Dolly Sweater - Good to Go

I have completed the Small Doll Sweater and added it to our Free Patterns Section. It was custom designed to fit our 12" Waldorf style dolls (made from kits from Weir Dolls). When I get a chance I do plan to work on a larger size for bigger dolls... but that may be awhile. The TO-DO LIST is long and mighty.

Show and Tell Fridays

I wanted to share these great needlework pieces I recently dug out of storage. My mom made these while she was pregnant with me, and they hung in my nursery. I had them out briefly in our old house, but they have sadly been packed away for the past three years. I am so happy I remembered them though, when I decided I needed some artwork for the kid's kitchen area. Aren't they adorable?!

We would also like to take this opportunity to tell everyone about something new we are beginning next Friday. We are going to have a Show and Tell. We are inviting our registered members to share projects they have completed or are working on or fun ways they have displayed their handiwork. These do not need to be Wee Folk Art projects, but rather any that you feel our readership would be interested in viewing. We will be using Mr. Linky's Magical Widgets...more info about this next week...but this will give our members a chance to show off their talents!

We are also encouraging our readers to use Fridays to ask questions and make suggestions for projects they would like to see us...Read more

Third Times the Charm

I am currently working on my third doll sweater. These are so much fun to make. Such a fast project! Love that immediate gratification. Anyway, I have made some minor adjustments each time. I still have just a little bit more tweaking to do to feel like I have finished the pattern but it will be ready soon. Look for it early next week.Read more

Heeere's Horace!


As promised, I completed the pattern and directions for our Puppy Dog Doorstop, Horace. Although I love the Kitty Cat Doorstop, Jasper, I'm a dog person, and this little guy just tickles my fancy! In the directions I included the felt and embroidery floss colors I used, but go wild with your own interpretation!

Although Horace and Jasper were designed to be doorstops, they would make wonderful softies for the wee ones! When making them as toys, leave out the beans or sand and fill to the brim with fluff! Check out the directions in our
Crafting Club Patterns. If you happen to make one of these little guys, make sure to take a pic and include on our Wee Folk Art Crafting Flickr Pool. Enjoy!...Read more

I Need a Pocket!

When I was a little girl, I learned a nursery rhyme is school called "Lucy Locket".

Lucy Locket, lost her pocket,
What a silly thing to do.
If you’re not careful, Lucy,
Next you’ll lose your shoe!

As a young child I found this so absurd. How in the world could one lose a pocket? They were a part of your clothing! How can one lose the pocket in their jeans, I ask you?

Then, many years later, while I was sitting in some humanities class in college, lo and behold, I learned that in times past, a pocket was really just a little purse, used for carrying small items. Live and learn. The nursery rhyme finally made sense to me.

There’s a point to this blog other than feeling the need to educate the masses! Our household has given up our telephone landline, and we’re only using our cell phones. That’s great but I have this nasty habit of setting my phone down and not remembering where I left it. For the past couple of years the only time I used my landline was to call and locate my cell phone! Now, with the...Read more

Meet Horace

Edit: Directions for our Doorstop Puppy can be found HERE.

Yesterday I turned my doggy doodle into our Puppy Dog Doorstop. Meet Horace. And despite common misconceptions, cats and dogs can exist harmoniously! Horace and Jasper have become fast friends and can be found skulking about, looking for mischief and mayhem. That's fine for now. Blanketed under mounds of snow, all doors and windows are sealed tight keeping the frigid, gusty winds at bay. But come spring, when the doors and windows are flung open, each will take a sentry's position at a door, thwarting the startling slamming of doors from westerly winds.

I have yet to write up the instructions...the least enjoyable process of designing...but I'll have him good to go by Monday. So, if you're interested in making this little cutey, come back then for the directions.Read more