Oak Leaf Applique Block

Our pool came down this weekend... along with many leaves. Early for both. In many ways I have thoroughly enjoyed our summer... temps well below the norm, which suits me fine. But I'm afraid this unseasonably cooler summer has wreaked havoc on our gardens. We have never had a less bountiful garden. I hope our regional farmers fared better than we did!

But on a happier note... fall is in the air... and being my very "favoritest" season... I'm giddy with the anticipation of bonfires, hot cider, and leaf piles! Today I'm sharing another leaf. This is our Oak Leaf Applique Block. We have a treed yard, but unfortunately not a single oak tree. I had to wander over our property line to collect leaves off my next door neighbor's lawn so I could trace one. Fortunately, there's plenty of leaves to go around. As always, this pattern was designed for a 6" x 6" block, but can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. The pattern for the Oaf Leaf Applique Block can be found HERE or in our FREE Applique Patterns. Enjoy!  


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Maple Leaf Applique Block


Although the calendar may still say August... supposedly the hottest month of the year... the temperature says fall... and it's been this way for the past week. Now, I'm a fall person, so I'm alright with this, but it does make me feel like I better get a move on and get my fall and Christmas crafting underway! Nothing says fall in the Midwest like, well, our falling leaves! So I thought it would be appropriate to wander out the back door, scoop up a couple of leaves... trace them... and turn them into applique blocks. Leaves can be used in so many different fall projects. Use them as appliques on quilts and t-shirts. Or cut out pairs, embroider them, then blanket stitch them together. They can to thrown hither and yon, turned into brooches, or glued to picture frames. The possibilities are endless!

Today I'm sharing our Maple Leaf Block Applique. Although the leaf I traced is still green, I gave it fall colors for the block. As with all blocks, this was...Read more

Mischief and Mayhem

When the grandbabies went home yesterday, I stumbled upon this grisly scene! Bodies strewn about, furniture over turned, trees uprooted by their very roots! What could have caused such massive destruction? Upon closer inspection, the perpetrator of this gruesome massacre was discovered... (key foreboding music...) A T-Rex had entered the Thicket causing mischief, mayhem, and untold casualties! (I did notice that the trolls, the gnomes' normal nemesis, were no where to be seen. Coincidence? I think not!)

Since reconstrution efforts will be extensive, I decided this was probably a fine time to help the gnomes ready their home for the Fall! Although last year we shared many Fall gnome crafts, there are several more to be shared this year. Watch for them!  

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Wee Folk Activities

Most of you know that Michelle home schools her three children. Bug is 6, Fairy is 4 and Pixie is 2. She's had a very lovely blog over at Natures Way Learning where she shared curriculum ideas, activities and other family happenings. We have decided to more closely link Wee Folk Art with her site, and because of that, she's done a complete revamp of her site, and has even changed its name to Wee Folk Activities. Although she will still discuss curriculum from time to time, the focus will be the activities the children are directly involved in. Whereas Wee Folk Art's crafts are mostly geared to parents, Wee Folk Activities will focus on child created crafts and experiences. A perfect example is The Harvest Quilt she blogged about yesterday. I won't take the time here to tell you about the quilt, but rather send you over to her site! You'll notice a similar feel between the sites, but it is still uniquely hers.

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Calico Flower


If you're not into flowers, I'm sure it seems like we've really been belaboring this whole "Rolled Flower" thing. We had our Rolled Calico Flower and our Rolled Felt Flower and now... our Calico Flower. We created this last tutorial because of a request made by Sally.

My daughter and her fiance are getting married this fall. This is the 2nd marriage for both of them although they are both in their 20s. She did not have a wedding her first go around, but he did. They've themed their wedding "Second time around". Everything has to be used. The bridesmaids are to have casual dresses and need to shop at 2nd hand shops. Even my daughter is insisting on a used dress and very casual. She doesn't want flowers but agreed to a, you guessed it, used bouquet. I've been looking around for a bouquet, but can't find anything that I can see my little girl carrying. Do you think if I could convince her to let me make some calico flowers, there would be a way to stick them on stems? Sorry this post...Read more

Rolled Felt Flower

The other day I shared pictures of two Rolled Flowers. First, the Rolled Calico Flower, then the Rolled Felt Flower. Although they are both put together in the same general way, there are a few differences to account for the different fabrics used. Although I like them both very much, I must admit I adore the Rolled Felt Flower the most, which should come as no surprise to any of our readers! So, here are the directions for The Rolled Felt Flower. Enjoy!Read more