phone, I made a garland, a wreath, and a brick wall of pumpkins, and, with the help of a thin point black magic marker and a brown and gold Sharpie, turned those little pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns. So, this really isn't a tutorial, per se, but rather the sharing of a process. (BTW... a craft blog is the ONLY place in the world...Read more