Casey's Wood $25 Give-Away :: May 2015

Casey's Wood Bowl of Pieces

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the doll pins are fabulous and there is the cutest Christmas tree!


Welcome to Casey's Wood Products!  We're a small Maine company that has been supplying wooden craft pieces to everyone from families to schools to craft stores for...Read more

Learn-to-Knit Afghan Block Four

Learn-to-knit afghan block four lattice seed stitch

This series covers several different knitting stitches using the Learn-to-Knit Afghan book by Barbara Walker. Whether you are a true beginner or an intermediate knitter, you can take your knitting to the next level working through the blocks in this book. About once a week I will be adding one new block to the blog with some of my notes. If you would like to knit along with us please feel free to leave your comments, questions, suggestions, and links to photos in the COMMENT section. You can also add a photo to our Flickr group or tag a Tweet with #WFAlearn2knitIf you are just joining us you might want to start with the introductory post.  


Block Four: Lattice with Seed Stitch

Introductory Post 

Block Three: Basketweave Stitch

Block Five (coming soon)


Getting Started Knitting

If you are completely new to knitting you can learn the basics of getting starting with our Newbie Knitting series. Once  you have tackled the...Read more

Fairy Doors on Etsy

Fairy doors on Etsy

Source for all photos can be HERE.

While strolling through our wooded yard, I catch movement out of the corner of my eye. My head tells me a chipmunk scurried past, but my heart whispers "fairy". In the distance I can hear a high pitched tinkle. My head tells me a neighbor's wind chime is blowing in a gentle breeze, but my heart hears a fairy's giggle. I smell earth and moss and flowers. My head tells me I'm in my yard, but my heart tells me I'm in a magical world.

Today I'm sharing an assortment of Fairy Doors found on Etsy. Oh, the goings on that must occur behind each of these doors and the stories they conjure!

The next time you are in your yard, I hope your heart whispers "fairy"!


The Little Hedgerow

Fairy doors on Etsy

A simple woodland friend with a larder ready for guests dwells here!

Cindi Bee

Fairy doors on Etsy

This door looks like it has been in the forest...Read more

Sock Bunnies

The last project I needed to finish up, for the updated Spring Bs homeschool unit, were these super easy to make sock bunnies. I completed them two different ways for different age/skill levels.

The tall blue bunny was completed without any sewing, whereas the smaller polk-a-dot bunny does require a needle and thread. No matter which style you complete, they both turned out adorable for an easy to make spring craft.



  • Clean Sock (mid-calf to knee high length)
  • Batting
  • Rubber Bands for no-sew bunny OR
  • Needle and matching thread for sewn bunny
  • Felt scraps, buttons, or beads for face
  • Craft glue for no sew bunny
  • Optional: Pom-pom for tail
  • Scissors


No-Sew Sock Bunny

I will walk you through the steps to a make a no-sew sock bunny first. Start with a clean sock (great way to re-use mismatched socks). For this bunny I used an adult sized knee sock.

Stuff the batting until just below the heel.

Use a rubber band (preferably in a matching color) to tie of the end of the sock. 

Stuff the...Read more

Ball of Yarn Coloring Page


I have a confession to make... I love balls of yarn. I know yarn is often wound in skeins so you can stick your finger in the center and pull out an end, making the process of pulling the yarn easy and it stops yarn from rolling around your floor. Also, you can buy hanks of yarn that you must wind yourself and many people use ball-winders which creates a cylinder shape with a flat top and bottom. This also has a center pull.

I'm old fashioned, I suppose, but I love to simply roll the yarn into a ball and I get a certain amount of satisfaction watching it scoot across the floor when I give a big pull. I don't have cats but my dogs have been known to pick up a ball and take off running. Someone might find that annoying... I find it amusing. I've also been eyeing beautiful pottery bowls meant to contain rogue balls of yarn. And I love, love, love the feel of winding yarn. Although I often stick my hank of yarn on a willing subject's hands, I've been know to plop the yarn on...Read more

Castle of Costa Mesa Give-Away :: May 2015

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15% off sale from Saturday May 23 - May 27, 2015 with coupon code WEE15FOLK


​FIRST PLACE WINNER :: $50 Gift Card :: Rachel Soumokil

If I were to win the giveaway, I would get Mrs. Thaw for my daughter's 2nd grade teacher.  She looks JUST like her teacher and the school she attends is a Waldorf-inspired charter school.  I'm so glad that I found

...Read more


Welcome to Wee Folk Art

At Wee Folk Art we combine our love of Wee Folk with our love of Folk Art, creating designs that are uniquely Wee Folk Art! We are a mother/daughter team who share mutual love of crafting and the gentle art of homemaking. Craft along with us or join in our homeschooling adventures!

Thanks for stopping by! To learn more about us at Wee Folk Art, visit our FAQ page.

~ Kimara & Michelle

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