I've Got the Mushroom Business Card Case Blues!

We just received the new business cards that Michelle designed for us. I love them... they are so Wee Folk Artish... which, of course, they should be. So, naturally, I wanted to design a business card holder that also felt like Wee Folk Art.

For anyone not familiar with designing crafts... the projects are evolutionary. You start with an idea, you design it on paper, start making the project, tweaking the pattern as you go. Hopefully, the end results correspond with your intent. Having said that... I designed the business card holder, meticulously recording my steps, taking careful measurements, and painstakingly crafting. When I finished, I was in love! THIS is exactly how I wanted my business card holder to look. I took pictures of the front, I took pictures of the back, and I took pictures of our new cards tucked inside.

Then... the snafu! When I went to close the case... despite all my careful planning and measuring... the case was too short! It isn't the end of the world, but it is beyond frustrating. I have to redesign...Read more

And the Winner of the Christmas Card Giveaway Is...

Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions. You brought a smile to my face and a song to my heart! I didn't realize how hard it would be to decide. There were some very amusing suggestions and some touching ones. After some discussion, we decided that Christie's suggestion of...

May life's simplest blessings be yours this Christmas.

really summed up what we wanted to share this holiday. Christie, please send your snail mail address to weefolkart@yahoo.com and we'll be sending 10 Christmas cards, with your sentiment inside, for you to share.

Also, let me know if you'd like the cards simple... with only the star and snow, or more jazzed up with glitter and decorations.

Again, thanks to everyone that provided suggestions and to everyone else that simply left comments. I do hope everyone enjoys life's simplest blessings this holiday season! Read more

Favorite Fall Recipes - Potato, Cheese and Olive Casserole

This year we will be celebrating our 19th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. Although the guest list and the location have morphed over the years, there are many traditions that have come out of it that are constant. One thing is my dear friend Linda's Potato, Cheese and Olive Casserole. I am rather ashamed to admit (uh... not really) the couple of times Linda was unable to attend, I rather diplomatically suggested that she should still provide us with her yummy potatoes! So, for the past 19 years, this casserole has been a standby and always disappears quickly! I would like to thank Linda for being such a good sport and for, without fail, feeding the masses, and for sharing this recipe with us. If you have a Favorite Fall Recipe you would like to share with us, send it to weefolkart@yahoo.com. Include a little snippet about the recipe, and if you have a blog, make sure to include a link so we can all stop by!

8 medium potatoes, cooked, peeled and diced
1/2 pound sliced bacon cut in 1"  pieces
1 pound processed American cheese cut into 1" cubes
1...Read more

Christmas Corner - Christmas Tree Cards and Spur of the Moment Giveaway!

Here is our first variation of our Christmas Tree Applique Block. I wanted the use the applique to make this year's Christmas cards. Because I have so many cards to make, I wanted to keep the design rather simple. I started with a package of blank cards from JoAnns. They came packaged with 10 cards and envelopes for $3.99. Not bad. Then, I did a little tracing with a thin permanent marker, used white and gray water color pencils to add snow and shading, tied a button to the top of the tree with embroidery floss and tah-dah, a simple, but beautiful Christmas card. Want a little more pizazz? Simply add ornaments using paints, sequins, buttons, etc. to the tree and a little fine glitter to the snow to make your trees more "showy". Finally, use white or silver paint pens to write your personal message on the inside.

Here comes the spur of the moment giveaway... I'm looking for the "perfect" sentiment to write inside the card so I'm calling on all you creative, wise and witty readers, to help me out. It can be sincere or silly... there's a place for both....Read more

Favorite Fall Recipes - Caramel Apple Pie

Squirrel Acorns and Wee Folk Art started about the same time over a year ago. In that past year, Tina has shared several recipes. I have made most of them, and I can personally attest to the fact that each was yummy. Today, I am very pleased to share Tina's recipe for Caramel Apple Pie. I haven't made this yet, (I can guarantee I will), but going on past successes, I'm sure this is going to be delicious... and more than slightly decadent! Thank you so much, Tina, for sharing this recipe. Make sure to visit Tina at Squirrel Acorns and have a look around! There is still plenty of time to share one of your favorite fall recipes. Just send it to weefolkart@yahoo.com, include a little bit about the recipe, and if you have a blog and would like a link back to it, make sure to include your site info!

My favorite cooking has always been baking, so of course my favorite fall recipe is a baking recipe! For me, fall is all about apples. Yummy apples. A nice apple crisp is a wonderful, tasty, quickie fall dessert....Read more

Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lanterns

Do you ever feel like you're a character in Rocky Horror Picture Show? I feel like I'm doing the Time Warp. I've been making fall crafts... but I have to start on Christmas... and there is a special project I'm working on for Spring! Uh, what day is it?

Okay, focus, Kimara... fall... Halloween... Christmas stockings... no, no, no. HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN. Okay, I'm back. Halloween. So... here is my completed Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lantern. If you were over at Wee Folk Activities last week, hmmm... was it just last week? Anyway... if you were over there, you would have seen the Jack-O-Lanterns Bug, Fairy and Pixie made for Trick-or-Treating. I started mine last week... at least I got it primed and painted, but I finished it up today. I got the idea for these last spring when I turned some paint buckets into planters for my front steps.

Although the Jack-O-Lanterns themselves do not take a lot of time... the leaves aren't even embroidered, can you believe I ACTUALLY let felt go unembroidered?... but you do need to allow for plenty of drying time. So, if you would like to make your own Paint Bucket Jack-O-Lanterns for...Read more





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