Wall flower

It was a great weekend in the garden. Tim helped turn my doodles into reality. (I use the word helped liberally... he did the lion's share of the work!) Anyway, I am beyond thrilled with the wall flower and window boxes he made. (Tim is now referring to our house as Whoville. I rather like that!) Over the next couple of weeks we will have tutorials for them over at Wee Folk Garden. If you're interested in that kind of stuff, check it out! I will make the flower into a 6" x 6" block before the week is out, too. In the meantime... I'm out in the gardens. Blogging here will be much slower for the next few weeks as the garden gets established. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather... especially us Midwesterners and everyone else in northern climates who are without our gardens for much of the year!

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Weekend in Wee Folk Garden

Lots going on this weekend in Wee Folk Garden. Stop by and check it out!Read more

Tree Applique Block


As I said in my last blog, my mind and body have gone outside!  As the leaves on the trees begin to unfurl, I'm looking forward to the shade they provide. The Dragonfly Garden on the south side of our house is in the sun all day long. But right on the edge of the garden, there is our Fairy Forest. Often, after toiling in the garden, I wander off to sit in the shade of the Fairies' trees. This little applique reminds me of the trees and shade that soon awaits me! This applique was designed for a 6" x 6" block but can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. The pattern for the Tree Block Applique is available in here and our FREE Applique Pattern section. Enjoy!  Read more

Old Seed Project


After commenting on the previous post... I decided to pull up some project notes of a seed project Bug did a couple years ago... prior to my blogging. I can't believe that this was TWO YEARS AGO (he was four at the time). Wow... has time flown. If nothing else, it should make up a bit for my non-creative blogging as of late.

We sprouted three different seeds on a wet paper towel in a plastic baggie. We hung it on the fridge and made sure the paper towel stayed damp. Bug kept a journal of which day roots and stem were visible.

He also measured the sprouts to see which one "won" (in his mind... the bigger the better). We used 1" blocks as his standard of measurement.

This was a really fun project... great for preschoolers. They get to see the magic of the seed unfold right before their eyes... unlike when it is stuck in the dirt. I think it is time I redid it with my girls....Read more

Moving Outside

Being an obsessive person, I have a tendency to have a one track mind. And at this time of year, it is near impossible to keep me indoors. My gardens call to me, and it would be down right rude, not to answer. So, this means I tend not to craft as much during the nice weather months, and when I do, my crafts are usually used out-of-doors. Take this weekend for example. Tim and I have been knee deep in our gardens. Last week I saw some perfectly sweet plant markers at Purple Lemon Design and I knew I had to make some. (Thanks, Rachel, at One Pretty Thing for pointing me in that direction!) She has a great tutorial on how to make them, so I bow to her, and send you off to her website if you're interested! Below are a few of the markers I've made so far.

I'm big on naming things. (Check out What's in a Name and Annual Pumpkin Carving Party at my blog One Generation to Another.) We've been calling our veggie garden The Dragonfly Garden, in honor...Read more

Changes in Crafting Club

When Michelle and I first started Wee Folk Art, we planned to offer a monthly pattern that would only be available for registered users. At he time the benefits of being a registered user were access to patterns that the casual reader did not get, the ability to post comments, and the ability to include a link to your blog in your signature. Over the last few months, our direction has changed. We are allowing everyone to comment, and we aren't featuring special monthly patterns!

So... there will no longer be separate Crafting Club Patterns. All patterns will be available to everyone, and you will not need to register. We will continue to allow registration. If you'd like to include your blog in your signature or just stay logged in making commenting easier, please do. We are also hoping you will continue to share our website with your readers through a text link or include our "oh so cute" buttons on your site.

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