Posy Peasant Babushka Doll

I woke up this morning with the flu bug that Fairy brought home earlier in the week and this inexplicable desire to design a Matryoshka doll! I'm not sure if the 2 are connected, but between naps and blowing my nose, I managed to design this Posy Peasant Babushka Doll. I'm not sure to what ends yet... but I know I want to make something 2 AND 3 dimensional. (Hmmm... perhaps a new doorstop???) And, just because I thought the drawing was so cute, I watercolored it! (Why aren't I napping?) 

I am sure the first thing I'll do is to make this up with felt, but it would also be adorable with calicoes... perhaps an applique on a skirt. And I do want to create the "nesting" aspect of the dolls, so I will design matching smaller dolls. Anyway, the couch is calling to me, so off I go! Look for the pattern for this Babushka doll in the next couple of days.     Read more

Candlewick Mushrooms

Way back in the 80s, candlewicking made a comeback. Candlewicking is an interesting Colonial craft technique where ecru thread is used to embroider designs on ecru fabric, traditionally unbleached muslin. Candlewick is the unbleached cotton thread that is used for making candles, something most Colonial families had available for use. Although you can still buy candlewicking, now tatting or crochet thread is often used; and you can even use 6 strands of ecru embroidery floss. The end results are a subtle and muted design... that reminds me of a shadow. Many of the early pieces used a series of French knots to outline imagines, creating a 3-D look, but you can use any embroidery technique you enjoy!

I always talk about my penchant to create designs that can be used in more than one way. Our applique blocks are especially suited to multitasking! For this piece I ran a copy of our Mushroom Applique Block pattern, cut apart the individual mushrooms, and played with them until I achieved a design I liked. You can recreate my design using the placement pattern or lay out your own design. The directions for this Candlewicking...Read more

Wee Folk Art Mushrooms Applique Block


While I was off on Staycation, Michelle did a great job of holding down the fort. She managed to feed the fish and water the plants! (There's a rather humorous inside joke here that bears telling at another time!) Anyway, on top of sharing a couple of projects, she also gave the site an overhaul. I LOVE the new look. We'll have some exciting news to share about it soon.

While I was "gone", mcimand asked if we could turn our new mushrooms into an applique block. Since we love pleasing our readers, it was one of the first items on my to-do list. So, we now have the Wee Folk Art Mushrooms available as an applique block. Note: The actual pattern includes the 4 mushrooms pictured in our banner. When making this block, I picked 2 of the mushrooms, #2 and #3. I blanket stitched the mushroom shapes to the block, slightly overlapping #2 over #3, then adding the spots using a running stitch. This is just an example of many ways you can use the 4 mushroom patterns. Later in the week...Read more

Fairy's Memory Bouquet


Here's our little Fairy after her performance at her recital. The theme this year was Dance Hotel and Fairy's class performed The Swimming Pool! There was lots of diving and swimming and nose plugging fun and talent, I can assure you! Here she is after the performance, looking as fresh as if she just got out of the pool, and was thrilled to be holding her flowers! (It was no coincidence that the flower was blue this year!) This is now Fairy's 2nd felt flower in her memory bouquet. Although she will have many accomplishments (she's achieved yellow belt tae kwondo), I'm reserving felt flowers for the times in her life we would normally give her flowers. I have also started a "Memory Bouquet" scrapbook which will document her accomplishments through her growing bouquet. It also has instructions for how to make this flower, and I'll design a new flower for each event. If you would like to start your own memory bouquet or turn this flower into a brooch, check out our FREE PATTERN. Enjoy!

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Memory Bouquet

Although I'm not "officially" back until Monday, I was just finishing up a project for Fairy and I thought I'd share a little. Last year Fairy was in her first dance recital. Tell me if there is anything cuter than a 3 year old in a tutu!!! I wanted to get her flowers... all dancers deserve flowers after a performance, right? Anyway, after giving it some thought, I decided that flowers die after a few days and there's nothing left but stinky water! So, I started one of those "traditions" that I might come to regret later (Tim and I have 5 children... so far only 1 of them has procreated... what I do for 3 grandbabies now seems reasonable, if that eventually turns to 15+ these "traditions" may seem excessive!) Anyway, I decided instead of buying fresh cut flowers, I would make a felt flower to commemorate the big events in her life. Saturday is her 2nd dance recital and I've finished her 2nd felt flower. They may not look like much now, but just think how the bouquet will eventually look with a couple dozen flowers. When I return next week, I...Read more

USAF Roundel Applique

I have added a USAF Roundel Applique Patch to our Free Appliques Database. This one was not designed to fit on our standard 6 inch squares but instead I made it 7 inches wide to fit nicely across my son's shirt. Of course you can reduce the size if you would like to make a square from it. I love how patriotic this applique and outfit turned out. He loves it so much he wore it two days in a row.

Note: Roundels are the images painted on planes to identify which country the aircraft is from. They are called roundels because most of them are round.




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