Pixie Had to Share

Fresh off my sewing table, Pixie had to share her Cupcake Outfit. She insisted I took photos of her once she had it on. Who am I to say no?

Obviously this is not another Eight Panel Skirt. After the first year of having two girls I quickly realized that I did not like dressing them in matching outfits. Coordinating, yes. Matching, no. Poor Pixie would outgrow her dress only to fit into Fairy's and was seemingly always in the same outfit. So instead of the skirt, she got a ruffled shirt and capri pants modified from the Simplicity Pattern 9786.

This is a super easy pattern that I have made in the past (check out this link to see Fairy wearing the top). I added a ruffle to the bottom of the shirt pattern. Then for the pants, I cut out a size 2 but trimmed the length of the pant legs at the 1/2 size hem line and then of course I added ruffles to make the pants capri length.

I have a very happy Pixie now!



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Handkerchief Bandanna

What could be more summery than lounging on your favorite deck chair with your hair pulled back in a bandanna? Bandannas are a mainstay around here. Whether it is an old fashioned bandanna quickly tied around your head, a reversible bandanna meant to match multiple outfits, or the delicate bandanna featured above, bandannas are both functional and fun!

We like to add covered elastic to the back of our bandannas. This makes it easier for little kids to put on, and stops that pesky hair pulling at the base of your nape! In our FREE Open Patterns we are sharing the directions for making your own bandanna in a child and adult size. Directions are given for the handkerchief bandanna because it is the most difficult, but after you master the basics... which are easy peasy... you'll have a bandanna to match all your outfits! This pattern also includes the instructions for the lavender bunch embroidery, but any embroidery pattern would work just fine. Whether you embellish your bandannas or leave them plain, you'll be singing their praises before long. Check out our pattern for the Kerchief Bandanna. Enjoy! ...Read more

Cup-Pa-Cake Skirt

The Eight Panel Princess Skirt Directions are now ready. You can find them in Free Patterns Section.

I made this one in some sweet Kaufman Confections fabric that Fairy just had to have the last time we were at Joann's. Since they were not on sale, Gammy only got 1/2" yard of each but Pixie was devastated when she saw the fabric on the cutting table and learned that it was intended for Fairy (she has been asking for her own "CupPaCake"). So we will be getting more. This skirt is intended for Fairy... hence the super long length on Pixie. But Fairy is appropriately at Princess Camp atm (dance school) and Pixie was more than happy to model it for us this morning.





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Eight Panel Princess Skirt and More

I've been busy, busy this week with lots of time spent at the sewing machine trying to finish up all of my summer projects before our summer trips. One that I'm totally in love with is this Eight Panel Princess Skirt made especially for Fairy. I don't think she knows how good she has it... anything she dreams up and wallah... Gammy or Mommy set off to make it for her. Anyway, she picked out the fabric, it has her mandatory pockets (this one has hidden side seam pockets) lots of twirly goodness and ruffles. I will get the pattern up sometime this week.

I have also been playing with hair accessories. Fairy is wearing a stretchy headband and Pixie is sporting a stretchy bandanna... both of which I will be sharing shortly.

And last but not least... if I find the time (I will have to make another to take photos... twist my arm ;) )... I will try and get Pixie's Tie Shoulder Dress Directions written up as well....Read more

Babusha Doll Skirt


There are babushka dolls and then there are babushka dolls! Here's our little doll wearing a skirt her mom just made for her. The fabric is gorgeous... a Kokka babushka doll print! Michelle used our basic Elastic Gathered Skirt Directions with a few alterations. First, Fairy insisted there were pockets. Hey, I can't exist without pockets, can't expect her to either! Michelle also wanted to make it longer. She added an additional 8" of contrasting fabric to the original pieces, and then followed the rest of the directions. As for the pockets, she tells me she just "winged it". A very easy way to make pockets is to decide on the size you want for each pocket, and add an additional 1/2" seam allowance all around. (So, if you want a pocket 5" x 7", cut the fabric 6" x 8") Cut 2 pieces of fabric for each pocket. Put right sides together and using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew around leaving a 2" opening. Trim the corners, turn right side out and press. (You do not need to sew up the opening.) Position the pocket where you want...Read more

Babushka Doll Applique

I decided I needed a lot more "bling" to give my babuskha doll that traditional matryoshka "feel". I sorta just started embroidering and kept going! Anyway, here she is... waiting her final destination... which I haven't decided on, so she isn't sewn onto anything yet! But I am done with the directions, so if you're interested in making your own babushka doll, she's good to go!

Just a couple of FYIs. First, this doll measures 9" but you can enlarge or reduce her to meet your needs. If you'd like to make multiple dolls in decreasing size, place the original patterns in your printer and reduce at 90%, 80%, 70% etc. until you get the set you like. Also, if you look at any traditional babushka dolls, you'll notice that the paint jobs are not perfect. If your eyes are crooked, if your smile is askew... well, that's more or less traditional, so don't panic! Also, the faces on traditional matryoshka dolls become more and more simplistic as they get smaller, so follow suit when embroidering faces.

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