Three Birdies Glass Case

Reading is fun! Should we settle for ho-hum glasses or glass cases? BAH! Our glasses and their accessories should be every bit as enjoyable as our books and bookmarks. So... here's my latest additional to our reading corner... a glass case that's sure to please young and old alike! The outer case is made of felt, while the lining is a super soft flannel. After one evening of crafting, you can get rid of your boring glass case and proudly whip out your Three Birdies and revel in the oohs and awes it produces! The directions and pattern for the Three Birdies Glass Case can be found HERE or in our FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!Read more

A Mouse in the Woods Bookmark

It's summer. Ever since I was a child summer equalled excessive reading! My tastes in reading ran the gamut of literary genres, BUT the one commonality amongst all my summer books I read was my ability to chose them for myself. These were not books selected by my teachers, although I often read books that would have pleased them, nor did they need to be books off anyone's reading list. The freedom was exhilarating! As an adult I can now chose any book I want to read at anytime, HOWEVER, there is something so sweet and self indulgent about a summer read. We take books to the beach, on vacation, and out to the hammock under the trees. I have many nooks and crannies where I can be found reading on a summer's afternoon. As a parent I enjoyed sharing summer reading with my children, and now, as a Gammy, with my grandbabies.

The picture above is a special area in our green belt at the back of our property. We refer to this area as our Serenity Garden, for obvious reasons. Although the bench is cement and does not have back support, it is still a wonderful spot to read for a...Read more

And the winner is...

The winner of our Happy Birthday Give-Away, chosen at random, is Jules.
I am in awe of all you've posted in one year.
Submitted by Jules (not verified) on Tue, 07/28/2009 - 21:07.
I love your contour clip barrette covers, and the models are adorable too!

She picked our Contour Barrettes. Jules will be able to pick 4 pairs of our barrettes which we will make especially for her. Congratulations!

We would like to thank everyone for their comments. It was interesting for us to see which crafts were requested the most. Your comments help direct our future crafting. Hopefully, this coming year we will share many more crafts that you enjoy! Read more

Happy Birthday GIVE-AWAY


EDIT: The contest is closed. Thanks for participating!

As hard as it is for us to believe, this week Wee Folk Art celebrates its 1 year anniversary! This year we've shared 378 blog entries, 18 applique blocks and 70 FREE patterns. We've learned a lot and made many new friends. All and all, it's been a great year! To help celebrate our anniversary, we are having a very special GIVE-AWAY.

And the prize is... YOU CHOOSE!!! Look over all the crafts over the past year, and pick the prize you would most like to win, and if you're the lucky winner, we'll craft it just for YOU!

To enter... simply leave a comment on this posting telling us which craft you would like to win and why. If you select something in the apparel section, we will make any item in a child's size. If color and size are a consideration, when will email you after you've won and get specifics. 

Anyone can enter. We will use the email address you provide to contact you if you've won. You may enter a 2nd time if you link to this contest on your blog. THE WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN AT RANDOM, so make sure you actually make a separate entry, linking back to your website. The...Read more

Tea Time Tokens

My friend and I are hosting a Tea for another friend's birthday. Nothing overly fancy. Just some good friends together in the gardens. I wanted to make little token gifts for everyone. After I made the Teeny Tiny Booklets I thought, "Hey, these would make cute little gifts." I bought some pink linen resume paper, made 6 for each packet, and used 24" of ribbon to tie them together. I plan to set them on each plate, and leave one out for everyone to leave a message for the birthday girl! This could easily be adopted as little gifts for children's birthday partys, using some of the great ribbons out there. Check out how to fold the booklets HERE. Enjoy! Read more

Teeny Tiny Booklets

At Christmas, Tim bought me a lovely Owl necklace. It was a bit of a theme this year… all the girls in the family got owl necklaces… which has no bearing on today's project EXCEPT… my necklace came with the cutest little 8 paged booklet. Taking it apart I realized it was a standard 8 1/2" x 11” piece of paper, folded, with just one little cut. Since that time I’ve made a million of these. I keep them in a basket, along with some colored pencils, and whenever the wee ones want to make a mini book, they are good to go. They are also great to keep tucked in your bag as a ready amusement for children, or to jot down a few notes for yourself. Another nice thing about them, since only one side of the paper is seen, you can reuse printed paper that would have just been thrown away, into useful pads of paper.

This is definitely a project suitable for children to make, just as soon as they can fold a piece of paper neatly. I’m including the...Read more