Pixie's Party Purse

One of the very first patterns we shared with our readers over a year ago was our Treasure Pouch. It was meant to be a spare pocket for the wee ones when they went on walk-abouts. It was made out of felt and flannel. They still use them constantly, but since that time I've kept looking at them thinking... "Hey, with the right fabric, we could really dress up that pouch". Well... for Pixie's birthday, I made the annual party dress and decided she needed a Party Purse. So, I grabbed the Treasure Pouch pattern as a starting point, and tweaked a little here, added and little there, and wah lah... our newfangled Party Purse! Directions for Pixie's Party Purse can be found HERE or in our FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!


Wooden Apple Orchard Tutorial

To make this apple orchard you will need to use a scroll saw, a dremel and a drill. I am a VERY novice woodworker, and have no tips or suggestions for how to use this equipment. I'm learning as I go, trying to be as careful as possible, but would not even begin to try to teach someone how to do this stuff. I'm having this total tension issue with the saw blades and keep breaking them. But I will get the hang of it, and I will get better.

So, here's the deal on the instructions. (Hmmm... think I'm giving a disclaimer!!!) Basically, I'm giving you the pattern that I designed. I'll tell you what I did, even share some lovely photos, BUT, this is not instructions on how to use the tools. I'm thoroughly enjoying this, and finding it easy, with delightful results. BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

I used pine to make my apple orchard. Many of the wooden toys you buy are made out of hard woods like maple, walnut, cherry, etc. So far I've only worked with pine for several reasons. First, we had some in the garage. (Love raiding Tim's stash!!!)...Read more

Ahoy Matey!

Dress up clothes are played with daily around here. The box that is supposed to contain them is usually dumped all over the library floor in the kids' attempt to find some magical accessory that must always be at the very bottom of the bucket. Since they love dress up... planning their Halloween costume is a favorite activity. They spend hours imagining all the cool characters they could become. Planning starts, oh in July probably, with a final choice made in September.

Bug is enthralled with pirates at the moment (a nice change of pace for us... I was having a hard time listening to any more Star Wars talk). For the last few weeks I've heard about his needing a pirate shirt every day. This weekend I was able to sit down and work on it for him. I didn't have a pattern, just a vague idea of what I wanted it to look like and an old, stained piece of muslin with which to work. I'm not really sharing a pattern per se, there was a whole lot of fudging going on... but I am going to walk you through my thought...Read more

Fans of Wee Folk Art

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Woven Spider Wheel Stitch

We got a question from one of our readers about the Woven Spider Wheel Stitch. And although the diagram we have in the glossary is the "textbook" picture, I have found a few tricks that make this stitch not only a breeze, but fun! And since this has become one of my all time favorite stitches, and one I use often, I thought I'd take a few minutes and write up instructions of how to successfully make this stitch. So, if you're interested in getting the down and dirty on the Woven Spider Wheel Stitch, check it out HERE. Enjoy!Read more

Apple Tree Applique Block


It's fall and that means a trip... nay... many trips to our local apple orchard. Actually, we are very fortunate, in our area there are several apple orchards and cider mills to choose from. My son Drew, and his wife Meghan, moved to Wisconsin a few years ago and have been searching high and low for a true, honest to goodness working cider mill, with pick your own apples, wagon rides, and hot, freshly made donuts, but have yet to find one. But we have them in abundance... and they're close enough to go to for cider and hot donuts... OFTEN! Which, in and of itself is lovely, but a bit problematic to my thighs! Anyway... I could hardly get through the season without sharing a felt applique apple tree. Last year I discovered the embroidery stitch the Woven Spider Wheel, and have used it often for flowers BUT it totally excels as apples! Make sure to "weave tightly" (I went under 26 spokes) and your apple will take on a lovely 3 dimensional look. (BTW... I added grass as an afterthought using 6 strands of floss and a simple straight stitch. You will not see that on the pattern, but easy enough to add...Read more