Butterfly Applique

Every year at this time Tim and I make plans for our yard. We always have a project or two or three or four just waiting for the nice weather, but no matter what other projects we do, we always take the time to make sure we are providing the best environment for our butterflies. We plants flowers that they like, we give them fresh water in shallow dishes daily. We cut up fruit and set it out. You might say we spoil our butterflies, as we do most living things that venture in our yard, but when you watch their beautiful flight and know their beneficial role in the ecosystem, helping them out a bit is the least we can do! But... more on butterflies later.

Today, we are sharing the Butterfly Applique from our April Applique Collection. As always it was made to fit on a 6" x 6" block but can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. The coloring page for this will be up soon! 

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Soaring Kite Coloring Page

The Kite – Kimara Wise

I wish that I was free to fly,
And bid the earth a fond goodbye,
And play among the drifting clouds,
Far above the gazing crowds.

Or travel far with feathered friends,
Beyond the scope where vision ends,
Where dreams are made with lofty thoughts,
With reason vanquished, cares are naught.

But earthbound I’ll forever be,
Flight will never set me free,
But still my heart will gladly soar,
With kite in hand, I’m out the door.

This color page is based on the Soaring Kit Applique.

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Froggie Umbrella Coloring Page


While sleep still held me in its arms,
Safe and sound, far from harm,
A raging tempest shook the eaves,
It tumbled branches, scattered leaves.

By time I woke from dream’s sweet rest,
The storm had vanished as if in jest,
And in its wake it left behind,
A gentle shower, soft and kind.

When I ventured out, the rain still fell,
The sodden earth, I did smell,
I gladly thanked the powers that be,
For my little umbrella that covered me.


The Froggie Umbrella Coloring Page can be found HERE.

The Froggie Umbrella Applique can be found HERE.

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April Appliques

April has long been a favorite month of mine. Although Spring "officially" begins in March, in our neck of the woods, April is truly the beginning of spring. There is that sense of rebirth that occurs each year, and as a child, you sense anything is possible. Plus, my birthday is in April, so it's got that going for it, too :)

Here is our collection of our FREE April Appliques. When I was designing these, each picture made me feel "springy". Sweet bunnies and birds, frolicking butterflies (although, truth be told, we won't be seeing those for a while) and the emergence of hardy flowers in the yard. Spring. Such a joyous time!

As always, these appliques were designed to fit on a 6" x 6" block, but they can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. We have already shared 2 of these appliques, but we will soon be sharing the rest, and adding coloring pages for each. We hope you find a special place to use these special FREE appliques.

To see all of our FREE appliques, visit our Applique Gallery HERE.

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DROPS Design Free Crochet Slipper Patterns

Source :: DROPS Designs

Several months ago I shared a link to some Free Knit Slipper patterns from DROPS Design on Facebook. The post went viral and I had decided to do a post on our blog to make it easier for our readers to find the patterns. You can find the post for DROPS Design Free Knit Patterns HERE.

Since that time that blog post has become wildly popular. I have received many emails and comments asking if DROPS Designs had any crochet patterns for similar boot style slippers. As it turns out, the answer is a big YES! So, for all of you crocheters that have wanted to be able to crochet the slippers, now you have a collection of awesome free crocheted boot style slipper patterns to choose from. Enjoy!

Cozies by DROPS Design Free Patterns

Sweet Spirited by DROPS Design Free Pattern

Pixie Dreams by DROPS Design Free Pattern

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Wet Felted Colorful Wool Easter Eggs


These soft and colorful wet felted eggs make a lovely addition to any spring nature table or Easter display. They look enchanting in Pixie's fairy home and her spring fairy, Ivy, is delighted with the addition.


These wet felted Easter eggs are very easy to make with kids. We make these eggs as part of our Spring Bs Homeschool Companion unit. If you would like to make more realistic wet felted wool eggs for your child's toy kitchen or if you would like to make a wet felted wool egg in which you can hide treats check out our previous post on wet felting wool eggs, Felted Eggs Directions.


  • Wool Roving in spring colors
  • Aluminum foil, plastic or foam egg for the center
  • Warm water with dish soap


If you have a plastic egg or a foam egg to use as your core you can skip this step. Crinkle a sheet of aluminum foil into the shape of an egg.


Wrap several layers of wool roving around your egg form.


Submerge your wool roving...Read more





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