Wrapping a Fall Gift

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go! And you certainly don't want to go empty handed. So, you make a lovely gift to bring along... say, our Wool Penny Coasters or a set of three autumn colored Knit Basket Weave Dishcloths. Now, to wrap them. There is no reason why your packaging should be any less beautiful than the gift you bring, or any less homemade!

This morning we got a last minute invite for dinner at friends. I wanted to bring them a little something, so I hit the cupboard, and grabbed a set of the Wool Penny Coasters. (Note to self... make a new set to replace these. Always nice to have a stash of last minute gifts.) But I wanted to wrap the gift to reflect the season and give it that handmade goodness. It also needed to be done with supplies I had on hand. So, I hit our stash of brown paper bags, (we use reusable grocery bags, but I occasionally brown bag it so I have a few on hand for recycling newspapers and crafting. Anyway...)...Read more

Support Handmade Holidays

Super quick "poke". I know many of our readers have Etsy and Etsy type stores where they sell lovely handmade items. I want to encourage ANY and EVERYONE that does to get their shops listed on our Handmade Holiday Directory. It's FREE, it's FUN, and it is a wonderful way to introduce your shop to other Wee Folk Art readers. I am also FaceBooking about different items daily. So, read over the rules, and join us in making this Holiday Season truly a Handmade Holiday!Read more

Advent Tree Kit Giveaway!!!

EDIT: The Giveaway is Closed. Thanks to everyone that entered!

My Busha use to say, "If you haven't gotten half your day's work done by 10:30 a.m., you'll never get it all done." Well, it's 10:30 folks, in a metaphorical Christmasy kind of way. So, we are doing an early Christmas Giveaway BECAUSE, you simply can't wait to the day before Christmas to make an Advent Calendar!

Our Advent Tree is yet another variation of our basic Christmas Tree Applique Block. The pattern has been enlarged 325%... sounds crazy, right? Why 325%? I guess that is some industry standard, but there will be more discussion about that in our directions. For the time being suffice to say, the finished Advent Tree is 24" x 28". There are painted wood buttons that meander up the tree. A wool felt star moves its way up the buttons on the tree to count-down the days to Christmas.

NOW... about the Giveaway. We are beyond excited that we are partnering with the awesome folks over at PRAIRIE POINT JUNCTION on the Giveaway. They have graciously provided 2 kits for us to Giveaway. Totally, generous, right? We certainly think so! AND, Julie, at Prairie...Read more

Christmas Shopping (Directory Invitation)

Of course you know that we strive to include as many homemade goodies in our Holiday Gift Giving as we can and know many of our readers do as well. BUT resources, skill and most of all TIME can work against us all in this endeavor. So what to do? We have become great fans of ETSY (and similar) shopping to fill in those blanks. If we can't make it, we like to support someone else who can.

So you may ask what exactly does this have to do with Wee Folk Art? We have decided to try something fun this holiday season. We are asking all of our Wee Folk Art Readers (Veteran or Newbie) who sell handmade items or crafting supplies to speak up! We want to compile a list of shops (large or small) to share with our other Wee Folk Art readers. We believe that this will be a wonderful way to join together in the fun of Handmade Gift Giving.

(PLEASE NOTE SOME EDITS) If you would like your shop to be included in the listing please send me an...Read more

Cattail Applique Block - Or how to Avoid Pre-mature Christmasing!

I don't know about anyone else, but this time of year poses a real problem for me. Every fiber of my being wants to embrace Christmas. I want to listen to Dean Martin singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and on that same note, lame as it is, I want to watch Will Ferrell's "Elf". I want to pack away all my Thanksgiving decorations with the Halloween ones, and start sneaking out stars and angels, evergreens and mangers. I want the absolutely joy instilling, peace invoking feeling of the Christmas season!

But, I stop myself. Although the Christmas Season officially opens for me when the last vestiges of our Annual Pumpkin Carving Party are  packed away, I've learned from experience, that if I pull out Christmas too soon, including the music, the Holiday itself can feel anti-climatic. Also, if not EVERYONE in your family has the same obsession with Christmas, they are apt to mutiny, and throw you, and all the Christmas trimmings overboard before Thanksgiving!

So, I've learned to bide my time. One of the ways to combat my impulses, is to throw in at least a couple more Thanksgiving and autumn crafts during the month of November. They can't be anything too big,...Read more