Fairy Flower Carpet

What could more fun than frolicking in the flowers? Our Flower Fairies planted a lovely flower bed for Britta and here family. But you can put this flower fairy carpet anywhere. Planting it outside a doll house will show your wee ones that spring has sprung. Make it to fit a shelf then add bud vases with real flowers. This carpet is so easy it seems silly to give directions, but silly person that I am... the directions are in the FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!Read more

Flower Fairies

Britta awoke to the smell of hyacinths and daffodils. That could only mean one thing. Spring had finally come to The Thicket and the Flower Fairies had returned!

Whether you have a gnome house or just a little nook and cranny that Flower Fairies would like to inhabit, these little sweeties are a welcome addition to any home. The mother flower fairy, along with her little bud, will bring a smile to the faces of the wee ones in your life. 

The directions and patterns are available in our FREE Open Patterns. Start by making the flower fairies with the patterns provide, then get crazy and with little tweeking and alterations, the flower fairies can become as unique as the flowers in your own garden. Because this is such a quick, easy project, it won't be long til you have a bouquet of Flower Fairy Friends. Enjoy!  Read more

One Generation to Another


For the past couple of months, I have been on a hiatus from my other blog, One Generation To Another. I know I have a lot of readers here at Wee Folk Art that often visited One Gen. I just wanted to let those readers know that One Gen is up and running again! So, if you were a reader, come on back. If you've never made your way over, I'd love to have you!                                    

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Spring Gnome House


I've finished decorating the gnome house for spring. Below you can see the projects that we will be sharing. We will take you through the whole process including treating the wood and putting up decorations. There will be patterns for the felt flower garland on the bridge, spring sleeping bags, crocheted braided rugs, striped quilt, Britta's fabric stash, needle felted gnome babies, the flower petal rug, the flower banner, and of course, the Flower Fairies. Tomorrow, I will put up the pattern for the Flower Fairies. What, you don't have a gnome home? No problem. Most of these projects can be used with any dollhouse or simply made for your child's favorite nook and cranny. So, plan to join us in making one project or all of them!

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Where are the fairies?

There are 6 flower fairies frolicking among the flowers. Can you find them? Spring has hit the Thicket and the flower fairies have returned! Britta has been busy getting the house ready for the warmer months ahead.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing various projects for the Gnome House. Although we are making them for our Gnome Home, many of them can be made for any doll house or simply free play. There will be directions for the flower carpet, flower fairies, a spring quilt, a flower banner, a felt flower garland, braided rugs, and much more. Check back often and watch as the Gnome House comes alive with the best of Spring!

Contour Clip Barrette Covers

I am notorious for losing, oh, let's call it misplacing, things. My son has a Montblanc pen. He's had it forever. NEVER give me anything of value unless it is screwed to my person. I go through pens and pencils like they were kleenex. I have no idea what I do with them... they just disappear. I'm also awful with hair clips. Pairs of barrettes soon become solos. So I can hardly get upset with young children for losing their hair clips. For that reason, when making barrettes for Pixie and Fairy, I wanted some that were super quick and easy to make, so when they inevitably get lost, it's no big deal.


Today, I'm sharing apattern for felt covered contour barrettes. They are cheap to buy, quick to stitch up, and cute as can be. The thing I like about my design is the "hood" in the back. Unlike barrette covers that can slide out of the cover, this design will keep the barrette snug as a bug in a rug! I plan to make a mountain more, but I did want...Read more