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Many blogs participate in what has come to be known as Wordless Wednesdays. This gives bloggers a chance to share photos and to rest their weary fingers. Far be it from us to follow the beaten track. We're considering instituting Wordy Wednesdays. I originally shared this story with readers on December 1, 2008 on One Generation to Another. I hope it brings a smile to your face during your hectic pre-Holiday preparations :)

For any of you that have been with me since last Christmas, you know I've already conceded that I am obsessive, and where Christmas is concerned, certifiably insane! Over the years I've created so many traditions that I need to start preparing for the Holidays in June...truth be told, I should actually begin the day after Christmas when a virtual cornucopia of perfectly good items are being marked down, but I never seem to mustard the internal fortitude necessary to battle the post Christmas crowds! My first real delve into Christmas comes in June when the women in my family go on our annual "Girl's Trip". (The Girl's Trip will require several blog entries to share hair raising adventures...Read more

Visiting My Baby

This past weekend Tim and I headed out to visit my youngest son and his wife in Wisconsin. The children always "Come Home" for the holidays, and we never get a chance to share their holiday decorations. So, this year, we took a long weekend, drove the 7 hours, and had a lovely weekend! It was wonderful seeing their "decked halls", playing with their friends, and watching them observe their own newly growing traditions. One of the things that tickled me the most was watching them make cookies. They worked side by side in the kitchen, one tackling the gingerbread dough; the other Russian Teacakes. (I'll be sharing both recipes soon.) As I watched them I couldn't help but note differences and similarities to our family traditions.

There, on their counter, was their laptop. The screen was split; gingerbread recipe on one side, Russian Teacakes on the other. And, I thought of past generations. My grandmothers seldom worked from recipes, but rather baked from memory and "feel". My mom always had a recipe book propped open in some corner of the kitchen. I print off recipes from our family website. And my children bake directly from their computer. (BTW... since my baking habits could never...Read more

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

NOTE: There is still plenty of time to share your favorite Christmas cookie with us. Just mail us the recipe, photo if you have one, and a little "background" about the cookie. Also, if you'd like your blog shared, make sure to include your URL. Then email all the info to!

I am dying to try this recipe sent in by Rachel at Olives and Yarn. I like pumpkin and I like chocolate, but I never would have thought of combining the two. Now Tim, on the other hand, would consider combining chocolate with ANYTHING! Hmmm... maybe I could actually get him to eat asparagus if I dipped it in chocolate, but I digress! Anyway, we would like to thank Rachel for sharing these yummy looking cookies. Make sure you drop by Olives and Yarn and say hi!

Here is a cookie recipe for Wee Folk Art. This is a favorite recipe in our household. They are really good, and we bake them quite frequently. The original recipe actually came from another site,...Read more

Felt and Stuffed Star Ornaments

Last year the kids and I made these Felt and Stuffed Star Ornaments for the little tree in our family room. What I loved about this project is that each generation took a different approach to the same theme. The kids had a blast decorating their felt stars with glitter glue and sequins. I went with a more folksy Christmas in a Cabin look with my red ticking fabric. Then Gammy took the same idea and made her amazingly embroidered Trailing Vine Star.



Click here or in the Kid Crafts for the kids' and my Stuffed Star Ornament directions. Click here for Kimara's Trailing Vine Star Pattern or look for it in the Free Patterns.


 Read more

Winter Blues Buster Gift Box

Here are the final directions for finishing your Winter Blues Buster Gift Box which include the Snowmen Napkins, Scarf Napkin Rings and Snowflake Wool Penny Coasters. All the crafts are easy, with the coasters being the most time consuming, but considering they are easy peasy to make, it's hard to complain!

Snowman Napkins:
To make these, find the perfect fabric. Thick, high quality calicoes work the best. Simply follow the directions for our Rip and Tear Napkins.

Scarf Napkin Rings:
If you found a fabric that has snowmen with scarves, use the scarf color for your napkin rings. If there are no snowmen or scarves in your print, simply pick a compatible felt color. For each napkin ring, cut felt 1 1/4" x 13 1/2". Using a running stitch and 6 strands of floss, sew around the edge of the felt piece, with the stitching stopping 1" away from the two short edges. You will be topping stitching a long rectangle on the scarf. Hide loose threads inside the felt. Fringe the edge by cutting strips into the short sides of the scarf up to the top stitching. Tie the...Read more

Wreath Cookies

NOTE: There is still plenty of time to share your favorite Christmas cookie with us. Just mail us the recipe, photo if you have one, and a little "background" about the cookie. Also, if you'd like your blog shared, make sure to include your URL. Then email all the info to!

(First published 12-17-2008)

Every year we do a very informal family poll.

Question: If we can only make 3 cookies this year, what 3 do you want us to make?

Answer: There is always a variety of answers. I can be sure Michelle will include Russian teacakes, Tim ... kiss cookies, Liz...snicker doodles, Drew ... pecan tassies, Meghan ... rum balls, etc. BUT I can guarantee you, that among their top 3 "must have" cookies, every one of them will request wreath cookies. Now, I'm not proud of wreath cookies. The recipe is an off shot of your basic Rice Crispy Treat. Melt some margarine and marshmallows, toss in enough green food coloring to tint Lake Michigan, then mix with cornflakes, and there you have it folks. Not a stroll down Epicure Lane! It does, however, appeal to the plebeian tastes...Read more




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