Happy Mother's Day from Our Family to Yours!

Fairy, Michelle, Pixie and Bug

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Patchwork Pots for Mother's Day

Using the same directions as the Patchwork Pot, Bug, Fairy and Pixie were busy making flower pots for their mommy for Mother's Day. They needed assistance putting the trim on, and I did put the 2nd and 3rd coat of Mod Podge on for them, but they picked out the fabrics, painted the rims and glued on their pieces. I think they turned out lovely! Tomorrow we are going to the nursery and buying flowers for the pots. Won't Mommy be surprised Sunday morning?!!

Patchwork Pots

There's this "thing" out there. Before you have a child, you should have a dog for a couple of years. If you can take care of it and manage not to do anything irreversibly stupid, chances are you're ready for a kid. Some logic here, I suppose! Well, I didn't do dogs, I did plants, but same premise... sort of. But when I was in college, my plants were my babies. It started innocently enough. I moved into my first dorm room with a James Taylor album in one hand and a little pilea cadierei, better known as an aluminum plant, in the other. As the year went on, I kept picking up new plants. Back then I could literally spend hours picking out a single plant. God love him for putting up with me, but that's how my boyfriend and I often spent Saturday evenings! And I bought tiny plants, that was all the I could afford. But with excessive care and nurturing, they grew and flourished, and by the time I graduated I had over 40 plants that I schlepped around with me. Kids would be a breeze!

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Future Skirts!

I just received a package with some fabric I ordered off ebay what seems like only moments ago. I couldn't believe how quickly I got it. THEN, on top of that, as a total and complete surprise, hey, we all love total and complete surprises, right, I received an adorable fat quarter! So, because I think nice jesters should be rewarded here's info about Jennifer. She has an ebay store and a website, Runner Girl Fabric. She sells great fabrics...major designers and Japanese imports. It appears she only sells in 1/2 yards but I suppose you could contact her if you needed more. Anyway... that's my way of saying, thanks for the fat quarter, Jennifer! (Store is no longer open)

Okay... so now I have 6 half yards of fabric. My plan is to turn them into simple skirts for Fairy and Pixie. Although most of you may already know how to make these little elastic gathered skirts, I'll include a tutorial when I get around to making them... hopefully, later in the week. Here's the fun fabrics I got!

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Wall flower

It was a great weekend in the garden. Tim helped turn my doodles into reality. (I use the word helped liberally... he did the lion's share of the work!) Anyway, I am beyond thrilled with the wall flower and window boxes he made. (Tim is now referring to our house as Whoville. I rather like that!) Over the next couple of weeks we will have tutorials for them over at Wee Folk Garden. If you're interested in that kind of stuff, check it out! I will make the flower into a 6" x 6" block before the week is out, too. In the meantime... I'm out in the gardens. Blogging here will be much slower for the next few weeks as the garden gets established. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather... especially us Midwesterners and everyone else in northern climates who are without our gardens for much of the year!

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Weekend in Wee Folk Garden

Lots going on this weekend in Wee Folk Garden. Stop by and check it out!Read more