Favorite Fall Recipes - Caramel Apple Pie

Squirrel Acorns and Wee Folk Art started about the same time over a year ago. In that past year, Tina has shared several recipes. I have made most of them, and I can personally attest to the fact that each was yummy. Today, I am very pleased to share Tina's recipe for Caramel Apple Pie. I haven't made this yet, (I can guarantee I will), but going on past successes, I'm sure this is going to be delicious... and more than slightly decadent! Thank you so much, Tina, for sharing this recipe. Make sure to visit Tina at Squirrel Acorns and have a look around! There is still plenty of time to share one of your favorite fall recipes. Just send it to weefolkart@yahoo.com, include a little bit about the recipe, and if you have a blog and would like a link back to it, make sure to include your site info!

My favorite cooking has always been baking, so of course my favorite fall recipe is a baking recipe! For me, fall is all about apples. Yummy apples. A nice apple crisp is a wonderful, tasty, quickie fall dessert. But sometimes, it’s really nice to just go all out and make an awesome pie. I like to prepare several pies using disposable pie pans, and then wrap them up and freeze them (before cooking). Then, you can pull a pie out of the freezer and have a delicious apple pie at any time of year. Although, they are usually gone by Christmas. I use the same instructions to bake them from the freezer, they may just take a little bit longer. This pie has a lot of filling, so definitely use a deep dish pan. I think I got this recipe originally from a magazine a long time ago, but to be honest, I’m not sure where.

Also, my new-favorite way to make crust from scratch is from Cook’s Illustrated. It’s a butter+shortening version, and you use part vodka instead of all water. It’s awesome. The additional vodka allows the crust to be pliable enough to easily roll out, but it then evaporates during cooking so you’re left with a really flaky crust. Mmm…..I think I need to make pie this weekend.

Caramel Apple Pie

Prep time: 1 hour

Cooking time: 1 hour 15 minutes to 1-1/2 hours

1 prepared 9” pie crust

Caramel Streusel Topping
9 Tbs. butter or margarine, room temperature
1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/3 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
1/2 cup almond brickle chips or toffee bits (e.g. Heath bar bits but not the kind with chocolate)

6 or 7 apples (I like two or three varieties, Granny Smith+Cortland+another) – 2 ½ pounds
3/4 cup almond brickle chips or toffee bits
1/3 cup sugar
1 Tbs. cornstarch
1/8 tsp. salt
2 Tbs. butter or margarine

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine butter, flour, sugar and brickle bits for topping. Form mixture into two balls and refrigerate.

Peel and core all apples. Cut each apple into quarters, then halve each quarter (so you end up with eight slices per apple). Toss apples with brickle chips, sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Spoon into crust. Cut butter into 1/4 inch pieces and place over apples. Break topping into pieces over apples.

Bake 20 minutes. Loosely cover pie with tent of foil with a quarter sized hole in middle. Continue baking 1 hour or until bubbly and crust is golden.

Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lanterns

Do you ever feel like you're a character in Rocky Horror Picture Show? I feel like I'm doing the Time Warp. I've been making fall crafts... but I have to start on Christmas... and there is a special project I'm working on for Spring! Uh, what day is it?

Okay, focus, Kimara... fall... Halloween... Christmas stockings... no, no, no. HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN. Okay, I'm back. Halloween. So... here is my completed Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lantern. If you were over at Wee Folk Activities last week, hmmm... was it just last week? Anyway... if you were over there, you would have seen the Jack-O-Lanterns Bug, Fairy and Pixie made for Trick-or-Treating. I started mine last week... at least I got it primed and painted, but I finished it up today. I got the idea for these last spring when I turned some paint buckets into planters for my front steps.

Although the Jack-O-Lanterns themselves do not take a lot of time... the leaves aren't even embroidered, can you believe I ACTUALLY let felt go unembroidered?... but you do need to allow for plenty of drying time. So, if you would like to make your own Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lanterns for trick-or-treating or household decorations, get started soon. I plan to use mine as a decoration Pre-Halloween, then use it as my candy bucket for handing out treats. The directions for the Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lanterns can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Enjoy!

Favorite Fall Recipes - Lentil and Root Vegetable Soup

It is funny to see how many people think "soup" when they think fall. Makes sense. After a day in chilly weather, not only are we looking for nourishment, we want warmth and foods that hug us! I would like to thank Megan for sharing her recipe for LENTIL AND ROOT VEGETABLE SOUP and her story of how it became a family favorite. This is a vegetarian soup, but whether your family is vegetarian or not, it is nice to plan one or two meals a week that are meatless. When soups sound as yummy and hardy as this, I'm sure even the die-hard meat eaters will love it! Make sure you visit Megan over at  Ducks In A Row. It's always nice when friends, even new ones, drop in! Remember, if you have a favorite fall recipe you would like to share, email it to us at weefolkart@yahoo.com.

I stumbled across this recipe in one of my myriad of cooking magazines (I don't recall which one) but it has become a fall staple in my family. It features vegetables that are still growing in my garden this time of year and it's hearty in spite of being meatless.

If it weren't for this soup I still may not know what a leek or a parsnip look like. Seriously. I had to read the signs in the produce section to find all the ingredients for this soup the first time I made it! I guess because, with the exception of Sunday dinners, the meals of my childhood consisted of easy entrees (we ate a lot of Hamburger Helper) and we didn't have a garden - I just never learned much about the more obscure vegetables.

Now that I have a family of my own and a garden of my own, I'm thoroughly enjoying using a variety of fresh food to create meals and ensure that my daughter is familiar with ALL the items in the produce section!

LENTIL AND ROOT VEGETABLE SOUP (I'd rate this recipe as easy)

1/3c. parsnip, peeled and chopped
1/3c. potato, peeled and diced
1/4c. green onions, chopped
1/4c. leek, chopped (white part only)
1/4c. carrot, chopped
1/4c. celery, chopped
2t. olive oil
1 can vegetable broth
1c. canned, diced tomatoes
1/3c. dried lentils, rinsed
1/4c. dry red wine or vegetable broth
1t. Worcestershire sauce
1/3c. fresh cilantro, minced

Heat the oil in a dutch oven or large saucepan and saute the parsnip, potato, onions, leek, carrot and celery for 3 minutes.

Add the broth, tomatoes, lentils, wine and Worcestershire and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 40-55 minutes until lentils are tender.

Just before serving, stir in cilantro..

Christmas Corner - Christmas Tree Applique Block


Although we are not done sharing fall crafts, we all know if we want to get things done in time for the holidays, we have to start now (or in July if you're really together!) So, we would like to share our first item in our Christmas Corner. We mentioned in an earlier post that we planned to take a simple applique design and show how to use it in many different ways. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing many different projects using this basic Christmas Tree design. We will also have a wonderful give-away which we will be sharing soon. You may decide to make one of the projects or many. Either way, I think it will be fun using different materials to craft different projects using the same design.

Today, we are sharing a basic applique block. As always, this was designed to fit a 6" x 6" block but can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. It can be crafted plain, snow can be added to the branches, or you can even add ornaments with buttons or embroidery stitches. The pattern for our Christmas Tree Applique block can be found HERE or with our FREE Appliques. Watch for our first variation soon. Enjoy!


Note about patterns: We are sharing patterns we have designed and made for our own children, families and friends. Every effort is made to share information in a clear and accurate manner. We offer preemptive apologies for any mistakes that may be made. Please let us know via comments or emails if you stumble upon a mistake or if you encounter directions that leave you scratching your head! We will rectify the situation as soon as humanly possible!

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Favorite Fall Recipes - Gypsie Soup

When I first meet Tim, I told him most of my family's favorite meals were soups. He had this quizzical look upon his face... which for some reason he often has when talking to me... and said he just didn't think of soup as a meal. After I made him my first soup... thick and rich... wholesome and filling... he changed his mind. I LOVE getting other people's favorite soup recipes. I want to thank Laurie Anne for her recipe for Gypsy Mermaid Soup and sharing her soupy story! The soup sounds great and I can't wait to try it. Make sure to stop by Laurie Anne's Blog, The Rebel Blossom, (edit: this blog is no longer active) and say "hi"! Remember, if you have a favorite fall recipe you would like to share, email it to us at weefolkart@yahoo.com.

This recipe has been in my family for many years now but it was never on paper...every time someone makes it, they tweak it and it tastes a little bit different.
I remember my Nanny Ilda making it while I sat at the table with my grandpa Jerry {who was a sailor} and he would tell me stories of his travels...I was always captivated by him and his stories. This led to my nickname of 'gypsy mermaid' and the soup my grandma made was dubbed Gypsy Mermaid Soup. I don't know exactly what was in it but I did find a soup recipe that seemed similar and have tweaked it to taste 'almost' exactly like Nanny Ildas. It's Divine...
So here goes:

Gypsy Mermaid Soup

Saute in Pan:

3 Tblsp Olive Oil
2 cups Onion chopped
4 medium Garlic cloves, chopped
Cook until Onion becomes translucent

Then add:

1 cup of Mild Sausage chopped, or small cooked Shrimp
Cook for two minutes

Now add:

1 stalk Celery chopped
3 medium Tomatoes peeled, seeded and chopped.
Cook for 2 minutes and remove from heat.

In a Large Pot:

4 cups of water or vegetable or chicken stock
1 cup Sweet Potato cubed
1 cup white Potato cubed
2 large Carrots sliced


1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Turmeric
Dash of Cinnamon
Dash of Cayenne
2 Bay Leaves
Bring to a boil then reduce to simmer until Potatoes are done, check doneness with fork.

Now add Sauted mixture to the Pot and
1/2 cup Fresh Cilantro chopped ( Italian flat leaf Parsely may be used here instead )
1 can Chick Peas rinsed and draine
Give everything a good stir to combine flavours and Cook for 5 minutes.

Serve with alot of warm fresh crusty bread, a glass of good wine and reminisce of Autumns past..

Peace and Love! x

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